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yea, was really digging the cold weather!

*observes incoming and outgoing peoples*

*accepts an embassy*

*accepts another embassy*

*accepts 2 more embassies*

*accepts another embassy*


*tosses oranges to everybody*

Would you like some Ponderosa lemons in exchange? We have a tree in our backyard. The lemons are monstrous.

*hands over a bushel of perfectly ripened oranges*

would you like some halos too?

accepts oranges *nods*

*gives out limes and key lime pie*

*throws party on south beach for region leaders*

*serves pizza and garlic bread for 60*


*drives a beer truck onto the lot*

*tosses brews to everybody*

*runs into the ocean*

king ray has returned!!

Radio Rosa

I hope everyone is well in these mad times.

"Everyday is Like Sunday" by Morrissey

I am doing well, thank you. I hope for the same to you and everyone else.

*accepts embassies*


and another....


welcome Trumpy :)

*accepts some more embassies*

It's good to be back here guys I missed you all. Been a rough month for me. Had a major operation done, plus stressing on bills....whew.

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