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I am glad to have you back. I hope your operation was a success.

Palma Riviera wrote:I am glad to have you back. I hope your operation was a success.

Yes it was! Thank you, unfortunately I have multiple to do and it was just the first round but so far so good.



yo guys, trying to build up my influence. mind giving me a hand? simply click on my nation and scroll down (maybe read up on my nation on your way) and click -endorse-. this dosnt require anything from you other than a little bit of time, thanks dudes if ya get around to it. (keep in mind you must be part of the WA to endorse someone)

If it even looks like you'll be delegate you and that gang of puppets fly into cyberspace


I just wanna boost my influnce, I dont want to be a delegate i just want higher stats.

Our delegate has like 1'd have to endorse him for it to even be an option I think.

pretty simple

*accepts embassies* not just post "I am the banned for life Griever" ? Where are the mods when we need them?


*accepts embassies*

Ehhhhhh, the value of this online gaing communities versus another is not equal. I get more interaction outta the other one....😂

I'll talk to

*accepts embassy*

Butterfly Ballot wrote:I'll talk to

Butterfly Ballot

That would be great! Nice to have some sorta interaction besides accepting embassies 🤣🤣

I have 2 jobs...protect the region and accept

Talk to me and I will talk to you.


How's everybody doing?

Pretty good. Excited that my classes will be coming to an end soon. :) How about you?

What classes are ending for you?

Chemistry and Statistics.

The peoples tampa bay

Hello everybody

Hello there :)

Butterfly Ballot wrote:Hello there :)

I don't trust the election officials either... nor anyone else. What have they done to me?

Well...I don't disagree with you....

but I did not invent the name of this nation. That would be Goobergunch...the NSwiki founder and distinguished player. He gave me this nation on my word that I would keep this nation alive and this region safe.

Alas, I was once one of the most notorious raiders in this game but life happened and my goals in the game changed.

I am happy to be your humble servant in this peaceful region. :)

*accepts embassy*


*jogs by*

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