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Welcome new members of the IDU! Tulsinagar, Menagerie and Haven,

Glenbrook wrote:Does anyone know some good flag designer softwares or websites? I'm looking to make a new flag for my country. Thanks in advance!

There's a mobile app called Flag Designer that is quick and easy. I also use Adobe Spark for simple projects that look pretty good.

A hearty welcome to new residents of the IDU within the past month:
Wildequas, Free Qatar, Trefjall, Glenbrook, Tulsinagar, Ponoxien, Menagerie and Haven, Galactic Contigency, Mansilla (Welcome back!), Bjeorg (Welcome back!), Onesoul, Gonhog (Welcome back!), Tsiba, Maraix, North Prilolhe, Assamland, and Kvask (Welcome back!).

Glad to have you with us. If you haven't yet done so, please endorse our elected delegate, Xiomera.

If you can hear the music, but don't know where the party is, join the Discord Server:

Also, please consider joining the International Democratic Union States Assembly (IDUSA), the lawmaking body of the IDU:

Finally, if/when you are interested in a placement on our regional map, please submit an application on this thread: The map is updated on or around the 15th of each month, approximately five days from now.

We are a friendly, democratic region, so if you have questions or would just like some support developing your nation, please reach out. We're happy to give you a hand.

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