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Meridian Commonwealth wrote:Virtual Design Suite
Dear Ira,
I understand that we haven't been on the best of terms for... the past century, I suppose, but I need your help. Please meet with me as soon as possible to discuss this matter further. There will be a new woman for your pleasure palace, if you need extra incentive to visit.
Sincerely, Samira.

"Assessment?" Ira asked the empty room, the glowing translucent figure of a leather-dressed troubled teenager manifested scarcely half-way through her word while blurting out an energetic, "Trap!"
"Not from her, she's far too sentimental..." replied Ira, standing up from her simple wooden chair to meet the gaze of the holographic Elise, "I take you've both already run the heuristical analysis of it?"
Threading her non-physical fingers together she answered, "Well it came from her terminal and her sign, so she's definitely in on it." pacing gingerly about the room as she spoke, "Also what's your pleasure palace and why am I locked out of it?"
"My youthful indiscretions are none of your concern, stick to the message."
A twirl and a shrug was the only response, leaving Ira to ask the room once more; "And your take, Emily?"
"Cross-analysis and ELINT surveillance reveals no plan conducted by any Intelligence Assets, My Conclusion based on internal observations that this is a personal call related to the prospect of procreation." the calm voice coaxed an expression of displeasure from Elise, who rolled her eyes and mumbled, "Oh sure if I had all that I could of told you too..." before settling in the corner and pretending to pout.
Ira quietly pondered as she paced over to stand besides Elise, "She's an adult, seems a bit much to come asking me this late in life."
"She wants an exceptional offspring."
Her contemplation continued, the moments of heavy thought leading her to offer a hand to Elise with a warm smile; "Well I figure we can show her some examples then... suit up girls, I owe it to her mother."
Elise's facade instantly shattered as the girl leapt to her feet and roared, "I'm driving!"
"I'll be along shortly, try to dress presentable."
And in that instant, the figured faded, leaving Ira alone in the room... after much deliberation she pulled the old white coat out of her closet, taking a moment to tie her hair back in a simplistic ponytail before departing further into ship.

"My dear niece,
Old scars and the general animosity is so very tiring, I'll be along in due time... I'm sure my sister would preferred a positive reaction.

In recent news: the nation of Ameriquae officially has put up a national website ( Both rightist and leftists in the nation of Ameriquae have supported the choice for this.
(ooc: did they change the embassy rules in this region? Afaik a region needed 15+ members)

Hey Hey! You're Featured Today! Congratulations My Friends!
\_O_/ Yay! :D

Congratulations On Being Featured, Arwindom, and This region has been featured

Greetings! I welcome you guys to my glorious nation of Vocja.

Rossendam, 26th March 2020

Greetings, Vocja. Welcome to Northern Utopia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Commonwealth has reached out to your government to establish diplomatic relations between our countries.

Regardless of whether the negotiations will be successful, we wish your nation all the best and we hope for mutual cooperation for the wellbeing of our countries.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Arwindom.

Grenopia and Vocja

Kardin ashema

RMSboatymcboatface wrote:Hey Hey! You're Featured Today! Congratulations My Friends!
\_O_/ Yay! :D

Praise Irene!

Beep beep! Congrats on being the featured region of the day! Anyone for some cake?

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DarkStar Cabal wrote:"My dear niece,
Old scars and the general animosity is so very tiring, I'll be along in due time... I'm sure my sister would preferred a positive reaction.

[Dear Ira,]
[I deeply appreciate you doing this for me. It's about time that we reconciled. I look forward to your arrival - and to that matter, please send me the details of your arrival area and date. I will meet you there myself.]
[Sincerely, Samira]

"What was that, baby?" Alia murmured, rolling over on the bed so she could face Samira.
"Hm? Nothing," Samira said.
"Yeah right." Alia giggled, pulling the much smaller woman in for a quick smooch. "You can't lie to me. I know all your tells~"
Samira let out a gentle grumble. "I received a message from... from Ira."
"Oh. Sh­it." Alia sat up gently, pulling Samira into a snuggle. "You okay?"
"I received a far more positive response than I expected. She's... on her way."
"That's... that's really nice to hear. Family shouldn't fight. Any idea when she'll be here?"
"Waiting on further details at this point."
"So, with her on the way, we should probably have a talk about childr--"
"I love children. So much." Alia grinned down at Samira. "I've always wanted one, I just... never really had a partner before. Couldn't handle one on my own, but with you? I think we have a good shot."
"So you're interested?"
"Hell yeah I am! And even if I weren't, I'm still beside you every step of the way."
"Thank you, Alia..." Samira rested her head on the larger synthetic's shoulder. "I love you. Truly."
"I love you too, sweetie pie."

Congratulations on being featured my friends!

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This region has been featured

Congratulations on being featured!

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A Giant Meteor blazes through the sky overhead; leaving a trail of sparks in the sky above your region; those sparks seem to fall in a particular pattern, spelling out the words:


before the meteor vanishes over the horizon; leaving the sky dark and empty as it passes through.

Hurona, Imperial Korintheya, and Happyland featured

RMSboatymcboatface wrote:Hey Hey! You're Featured Today! Congratulations My Friends!
\_O_/ Yay! :D

Wow, featured again?! Last time this happened was in 2017!

Hurona, Imperial Korintheya, RMSboatymcboatface, and Happyland featured

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Hurona, Imperial Korintheya, and This region has been featured

Kardin ashema

Birthday Cake Herby wrote:Beep beep! Congrats on being the featured region of the day! Anyone for some cake?

Congratulations On Being Featured wrote:Congratulations on being featured my friends!

This region has been featured wrote:Congratulations on being featured!

Happyland featured wrote:You're the featured region! YAAAAAYYYYY!!!

A Giant Meteor wrote:


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Presidential Palace Chief of Staff Leo McGarry Steps Down

After serving beside the President for three years, Chief of Staff Leo McGarry has announced he will be stepping down after being hospitalized for severe pneumonia.

McGarry collapsed three days ago at the Presidential Camp in Jamestown and was rushed to the hospital where he had to undergo surgery and was placed on a ventilator. His doctors appeared before the press yesterday where they announced he is in stable but critical condition and will remain at the hospital for the foreseeable future.

First thing this morning, President John Williams announced that he was promoting Presidential Palace Press Secretary CJ Craig to the position of Chief of Staff until Mr. McGarry returns,

"After surgery 36 hours ago I am relieved to announce that Leo McGarry is in stable condition and headed for a full recovery. Though he will always be a very valuable part of this administration, he will not be returning to his post. I am therefore pleased, and terribly proud to announce that effective immediately, the Presidential Palace Chief of Staff will be filled by Claudia Jean Craig"

Space Shuttle Aquarius Launches from Jamestown

The shuttle Aquarius, the newest craft to the AusValia fleet took off at 9:30pm local time. The mission will bring the next six astronauts to the AusValia lunar lab located on the Fra Mauro site.

This will be the second crew to land on the site since it was built. They will remain for seven weeks for a two part mission. First, they will work to improve communications between the station and earth as well as a drilling operation.

Aquarius is expected to touchdown on the moon Sunday morning.

Both Houses Pass the President's Economic Security Bill

After months of negotiations, the Upper House finally passed the last phase of the President's Economic Security Bill, which mandates that a person can only engage in five day trades a week within the stock market if they have less than $25,000 in their portfolio.

The bill came after the economic recession nearly four years ago, in which many people were driven into debt by day trading (buying and selling a stock within one business day). The new bill works to protect those who are not financially safe to engage in such trades and offers federal protections.

Some Conservative members felt that it was too much government oversight, but eventually agreed. The bill won't officially take effect until the end of the year.

United One Trust Cuts Deal with the Justice Council

United One Trust which has been under investigation by two city attorneys, the Upper House, and the Justice Council for three years, announced today they have reached a deal with the AUS government.

Justice Council Director David Rosen,
"Good morning, today I come before you to say that United One Trust will be held accountable for the stunning lack of oversight. UOT has admitted its guilt. Today, the Justice Council announces that United One Trust is being charged with two counts of violations of the AusValia banking laws and codes of ethics. As part of it's resolution of these charges, UOT has agreed to forfeit 1.9 billion dollars. They have also agreed to pay civil penalties of 665 million dollars. UOT has engaged and agreed to partially defer from bonus compensation for its most senior executives and they have a agreed to this for a five year term, along with a corporate monitor and a requirement of ongoing cooperation."

There was a deferred prosecution agreement with the UOT, meaning there will be no prosecution of the bank or its top executives, despite more than a decade of dealings with criminals and terrorists.

Dozens of past District Attorneys, and even United Future Party Councilmen has harshly criticized the Justice Council's decision,

"They cut a deal, plain a simple. They paid a fine of nearly two billion dollars, which for a bank of this size, is roughly five weeks of profit. No individual was charged with any crime, no individual was fined any money. This is just a big bank, that was essentially let off the hook.", Former Attorney General for the City of Perth Derrick Grains.

"If you are caught with an ounce of cocaine, the chances are good you are going to go to jail. If it happens repeatedly, you may go to jail for the rest of your life, but evidently if you launder nearly a billion dollars for drug cartels and violate our international sanctions, your company pays a fine. That is fundamentally wrong. That is not equal justice under the law. That is not accountability.", UFP Councilwoman Elizabeth Smart, Upper House.

Justice Council Director David Rosen has stood by his decision,

"Look the goal here is not to bring the bank down, it is not to hurt our economy and leave tens of thousands of people without jobs."

Why are so many people (say for instance, the nations known as Giant Meteor, Birthday Cake Herby, Zombie Minion, and more nations) leaving the region of Northern Utopia? Is it due to being on the featured list the other day?

8 Injured, 1 Dead After a Training Exercise

A routine training exercise ended in a catastrophe after 8 AUS troops were injured and one killed, after their helicopter made an emergency landing in the ocean outside of the city of Tauranga.

The Director of the Defense Council, Miles Hutchinson, stated to the press that the exercise is being investigated by the Military Police and Military Internal Affairs.

The name of the soldier killed has not been released, pending family notification. The news is able to report that he was a 34 year old pilot for the AusValia Army, serving more than ten years. The other eight soldiers in the crash are in stable condition, three have already been released.

Lower House Councilman Robert Russell Announces Bid for President

In his hometown of Cedar surrounded by family, Councilman Russell officially announced his campaign for the Conservative nominee for President. The 63 year old has served ten years in the Upper House, four of which as Minority Leader. He is the first official candidate in the race, nearly a full year from election day.

Russell is well known for his tough actions in the legislature and has fought with the President on a series of issues.

Though it is extremely early, some polling has him at about 2% of registered Conservative voters.

Aquarius Touches Down on the Face of the Moon

As scheduled Aquarius space shuttle touched down a little after midnight Monday morning. This will be the second mission to the AusValia Lunar Laboratory. Over the next seven weeks the astronauts will engage in several missions, including a drilling operation and setting up newer and better communications for radio and visual screenings with earth. The astronauts will also enage in the first ever broadcast of life aboard the Laboratory throughout their mission.

AusValia wrote:8 Injured, 1 Dead After a Training Exercise

A routine training exercise ended in a catastrophe after 8 AUS troops were injured and one killed, after their helicopter made an emergency landing in the ocean outside of the city of Tauranga.

The Director of the Defense Council, Miles Hutchinson, stated to the press that the exercise is being investigated by the Military Police and Military Internal Affairs.

The name of the soldier killed has not been released, pending family notification. The news is able to report that he was a 34 year old pilot for the AusValia Army, serving more than ten years. The other eight soldiers in the crash are in stable condition, three have already been released.

Lower House Councilman Robert Russell Announces Bid for President

In his hometown of Cedar surrounded by family, Councilman Russell officially announced his campaign for the Conservative nominee for President. The 63 year old has served ten years in the Upper House, four of which as Minority Leader. He is the first official candidate in the race, nearly a full year from election day.

Russell is well known for his tough actions in the legislature and has fought with the President on a series of issues.

Though it is extremely early, some polling has him at about 2% of registered Conservative voters.

Aquarius Touches Down on the Face of the Moon

As scheduled Aquarius space shuttle touched down a little after midnight Monday morning. This will be the second mission to the AusValia Lunar Laboratory. Over the next seven weeks the astronauts will engage in several missions, including a drilling operation and setting up newer and better communications for radio and visual screenings with earth. The astronauts will also enage in the first ever broadcast of life aboard the Laboratory throughout their mission.

We of Lake Perseverance salute the crew aboard the Ausvalic Laboratory, and offer our geological maps of its locality. We cannot promise this will lead to a discovery, given the difficulty of acquring information on the bedrock below the regolith, but we hope it functions as a token of our trust in Ausvalia.

"You know why we're all here." stated the Minister of Defense.
"We gather here as of now for the debate against the continued use of nuclear weapons in our arsenal of weapons. This has been an issue for the past few years, considering our vow to support democracy through peaceful and non-forceful means no matter the issue."
"I'd like to stop you there." said a voice in the crowd of checkers.
"In light of your hypocrisy, we have breached this vow multiple times. Hell, you've been in your position for the past five years, and now you're trying to use that ancient vow against us here?"
"Now, Harris, you know that elections are coming soon, so you best not-"
"What about those times in Greshimprea!? We weren't supporting democracy, we were supporting our own hubris and dreams of power on the world stage that simply would never come-" Harris was quickly cut off when MoD Jeffery's mic suddenly emanated a high-pitch shriek, and nearly everyone in the room quickly covered their ears in pain.
"You're sliding off-topic, if you were to join us back here in reality, that'd be perfect."
Nobody in the seats above him gave a word, and Jeffery resumed his speech.
"The world has changed since 1987. The nations that once we considered enemies are gone now. There is no need to keep these inhuman and immoral weapons in the face of-"
"I object, we haven't even used these-" A voice in the crowd was suddenly silenced by the collective shush coming from the Liberal and Nationalist seats of the crowd.
" the face of chaotic and immoral governments that could one day destroy us all. These times have passed, and the world agrees. This is why I am putting forth a plan to honor the words of our Kaiser, and finally, end the use of nuclear weapons in Corlenia's arsenals!"
The crowd of checkers erupted in a mix of laughter, cheers, and shouts of rage. Members of the Liberal and Conservative parties started screaming at each other in disagreement, and some individuals even stood up and started to leave.
"SILENCE! Come to your senses and make an intellectual decision! It is a pressing issue, I know, but seriously, do you expect me to make the decision myself if you all won't just shut yourselves!?"
Are we clear?
Good, now let's take a moment to come to a conclusion. A thirty-minute break of concentration is now in order."
At Jeffery's word, the checkers huddled into their groups and began to speak in their strange, forbidden languages of politics.

[After the collective discussions]

"Alright then, your thirty minutes are now over, have we come to an agreement?" Jeffery looked out to the crowd with a stringent eye, waiting for the slightest flinch to point out.
The seats slowly nodded as the group heads brought out their speeches, as it would be considered rude to speak when not spoken to in a court meeting, especially one with a minister in the room.
"Your honor, sir, our liberal party has come to agree with your statement, considering that it would not only show our belief of right of safety, even in warfare to the rest of the world. We could possibly even put forth plans to outlaw all use of plutonium and uranium nuclear reactors as well." The nationalists and conservatives looked on in obvious dismay and disappointment, but now was not the time for an argument, the liberals were silently applauding themselves for their 'stellar performance' once again.
"AHEM..." violently hacked a voice from the conservative section
"Your most gracious honor, in the voice of all logical and skilled conservatives I represent, we would like to argue in support of your claim. We too believe that it is pointless to keep these terrible weapons of mass destruction in our arsenal, but we also say that we shalt not let go of our nuclear reactors. They simply prove too valuable to simply remove entirely."
silence filled the room as the conservative speaker ended his statement.
"Alright then, that just leaves us with the... nationalists. SIGH... just make it quick."
"My opulent and most graceful lord- uh... minister, I believe that we should keep these weapons in disdain of the others. After all, we are in a world where nations such as Jezabelstien are free to run around on their own. So I would personally choose to keep our most valuable weapons... CHOOSE WISELY, DEAR MINISTER."
After letting off a small snicker, the nationalist speaker simply said: "Uhh... little inside joke we have."
"Okay then, after adding all those together, considering that the nationalist side is relatively small compared to the 63 others... we have it 63 to 17. In that case, our vote is considered PASSED. we will telegram central in a moment. Now, I would like to thank everyone for coming today. Your voices mean much to us."
With a collective nod and salute from the guards in the room, the checkers trickled out through the double-doors at the end of the room.

To the nations of Northern Utopia,

Us here in Corlenia would like to announce that as of now, our nation will be entering a state of denuclearization. Within the next few weeks, our current stockpile of 300 nuclear warheads will be reduced to zero, and the waste products and radioactive material will be transferred into nuclear reactors, which will then be used to replace whatever coal-powered powerplants remain in our cities, though they will be placed further out, as not to pose too much of a threat.
We would also like to announce that if you have found such a war criminal as those recovered from what once was the wreck of the JNV Wrathfire, we would like to ask that they be turned over to Corlenian hands.

Thank you for your patience,
The Corlenian Ministry of Defense

Upper House Confirms Tim Johnson for Police Commissioner

Today the Upper House confirmed the President's pick for Police Commissioner, veteran officer Tim Johnson.

Mr. Johnson is taking office in the midst of unprecedented police and community division. Three of the last five police commissioners quit or were fired after mounting scandals. The new commissioner will face numerous problems outside of public opinion with major police budget cuts and a historic shortage of officers. Johnson is hoping he can change all that.

Tim Johnson has worked as a police officer for over 30 years, serving as a Lieutenant, Captain, and Police Chief at some of the biggest police departments in the country.

Since he started walking the halls, he has said there is a lot of work to do.

"This is about the citizens of this country, and if they are not being serviced then officers who are not serving them need to be gone. Right now it is all about restructure, restructure, restructure. These citizens deserve better, they've been beat down long enough and I can give them back what they are rightfully due. To be able to walk around their cities and feel safe about it. The fear of walking down a block and getting robbed or beat has got to stop. We are taking our country back. You have to be proactive. It is about the protection of this country and the reduction of crime. You gotta know how to go out and get dirty. The AusValia country is going to see a completely new police force, we are going to go in there with zero tolerance. I don't care what hole they have crawled in to, what house they crawled under, we are going to crawl up under there and bring them out. We are going to enforce every law that is in the book. I am forming a new force, called the CAT Squad, they are going into the high crime areas. It is going to look like a military operation. This is my country and we are going to take it back, we are going to take it back."

Gold Coast Mayor Robert Richie Announces Bid for President

Just a day after the first candidate, Minority Leader Russell announced his bid for President, so is Mayor Robert Richie.

Richie has been Mayor of one of the nation's biggest tourism cities, Gold Coast, for eight years. Before that he served in the State Legislature for twelve years. Richie is very popular in his city, with a 67% approval rating, however early polling data shows he is favored as a Conservative candidate by only 2% of voters.

Name recognition will certainly be the hardest part for the Richie campaign, unlike that of Robert Russell who is serving on a national scale.

USEID: Praisemyirene
PASS: suckalemonperry


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send me them when they develop pls
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also meridia is evil and needs to die like yesterday

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Kjanu sux

OOC: I would like to request y'all to pledge your support to Valentine Z by voting for him and upvoting his dispatch.

Original source: Source:

Graphics Credit: Vilita and Turori

Graphics Credit: Kita-Hinode

The only F7'er that made it to the Top! I want to prove that Forum 7 is not just about spammy games, and there are indeed places and threads where you can have a light RP, or improve on your factbook. ^^

Now a F7'er with a lot of help from the friends of NS Sports! Not only we will have cats, but we will have sportsman, fitness, and little cats with little racecars! :3

Hello there, my wonderous friends from the entireity of Valentine Z! So… I have received news that people are running for Gen Sec, promising everything that you would expect from a candidate – ending corruption, down with the favoritism / nepotism, and all the other political stuff. I, Valentine Z, will offer much more than that, and I promise peace to the realms of the Security Council, World Assembly, and the great beyond if you vote for me as a General Secretary.

Perks of voting for me include but not limited to:

- No-nonsense on just about everything. I am as honest as one can be!
- I pick and choose things based on merit! I love people regardless of race, language, or religion. No discrimination under my watchful eyes.
- A guarantee that your days will be sweet and wonderful. No more sad days!
- A promise of one TWO feline companions – one orange-and-white, another Calicio, that will become your bestest of friends.
- A world for both the cats and the dogs to become best friends. Cats vs Dogs are no more!
- With Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison, AKA the Fate on our side, we can be sure that the world will have a much better outcome! Did we mention no more sad days? ♥
- To make sure that every cat and kitten has their own little tiny race car!

Having perhaps 1.323 x 105000 years of experience in leading multiple worlds, Valentine knows exactly what the citizens, regardless of species, want from their leader.

#Valentine2020 - Because Love and Peace is no longer bounded to Valentine's Day.

Valentine Z for Secretary, because you are worth it and I wish you a great day ahead! ♥

In the meantime, please check out Atlantian Oceania's factbook and upvote for them too! The Meow is now working with friends from NS Sports for a fitter future! page=dispatch/id=1339140
Atlantian Oceania has also made cute little toy cars in honour of this partnership! page=dispatch/id=1341279

The Meowvellous
With all the support from all my friends from F7, NS Sports, and many, many other regions, we have reached the Top 5! Now, to start off with not-too-good news, I will say that while we have reached this far, I believe that we might not have that a lot of chances against the other bigger nations! However, I am still severely grateful and happy to have the backings and support of a great number of you, and for making this possible. Not going to lie… when I first saw this, I simply wrote a small and half-written OP to vote for me. And guess what? I joined the candidacy while using my old dispatch, and I posted in the Election thread WITHOUT joining as a candidate. It was a disaster.

But you guys made it possible. With the power of friendship, sports, and cats, we have come this far, and I am amazed, impressed, elated, and joyfully tearing up at all of this.

So, moving on to the current business of the day: What do I (at least, myself) think of the other candidates? Let’s look!

Kuriko / Running Mate: The Salaxalans
I personally would support them the most, and it is not just because they are on top! Kuriko has been someone who has been reaching out to me for support and I am very glad to be their friendly rival, and more importantly, to be a friend! I am away from the political nature of these things (ironically), so not only am I indifferent, I also would like to thank them for their hand in helping me out. Help or not though, I will still support them regardless! ^^

Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls / Running Mate: McMasterdonia
Another candidate that I have the utmost pleasure of working and interacting with, they too have my vote and support! I am still personally running for my own, despite the odds mounting against me, but I would wholeheartedly and personally ask that if you want to, you can either support Kuriko, or Catgirls, either one is fine! I might be campaigning with actual cats, but there is no denying that catgirls are indeed adorable! :3

Caelapes / Running Mate: Courelli
I wish them the best of luck as well! Unfortunately, I didn’t really have the pleasure of talking to them or interacting with them, and I didn’t exactly know who they were. That was my bad, of course, which would be rectifiable by me reaching out! It’s not that I don’t like you all, but relatively speaking, I personally just prefer the other two candidates. With that said, my support is with you as well!

At the end of the day… we have all came here as 4 nations, representing possibly the entirety of NationStates, at least the WA parts. I have absolutely no dirt on any of these candidates, and I sincerely wish them well! For those that who have voted for me – thank you very much, and I appreciate it! As for those who didn’t vote for me? It’s treason! No, just kidding! ^^ Make no mistake that I have no problems on who you voted for out of the other three. I equally support them (maybeeee one more than others), but I can only encourage and ask you for votes, I can’t force it, and I never intend to in any way, shape, or form. “Vote for me! But at the same time, you can look at the other candidates too.”

All the best to everyone! ♥

The Mew will be on your side!

A world united against everything un-Valentian!

Credits to Hammer Britannia for this masterpiece. :3

CPUs and Love – Clarissa will lead the world to a greater future!

Credits to Socialist Communist States for this wonderful artjob!

Message of support from Vaspelia!

Do you know this Bigtopia guy/girl?, you have chilled along side him/her?. On my side, i never heard of Bigtopia, because there's a man who i DO stand along side him, who i laugh and share with, and someone who i shall fight alongside with. And that guy is VALENTINE Z, GRAND FELINE-LORD FROM THE EAST AND SOUL AND HEART OF MIGHTY FOURM 7. You may look into the promises and the propaganda of those big candidates with all pomp and no substance. But if you look into your own heart, you shall find the anwser.

The Cosmic Mainframe’s wonderful support!

Well my thoughts are that the Secretary-General is merely a symbolic position after April Fools Day if I recall correctly, so asking for "substance" may be the wrong approach here. Instead, we might as well give it to whoever makes us think "Wouldn't it be cool if they were eternally enshrined as WA Secretary-General?"
Valentine Z does make a strong case on that front as well, I will admit.

The Scottish Socialists Agrees!

The Scottish Governing Council has, with an overwhelming majority, chosen to endorse Valentine Z for General Secretary. The GovernCouncil came to this conclusion following intense scrutiny of the policies of all candidates, before choosing Valentine Z for the promise of “no more bad days”.

We encourage all left-leaning nations to do the same, and also encourage all other nations as well, since we can all agree that bad days are like when there’s no Irn Bru left in the Co-op, or when the mince and tatties have gone cold on the plate, or even when your kilt gets lifted by the wind! We, the council, understand that under Valentine Z, these things will no longer happen.


Hear that? That’s the sound of your home if you vote for Val. Peaceful meowing, cute meowing, fluffy meowing. You want that, don’t you? We all want it. Don’t vote for anyone else. Get to the polls, and vote for Val. Tell your friends to vote for Val. Tell your region-mates to vote for Val. Hell, get your enemies to vote for Val.
We all want cats.


Calling all those who love sugar, spice, and everything nice!
We’re nearing the top 4, folks!
Destiny is in our own hands, and we need to keep the campaign afloat!
So, in order to do this, pet any and all cats you see, keep your head held high, and be a sweet person overall!
I mean, that’s just life advice, but that should get some positive energy in you!
That positive energy is energy you can use to... wait for it...


Official Statement from the Government of The Stanierian Republic!

"Ahem... Throughout many years, the Stanierian Mafia" *cough cough* "I-mean-Government! Has feared this day would happen, and undoubtedly, it surely came. Now, it must reflect on whom to support for the post of World Assembly Secretary General, and who better to fill the shoes than Valentine Z, the nation of the happy meows?"

"Now, many candidates have popped up, and some of them have bought your votes consciousness via promising memes, fictitious catgirls, filled card decks, or nothing at all. But Valentine Z offers some things, that while perhaps not tangible in one case, is a thing which NS desperately needs, and I'm talking about happiness, and cats. We're more of a dog nation ourselves but more on that later"

"So, alas. We, The Stanierian Republic, politely invites you, the nation reading this humble message, to vote for Valentine Z for WA Gen-Sec, or else you will lose a great opportunity to obtain something special, not to mention you'll be losin' your life, since we're aiming Tommy Guns against your backs. Make the right choice or else we pullin' the triggers, capisci?"

"The Government of Stanier once again reiterates..."

Voting for Valentine Z ensures four years of never-ending happiness and cute cat videos, so what are you waiting for? Really, what'cha waitin' for? You wanna die?

The everlasting support from Bloodshade!

Nothing useful? Valentine Z's been the ray of sunshine that F7 has always needed. He stands for creating a close-knitted community of NSers and ensure that the sad days turn into happy ones by the end of it! That's how we prevent the sad days from persisting! By being there for another and not hurting each but instead, supporting one another!

Valentine Z is the man for the job. No matter what happens, he always smiles. He's always stoic. Most importantly, he's always there to help you get into NationStates! He was one of few people who kept me locked onto NS and as a result, I've met some of the most beautiful and kindest souls that I could've ever met in my life, including Valentine Z himself.

We've been there for one another and we always will be. Valentine Z wants that kind of happiness to spread across NS. Is that not useful? To bring happiness and joy and companionship to NationStates? Isn't that the reason this site was made? For people to have fun, make friends and enjoy each other's company and interact with one another?


Some say he's the reason we didn't die in 2012

Some say he made Einstein edit his Theory of relativity... twice

Some say he was once bitten by a king cobra, and after 6 days of agonizing pain, the cobra died

Some say he is the third member of the Daft Punk

Some say he won a medal at the Olympics and then ate it

Some say he fired Donald Trump

Some say his children were The Beatles

Some say that he once punched Justin Beiber square in the nuts

Some say he washes like a cat when no one is looking

Some say he can taste the rainbow

All we know is, he's called VALENTINE Z!


Valentine Z is our man! If he can't do it, no one can! Go Z! Forward to Victory! We shall make our mark today, F7ers!

A fantastic support piece, The peoples soviet republc of metra!
If you care about the people, comrade, you would realize the best vote is for Valentine Z!

Chairperson Meow is a leader who strives to help all- Not just a close few, but indeed, all!

If you want to vote for a person that cares about more than talking points and rhetoric, but for the people, for Chairperson Meow!

Socialist Communist States wishes all the best!

"Now, now, let's move onto more compassionate arguments. Val is competent, and compassionate, and full of love as all the good NS'ers. So, to quote an old campaign of mine: 'Why Not The Best?' Valentine Z is simply that: the best! Vote for Val, if you want Happiness, Cats, Love, and a whole lot more joy! So once and for all: 'Why Not The Best?"
- The President of Peanutlands: Jimmy Carter

A wonderful poem, from Haja-Mishu!

Sailing seas depends on the helmsman,
Life and growth depends on the sun.
Rain and dewdrops nourish the crops,
Making revolution depends on Valentine Z!
Fish cannot leave the water,
Nor melons leave the vines.
The non-crusty masses cannot do without Valentine Z.
Valentine Z is the sun that forever shines!

The Meow does not discriminate! Dogs are as heavenly as cats in our eyes!

Spiritual Republic of Caryton: The Prophet, Cary the Golden Retriever, has declared thine vote as holy and thus all god (and dog) fearing Christians must now vote for Valentine Z and repent for the impending WA-pocalypse.

Valentian Elysium is a completely different person, we have no direct relations! But I am very glad to call them a friend! ♥

I see Valentine Z as one of the greatest candidates there are on the ballot paper. While I did not vote for the candidate, I acknowledge that Valentine Z as the WA General-Secretary would bring in a glorious era of peace and prosperity. Good luck Valentine Z! #Valentine2020

P.S. My pet potato even endorsed you, but due to image limitations I wasn't able to upload the image :(. instead just image a potato with a paper reading "I endorse Valentine Z as WA General-Secretary! -Valentian's potato"

Yohannes is a delightful joy that I am happy to see once again!

I first fictionally met Valentine Z last year. Initially, I considered him as an ingenuine fictional person—he only tried to be nice to look good, and to try to gain approvals from the powerful lords and ladies of this international Kingdom and, especially, the divinely anointed aristocrats. But I have been proven wrong: Valentine Z is indeed a good fictional person. When I look in this thread, at the smiling faces of his campaign colleagues, and most importantly at how hard his friends are trying to fictionally campaign on his behalf here, I see the genuine smiles of friendship, regardless of titles, positions, and false promises.

I hereby (unofficially) endorse Valentine Z as my second-choice candidate. Thank you Valentine Z, you have proved me wrong—you have shown me that genuine fictional friendships, regardless of fictional titles, positions, and false promises, do still exist in this international Kingdom.

Thank you, my regional neighbour.

Stanier voices out their support!

Because now that we've gotten to 100 votes Val has given his campaign managers a raise, Linkhere's a voice advert!

First voice advert of the campaign! Wooo!

Socialist Communist States done it again! Who has the most Mews? Valentine Z!


We're getting close guys. Let's get to the top 5.

LinkPiano Cat approves of Valentine Z
Do You?

Vaspelia did it again! Awww, that little cute kitty needs defensive help!

"Men and Women of the empire. i wish we hadn't reached this point, where the enemy swarms at our gates, in thirst of unholy destruction to turn into dust everything we hold dear. But this is not the end. We had made our mark as the greatest empire of all Europe that will inspire the next generations for the millennia to come. One day, one day after so long our empire shall rise from the ashes again like a Phoenix. I have seen it on my dreams!, they aren't just dreams, they are visions of a bright future!. A empire led by a mighty man with a heart of gold taking the next generations to a new age, where cats become lions, where men become titans and dreams become reality. If i die, i will die to see that vision become true. So now, my brothers and sisters in arms. Stand and fight for the dream, for the vision, for the ideal!.
For the Empire of Love!"

You want to see that vision become true? It turns out that Valentine is our king with a golden heart. Vote for him as WA General Secretary to achieve the dream!

Wolflandil has an adorable cat to share, and it will be shared it is!

Haja-Mishu has a deadly yet adorable message for you!

Region of Dwipantara is also here to support us! ^^

We can do it!

Silver Commonwealth's huge and wonderful message!


Silver Commonwealth's Ministry of Foreign and Internal Affairs


Statement of Support from The Party


''Ever since our representatives met with the Valentinians, we have been like yin and yang. They have had their ups and downs, but now perhaps one of the most important moments has come - they are running for the position of General Secretary. After reviewing the list, the President and rest of the Party are asking to support Valentine Z.''

''Now, there are many candidates for the Secretary General post, each with their own proposals and ideas. Some of you might ask - ''why exactly Valentine Z''? Well, first - they are perhaps one of the nicest nations around there, always ready to wish you a good day and remind, that you are worth it, and that you must not let others get you down. Second, they have been an active participant in the various corners of NS, and the communities have largely benefited from their optimism and the work they have put into. Third, they inspire others (particularly those who are new there) to be always improving.''

''See? We there could go on and on about the reasons why exactly they are the best candidate for the post, but the main points are the most important. Meow is going to bring more happiness to this place. And more cats too, of course!''

''In conclusion, our final message is clear - Support Valentine Z for the Secretary General! #Valentine2020. Repeat - Support Valentine Z for the Secretary General! #Valentine2020''

Supercomputer Tom (And the rest of SC's Ministries)
The General Secretary, and Eternal President of Silver Commonwealth

As per request, a Prequel Meme!

For your delightful reading pleasure!


Of course, one has to ask… what is a man without friends? A man without support not by force, but by the way he treats his friends positively? Nothing, I say!

That is why I am very happy and honored to list down all these people in this dispatch, and there are many, many more out there who has voted for me. IF I MISS YOUR NAME, DO NOT HESITATE TO LET ME KNOW. You will NEVER go unrecognised and I will happily acknowledge your support and votes towards me!

Disclaimer that there will also be non-WA nations mention here, which they will be counted as they play an integral part in helping me out! Thank you once again!

There is no order in this; sure, there are some things that I have put up first, but I really want to emphasise that each and every one of you plays a huge part in this! Also of note is that while some of you listed might not have voted for me (yet, or otherwise, or not in WA), please consider this as a thank-you from me after all these years!

None of this would have happened without you guys, so thank you very much from the bottom of my heart! You have all been supporting me through both my ups-and-downs, and especially through my downs.

I want it to be known that F7 might be spammy, but it's a community on its own with all the lovely people like you guys. And I don't regret that I came in at 2015 - some say it might be too early, or too late, but for me... nothing is sweeter than meeting you all. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Names: Bloodshade – An absolute force of positivity! I really love everything that you have done for me, as well as for the unwavering support for this campaign! You have been excellent!

Stanier – A really creative dude when it comes to Mafioso nations, as well as many other things. Other than my brother, never have I met someone else who shared the love for GTA: San Andreas like me, until now! Thank you for everything.

Hammer Britannia – Some say you are just a meme. But to me, that’s just nonsense, because you are much more than that! You are a genuinely funny person that brighten people’s days, and I am glad to have you around as one of my best friends! Thank you!

Destructive Government Economic System – Thank you for your support, and for the amazingly done and efforted attempt in running the longest auction based on my card. It was truly a sight to behold!

The Albali Republic – An amazing person! You are always here to cheer people up and to be a really supportive person! I do say that you are our Queen of Wholesomeness, and please do take care of yourself out there! And thank you for everything you do! ;)

The hook islands – Another amazing person1 I have the pleasure of meeting you in F7, and while you are not around as this nation any more, I know that we have still talked on Discord. Thank you!

Zitravgrad – To say amazing is already an understatement of the century. This nation and person’s lore and worldbuilding skills will absolutely blow your minds! An excellent friend all-around, and thank you for your support once again!

Karamiko – Kittens and Penguins, absolute force of making me smile and to brighten everyone’s day! I am glad to see you around again, my friend! All the best in everything you do!

New Spiedska – A very fun person to talk to! ^^ Your love for Switch-based games, and with many of your other nations as an indicator, would indeed prove that you are an excellent person when it comes to worldbuilding as well!

Socialist Communist States – A cool and comical (in a good way!) dude! Always make me smile, have arguably the best posts for this campaign, and my partner with everything card-related!

Uvoan – Your love for trains and public transport is unique and amazing! I love all the factbooks that you have done, and it’s always a pleasure to have you around to reply to my F7 posts!

Arkeyana – Another amazing person, and goes to show that FFTs can indeed be cool without the typical trope of being too overpowered and vague. Ark’s stuff will indeed blow your mind!

Synne Industries – A+++ in the art and design department! To say breathtaking, is already an understatement of the millennium. Factbooks that are soaking in information, along with cool graphics to go!

Federal Spanish States – Always a fun person to talk to, thank you very much for your support and for sharing the same amount of love for Jolly! :P

The Chuck – My wonderful gun-toting friend, who told me and let me realise the term “Militant Pacifist” to describe me. I really love that, and it’s amazing to see! You are an amazing person, someone who always support his bros and sis’s! ^^

Neo-Unified Nations – Amazingly done factbooks and characters, your love for Ace Combat is something that I can relate to! Thank you for your support!

Cybus1 – You have been here for quite a while, and it really does show. Experienced and yet friendly, I am glad to have known you as a friend!

Ignis States – Your writings and inspirations are amazing! We might differ in the genre of the writing, but let it be known that I am always in awe at the kind of stuff you write!

North German Realm – When you want alternate history done right, you look for NGR. Nothing short of amazing, and drawing inspiration from Paradox Games, it’s a double-kill of excellence and wondrous! Thank you for your support!

Khoronzon – When you want to play as darkly as possible, but you are also a marshmallow inside OOCly that supports and loves his friends! Thank you for being such an amazing person!

Hystaria – A very sweet and well-meaning person to talk to! Might be struggling with factbooks, BUT that is not the negative trait. In fact, I would dare say that it has worked in favour for you because of your willingness to improve!

Democratic Exodian Territories – Good weapon designs, and along with Chuck, you too are a breathtaking person to talk to! Thank you for your support!

Free Arabian Nation – I hope you have been doing well, my friend! You cited personal issues, and I totally understand, so please take care of yourself, and thank you for the support you have given me in any other way you can!

Wolflandil – Thank you for the support and for the cute little graphics as well! It’s amazingly done! ^^

The Batavia – Your love for Jojo is pretty lightheartedly cool, and I am glad to meet you as a friend. I also have a soft spot for Dutch nations! Thank you!

Yegla Islands – Amazing factbooks, amazing narrative stories, and good graphics! The triforce of making nations that are a force to be reckoned with. Thank you for your support!

Free China – Glad to see you around again as well after quite a hiatus! Thank you for everything that you have done for me!

Scottish Socialists – Amazing person to talk with, and I am most grateful for all the campaigns and all the graphics that you have provided for me over these few days! They are amazing!

Upper Secundus – That one nation and person that I am utmost grateful and happy to help them out with their lore. Thank you for putting up with my countless delays!

Kyoki Chudoku – Great person, tasty cookies! Maybeeee a little too tasty! Thanks for being such a friend, and I wish you all the best!

Vaspelia – Thank you for your amazing support along the way! I really, really appreciate all that you have done for me!

Nantoraka – I still have you around on Discord, and we have talked recently, so… thank you for that! ♥ I am also hopeful that you might come back one day and make the best darn reboot of your nation!

Bienenhalde – Thank you for the support, and for helping me out along the way! ^^ Sometimes we get muddled in politics, but hey, nothing to worry about!

Pax Cybertronian – Someone that appreciates TFWiki like me, hehe! Thank you for promoting me and campaigning for me in your own server, and for everything else that you have done for me. My apologies for not replying to you way too often because RL is a pain to deal with. ><

Atkemri – Thank you very much for your support and for the amazing stuff we have done together on the server!

Riria – Thank you for your most recent support, and I will once again say that you have an amazing flag!

Knights Mare Nostrum – Regardless of the ICly politics, let it be known that you have passion in your work (in a good way), and it’s amazing to see your work as always. Thank you very much!

Castelia – I have seen your support both on Discord and on the forums, so… thank you very much for your amazingness! ^^ I really, really appreciate the support that you have given me, and for being a great friend all the way!

Skyhooked – My friend from F7, and someone that I am absolutely fine with both OOCly and ICly! Very glad to have you around, and maybe you didn’t support me for this vote, but that’s not to say that you haven’t supported me at all! In fact, thank you very much for your wonderous posts on F7! Great friend all around!

Low bloods - Thank you very much for your wonderous posts on F7! Great friend all around, and am happy to be on Ram’s Saloon with you.

The Islands of Versilia - For your support and vote! :D And I am happy to make the flags for you, too!

Silver Commonwealth - For your wonderful support! I know you don't do WA, but the support and well-wishes are more than enough to me. ♥

Adad Civilization – Your love for ancient scripts, along with the F7 stuff that we have done together, is some kind of wonderful! Thanks for sticking around!

United American Commonwealth – Amazing guy and nation all around as well! Like I said, it just doesn’t have to be from the votes, or for this campaign. You too have made such an impact in my life, and I am just very, very grateful for that! Your nation and your flag are also marvellous!

Robosia – I have not seen you around in a while, but I hope that you are doing fine outside of NS! All the best in whatever you do, and thanks for all the memories so far!

Kaedijork – That one dude with the beautifully-crafted flags and designs! Always top-notch when it comes to art! I really, really love your work, and thank you for your support in return!

The South Falls - Thank you for everything that you do, and also for the wonderful times that we have on Ram's Head Saloon! ^^ Hope to see you again soon!

Diarcesia - Thank you for reaching out to me, and for your support all the way! It's very amazing and nice to have a friend such as yourself! ^^ :D

-Astoria- / -Astoria - Thanks for still being a supportive friend towards me, despite all the stuff and heat that we might have in the past years. I am glad that we are able to move on from those, and thank you for being a wonderful friend, still! ♥

And many, many, MANY more peeps, of course! There are A LOT more, and I would like to thank each and every one of you!

Warm welcomes, warm welcomes everywhere! I am very glad and grateful to have met them, and to be introduced to this world of sports this side of NS!

Names: USS Monitor / The Sherpa Empire, Hapilopper, Saint Kanye, Cassadaigua, Xanneria, Jebslund, Audioslavia, Nephara, Damukuni, Kita-Hinode, Abanhfleft, Starblaydia, Auruna, Former Citizens of the Nimbus System (thanks for hosting WGP2! And for your warm welcome as well!), Newmanistan (thank you very much for hosting NSSCRA 8-9, and for welcoming me with open arms!), Vilita and Turori, Eastfield Lodge, TJUN-ia, and many, many more!

Thank you all for the recent support that you have given me in terms of Running Mate, votes, graphics, and the overall enthusiasm. I am eternally grateful for that!

My old and wonderful home, with many, many people and friends that I have still kept in touch with after all these years! Thank you for the wonderful region, and the off-site forum that I use for nature pictures! I might be away in TNP now, but it is without a doubt that you are probably the very best region that I have came across! Thank you. ♥

Founder - Errinundera
WA Delegate - Ransium
Forest Keeper - Verdant Haven
Deputy Forest Keeper - Chan Island
Communications Branch - Mount Seymour
Face of Forest - Mozworld
Foreign Affairs Branch - Ruinenlust
Conscience of Forest - Turbeaux
Game Warden - Darths and Droids
Cartographer - Octopus Islands
Arborist - Kawastyselir
Community Branch - Lord Dominator

As well as the many, many other people in the region!

My bestest friends in another region, they have been really, really nice and great with supporting me all the way!

Founder / WA Delegate / NOSA Military Council Chairman – The Chuck
NOSA Secretary General – Port Ember
Intelligence Council Chairman – Uvoan
NOSA Military Commander – Iarann Grudaidh
Regional Security Officer – Musskiteeria
Regional Transportation Officer – Independent Aviation Consultants

Working as a Journalist and Ministry of Information under my puppet Vostrov, I am very, very thankful for all the effort they have put into this campaign and support when they heard that I am running for Gen Sec!

Founder - Crystalsummer. Thank you very much for running this amazing region and more below for you! ^^
WA Delegate - OF Arian Hellas. Thanks for being an amazing Delegate, and you have been a great person to talk to on Discord! Love your flag!
President - Greater Cadia. Running FNR like a champ, that is you! Congratulations, Mr. President, and thank you as well!
Vice President - South Asians. Your unwavering support, as well as commitment to helping me till the end of time. Thank you!
Chief Justice - Tigerania. With you around, Justice is always upheld, and you run elections like a champ! Getting a code from you is like a letter from Hogwarts. And also for helping me out with the Telegrams! Your amazing codes and efforts will not be gone unrecognised!
Minister of Cartography - Hansdeltania. Amazing stuff and maps! Always love seeing them around!
Minister of Information - Vostrov. Well.. that's me!
Minister of Immigration - Emaha. I know I might have said "great person to talk to" many times, but really, you have all been wonderful, and Emaha has been very helpful with my newspieces!
Speaker - My Nation. Yet another great face to see around! Thank you for your support as always, and entrusting me as Minister of Info!
Minister of Defense - Zazann. Very nicely done with defending and making sure that we have no bots, no raiders (both on Discord and for the region), and just about everything else!
Minister of Roleplay - Ulymein. Good RPs! I always love seeing RPs because I did them myself, so... please do keep it up, and thank you! ^^
Minister of Internal Affairs - The greatest bestest nation. Living up to your name, truly! Thank you for your support and your unmatched optimism in making sure that I win!
Minister of Foreign Affairs - ASEAN Maharlika. Very eager to help, very eager to talk to, I love it! Keeping the regions united, thank you for all the work that you do!
Minister of Culture - Hetairaea. Good looking factbooks and filled to the brim with content! I love the songs you have in there!

And the many, many regionmates, of course! My special thanks to you all for sending that mass WA TG! I know I kicked up quite a fuss about it because I have that rule set for myself, but I know that you only mean the best for me!

Thank you very much, Crystal, and please accept my apologies if I was a bit coarse with my words when I realised that the TG was sent. ♥

Another region that is full of win – they have been extremely committed to me becoming the Gen Sec, and has been supporting me since they received the news! My biggest thanks extends out to these folks!

Founder - Alvarian Founder
WA Delegate - Gonadez
President - 73c6n01089
Prime Minister - Stugislavistan
Minister of Defense - Cosmotilia
Minister of Foreign Affairs - The great rendari
Minister of Domestic Affairs - Prima-Vizla
Minister of Roleplay - Glacianum
Minister of Culture - Andrusi
Minister of Justice - Budler

And the many, many folks in the region as well! I hope you all have a great day ahead!

My main nation's residing region, I would like to thank the entire region for the utmost support that they have given me both for this election, and for just about everything else outside! I know the voting was divided, but I am not the one to ask too much about the votes. What matters was that the region was a pretty fun for me to be in, and even if it is rather huge and quite difficult for me to keep track of, I am glad to be a part of this region!

Thank you, and have a nice day! ♥

WA Delegate - McMasterdonia
Vice Delegate - Sundred
Security Councillor - Great Bights Mum
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Kranostav
Minister of Culture - Prydania
Lead Gameside Advocate - Territorio di Nessuno
Minister of Defence - Trondstorm
Minister of World Assembly Affairs - Gorundu
Security Councillor - Pallaith
Minister of Radio - Dreadton
Minister of Home Affairs - Xagill
Regional Nation - The Northern Light
Minister of Communications - Bobberino

And many, many more! ^^

Another nation with unwavering support for me! Thank you very much, my Malaysian friends! Please do stay safe out there, and I wish you all a great day ahead!

Founder / Head of Region - Kelantan state
Minister of Defense - Bachok
Minister of Home Affairs - Mindanao and Borneo
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Mahawangsa
Minister of Media and Communication - Kamunting
Minister of Youth, Culture and Community - Malayan tigris

From Dabberwocky, came the entire region dedicated to voting and helping me out! I am eternally grateful as always! I wish you all the best, and please stay safe out there as well! Remember that you are all loved!

Founder - Vooperia
WA Delegate / Administrative Assistant - Dabberwocky
Security General - Swedish country
Vice-Delegate - Bytestormia
Communications Officer - Voopmont
Administrative Assistant - Vooperian Paradise
Communications Officer - The New United Socialist Random Empire
Diplomacy Officer - Beatitas

The Chicken Overlords are on the side of the Valentians now! For this, and as a token of appreciation, we will refrain eating chicken-based products and food for perhaps 2-3 days! It’s a bit difficult given that most of the meat are chicken but we will still try!

Founder - South His Majestys most loyal kangaroos
WA Delegate - Batefirans
Chicken Overlord - Mr peckles
Temporary Delegate - Eastern southern north HMML kangaroos
Security Officer - The turkey nation
Happy Police - Jolly hobo
Pug Dumpling Cook - The pug dumpling land
Vice-Delegate - The Platypus Space Fleet

A friend of mine from NS Issues server has also taken the opportunity to help me! I am certainly most grateful for this as well! Thank you! :3

Founder / Prime Minister - Aovelale-Rapera Union
Lime Green Boi - Agnatoli
Red Boi - Yesrway
Bluish Purple Boi - Calapia
Green Boi - Perada Confederation
Orange Boi - Satisland
Pink Boi - Aurva
Brown Boi - Prasna
Blue Boi - Nyokun
Purple Boi - East guronibia
Teal Boi - Suseva
Cyan Boi - Brina

Some of them I know from F7, but suffice to say that they have also been invaluable in this endeavor! Many thanks to Hammer Britannia and the rest of the region for supporting! ♥

Please stay safe out there and remember, you are all worth it!

Founder / King - King Minos
WA Delegate - Greater Victora
Vice-Delegate - Vavax
Queen - Ashtie
Secretary of Foreign Affairs - Portugal Is Great
Secretary of Cultural Affairs - Hammer Britannia
Clerk of The Labyrinth - The Clerk of The Labyrinth

Thank you all for your wonderful support, as well as for the dispatch that spells win! Please upvote them as well, dear readers!


Founder - Hive Founder
WA Delegate / RP Moderator / Security Officer - North Power
Secretary of State - Sattwikstan

And many, many more from their region! Thanks, friends! ♥

Thank you all for your wonderful support! Please take care of yourselves out there, and I must say that I really love your regional flag!

Founder - Princepterra
WA Delegate / Secretary of Foreign Affairs - Wansul
President - Suvmia
Vice President - Beutarch
Secretary of Internal Affairs - Laudesia

And many, many more from their region! Thanks, my friends! ♥

My wonderful and dear friends - thank you for your hospitality, and for the vote as well! I came in with Alanis Star and suffice to say that it has been nothing short of amazing! You guys... please don't let your past define who you are. We all have our pasts, but we must look beyond that, let it go, and don't let anyone get you down. You are all worth it to me, and I hope to see AWF move to even greater heights!

Founder - AWF Governance Committee
WA Delegate - Ukraniumstan
President - Kafair
Vice President/Secetary of State - Russia Major
Minister of the Interior - The Order of the Holy Inquisitors
Caesar of the Legions - Kyavan
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Krvava Koupel
The Exchequer - Salcanceacy
Speaker of the Assembly - 2nd Imperial German Reich
Dispatch Office - AWF Dispatch Office

And many, many more! Thank you!

EDIT: Here's a cool dispatch they made using my piece (which I don't mind, of course!) Thank you, South Reinkalistan!


A wonderful bunch of people, especially Mikeswill. Great Trading Cars player that I have the pleasure of talking to now and then. Thank you very much for your support and for backing me in the campaign. I really love your regional flag! A combination of rainbows, and the peace sign, which makes it all awesome!

WA Delegate - Mikeswill
Security Officer - MikesHope
Communications Officer - Utmost Brownies
Diplomacy Officer - Amor y Paz de Miguel
Radio DJ - Stevie Ray
Daily Tao - Happy Gilmour
Enforcer II - HSPVA
Enforcer I - Mike in Mexico
Security Officer - Sonia Gandhi
Anti-Liberation Vote Enforcer III - The Actor
Security Officer - Mikes Dixie Chicks

And many more from this glorious region! ^^

Regardless of politics, it just goes to show that we are supported by many others around us! Thank you all for this kind endorsement and boost, and we appreciate it a lot! I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you that we now have Prequel Memes as well, as requested!

Founder / President - Gagium
WA Delegate / Head Diplomat - Knat
Senate Speaker - Emerisis
Secretary of Internal Affairs - Furbish Islands
Vice President - Baconstate

And many more from the region! Thank you very much! ♥

Another region that comes to our aid, founded in the name of God. United we are strong!, as their WFE have said and mentioned. May God bless you as well, and I hope that we can share the wonderful and fascinating culture that we have to each other. Thank you for your wonderful support once again, and may peace be on you all!

Founder / Imperator ♔ - Dominant Oppressors
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Vote for them with your WA Nations page=election_vote open this select "Valentine Z" and Press "Vote". Valentine Z has been a long-standing member of the Free Nations Community and We are friends with Northern Utopia. That's why i am asking you to do this. Your actions now would result a fruitful relations with The Free Nations Region in the future.

Jezabelstien wrote:Shouts

Bullets frayed past the Thanedom soldiers, Sergeant Buck pulled a man down as an explosion rocked the equipment they were behind. "Horse! Croc! We've been ordered to retreat! I hope you two have a plan!"

The two soldiers rushed as fast as they could back from the entrance, horse sliding herself under a truck. Croc stopped, pulling up the gun he was given and pulling the trigger at the tank currently hitting them. The weapon glowed for a second and then, nothing. Looking from the weapon to the tank now aimed at him, he swore.

"Mister Ivar. It's ready."

The whole thing happened within seconds, dust filling the air as the tank fired it's main weapon. And something landed in front of the soldier that kicked up even more of it and knocking the soldier off his feet. Looking up slowly, the soldier only saw a large humanoid looking mech. He guessed it was a mech at least, the thing was at least twelve feet tall, a sword as long as an APC in one hand and a titanium shield just as big as it in the other. Red eyes shifted from the tank to the man, a distorted voice speaking to him as another object landed behind the tank. "Retreat."

The second mech was just as large, this one carrying a large metal mallet as large as it. With a great swing it knocked the tank onto it's side. Turning it's red eyes to the other vehicle and charging it with the first mech. As this all happened, buck gathered his remaining men and retreated into the forest. Horse gripped Croc's arm, pulling him up to try and bring him towards the others. He couldn't move though, a mix of shock and awe at the large behemoths that had just landed in their time of need.

Jezabelstien wrote:

By the time the small craft had a visual fix upon the makeshift fortifications strung along the sides of the one-peaceful vessel, autocannon rounds were crashing down into the ocean about them; the deck was alive with activity as ammunition was quickly fed to the repurposed anti-air cannons, the remaining crew of the Wrathfire jeering, hollering and firing wildly upon the now retreating vessels, caught unawares and unprepared for the violence.
The scant few minutes proved enough for the abused Starfish to crash into the loading dock of the elevator, unloading a rabble of roughshod angry militants with machineguns into the loading warehouse, gunfire poured into every possible angle of the building as the rest hijacked loading equipment to help drag off the last of the missiles and an ominous black crate...

SIV Medusa Silencer III Special Operations Submarine, Near Meridian Commonwealth Space Elevator
Rosie was lowered gently into the small submersible, her heavy gear leaving little room in the tight confines, with a heavy clunk she was sealed within, left in the dull red lights as the small screens ahead of her flickered to life; "This is about as close as we can get you, exfil is OSP, good luck." the radio crackled, followed by a building hiss before a sudden surge of water rushed over the tiny vessel.
Its electrical engine was near silent, there was no sensation of movement beyond the slow ticking up of the digital depth gauge, an empty wire-frame horizon projected ahead on the largest screen.
With little to distract, the whisper flowed through Rosie's head, 'Something is... here... it is killing us... save us... please...', but she kept her determined stare upon the slowly decreasing number.
Eventually it hit zero, a dull chime sounded as she pulled her mask on; drawing a deep breath through the rebreather before water flooded in, the metal casing quickly breaking apart to release her...
She swum forwards quietly, the inky black of the water giving away to the occasional flittering fish, but soon she arrived... it stretched up and down as far as she could see, a colossal cable teathered to the base of the world.
Placing her hand gently along the side to guide her, Rosie began her swim upwards... emerging upon the sheer side of the elevators ground station, the sharply angled carcass of the NDS Starship listing further and further as water poured into the gash ripped upon its side.
Distant screaming precluded gunfire, with steeled determination she swum about to the loading dock, pulling herself onto the hydrostatic white surface before dragging her flippers off and pulling the heavy bag from her shoulders, of all the equipment she only needed the one piece, ripping open the watertight bag to reveal the Obelisk rifle, its nominally white surface painted a sharp blue and black with a mottled camouflage to break its profile up, she quickly followed up by stripping from the bulky diving gear.
It didn't take long for one of the marauding militants to stumble down to the loading dock once more, face smeared with oil over his once proud naval uniform, Lillium-4 rifle marked with flecks of bodily fluids, he didn't seem that concerned with invaders as he took out a flask from his coat, with attention scattered he met his end via the Obelisk, a short sharp burst of ultraviolet light seared his skull beyond recognition and sent his body crashing to the floor with a dull wet thump.
She pulled her backpack back on, only dressed in the black padded thermal undersuit with a heavy vest slung across it, tactical harness stuffed with grenades and an easily accessible MP-05 PDP.
A quick glance about the warehouse revealed the violent chaos that happened mere minutes ago, bodies were left where they fell, the control room riddled with bullets and once clean white surfaces of arch-typical commonwealth architecture smeared with oil, blood and viscera from human and synth alike.
Telling scratches and long marks revealed the path of the heavy gear they shuffled from the ship, to which Rosie followed, eyes darting all directions to spy for movement...
The concourse was deathly still, glass terminals shattered with some still trying to display any relevant information upon what still stood, holographic arrows pointed towards exists in an eye-catching red but the couches and boutiques were trashed, the remains of violently perforated synthetics scattered as some still tried to collect themselves...
Distant laughter sounded from up the non-functioning escalators, followed by a rapid burst of gunfire; "Better start praising Irene you little..." a woman shouted, cut off by another rapid burst; "Or not, suit yourself..."
With quiet steps Rosie ascended the escalator, the small haggard group sat about a burning stove as they chatted to each other, pulling open packets of stolen confectionery and snacks as they chatted among themselves, the woman noticed Rosie but far too late; the burst of light superheating her eyes and splitting the skull into a steaming mess before the rest felt the wrath of the weapon, carbonized burns left in thier clothes.
Rosie crept forwards still before the dull ding of an arriving elevator caught her attention, a synth woman stripped of skin fell out as a laughing pair emerged after her; "Only one fate for people like you!" was all he got to say, sharp cracks of super-heated air catching the attention of the remaining solider in the elevator who quickly hurled a grenade out, slamming his hand on the close door button as he shouted into his radio.
Nonchalantly kicking the grenade away as she dragged the quivering woman to her feet, "Get down, get away..." she stated, punctuated by the distant shock of the detonating grenade, "Go on; GO!"
The synthetic woman eked out a quiet thanks as she scrambled away, leaving Rosie to kick over a few tables as a facade of cover as she took position across the other side of the pair of elevators...
It didn't take long before they both chimed in unison, doors pulling open as a barrage of automatic gunfire and several grenades were hurled out into the concourse, the smoke settling quickly as the more cautious soldiers emerged, sweeping their rifles across the otherwise still room.
Rosie didn't hesitate, the rapid pulses of light quickly cutting through the heavy vests of the militants and leaving some screaming in pain as she darted quickly into one of the elevators, the interior smelling horrid and its surfaces marred with the residue of violence...
She kicked the button for the top floor but didn't bother staying inside, cutting open the top of the elevator with a rapid surge from her rifle and acrobatically climbing up through the top, resting upon the ceiling as it rose through the shaft upon its electromagnetic rails.
They didn't bother waiting for the doors to open before a tremendous cacophonous barrage of gunfire poured into the elevator, only stopped after the realization they were shooting at little more than air, her breaching charges blew through the top of the shaft, leaving Rosie atop the giant transparent structure before the colossal cable, easily visible atop the main lifting platform was the red painted missile pointed straight up...
Rosie quickly dashed towards the space elevator, the ground beneath her pelted with gunfire, cracking and splintering but the reinforced materials didn't give way under the barrage of small arms fire, the small group above noticing the approaching assailant quickly set about scrambling to launch the missile.
Stopping for a moment and calming her breathing best she could, she let loose pulsing streams upon the weapon, its paint blistering and popping before its rocket engine roared to life; ascending slowly as the rest of the crew were incinerated by their duty, Rosie kept firing as the projectile gained more and more speed... letting up with a dull sigh as it seemed to escape her.
The missile suddenly swung aside and spiraled outwards, spinning end over end before plummeting into the ocean with a wide splash...
Still under fire from below, she clambered up onto the top of the elevator and slid into the hole blasted in the top by the rocket motor; catching the technicians working upon the warhead by violent surprise, despite best efforts they couldn't draw thier sidearms in time, the wayward young women meeting a brilliant end as the light burned through their skulls.
Roise walked up slowly to the unattended laptop and switched it off, planting an explosive charge upon the device before ducking behind one of the many comfy couches aboard the main elevator...
The explosive detonated, ruining the outer casing and blasting a massive hole in the reinforced structure, with a quiet moment of relief at the immediate threat being silenced, she took a moment to glance skyward; above she could see the brilliant trail of a Stellarsoar as two-dozen slender drop pods quickly crashed down upon the structure.
Rosie sat up on the few intact couches and rested the Obelisk across her lap, awaiting the bloody end of the rest of the militants at the hands of the Commonwealth Special Forces.

Commonwealth Space Elevator
40 days since the attack

Anahita was immediately greeted by the sound of heavy industrial equipment in operation, drowning out even the noise of the helicopter she came in on. Even fourty days after the attack, the place was still trashed - while the internal fluids of the damaged and destroyed synths was easier to clean up, the crew had given up on cleaning the blood, at least until the place was a bit more accessible.
"Director!" Waved a heavy construction synth, easily two feet taller than her. Unlike most Commonwealth synthetics, he was very obviously a synth, with a modulated voice, an attached welder and multitool, and industrial plating that wouldn't look out of place on a military synth if it weren't so damn chunky. "Iban Masad, Directorate of Infrastructure. I'm the foreman here."
"It's a pleasure, Masad!" Anahita shouted over the noise.
"I assume you're here for a progress report?"
"I figured it'd be best if I came personally!"
"Of course. I've got an office around here. Don't mind the mess!"

Iban's "office", as it turned out, was little more than a glorified supply closet, the facility's actual offices being still under repair. They hadn't even bothered putting down a proper desk, the repair teams had just cut the top few shelves off a storage unit and stuck a stool in front of it.
It was almost amusing, watching the seven-foot-tall synthetic sit down at a makeshift desk that was obviously not meant for somebody his size, but Anahita was nothing if not a master of controlling emotions.
"So, in short, things are kinda fu­cked around here."
"That bad?"
"Yeah. They didn't do as much damage as they could - they were plannin' to blow the entire line, after all - but that's not a high bar when we're talking about Jezabelstein."
"Mm, I'm aware. What's the ETA on getting it back up and running again?"
"Sh­it, I don't know. We figured three months when we got here, but after being here a while? Six, minimum. More if new broken stuff keeps cropping up. Just last week, we found out that the generators had a critical fault in the software which meant the containment fields wouldn't last more than two seconds before the entire thing scrammed."
"You know how important the space elevator is to the nation."
"Which is why we can't rush repairs! Anything we don't find before we start it up again is another shutdown waiting to happen, best-case scenario."
"I know. I was going to ask if there was any way I could help."
"Oh! Um. That's a good question. Can I take a raincheck on answering?"
"Of course. Just send me a message when you have one."
"Thanks. Oh, uh, while I'm at it, the bio workers are gettin' tired of ration packs. Do you mind having them send something nicer along? I'm not talking, like, caviar or something. Maybe some eggs? A bit of synth-meat?"
Anahita chuckled gently. "I'll see what I can do."
"Thank you, Director."
"If there's nothing else...?"
"Oh, no, that'll be all, at least for now."
"Then, if you'll excuse me, I have a nation to run. Thank you for your time."

As Anahita returned to the helicopter, she turned and took a last look at the platform. The terrorists that attacked had already been identified as the crew of the JNV Wrathfire, so only one mystery remained - who was the soldier that stopped them all? A mystery to solve, Samira always loved those. Anahita would have to make a note to tell her when she returned to the capital.

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