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Noteer wrote:"Oh, nothing. Just one of my two live-in partners."

Managing to get the door unlocked, the woman would slide the door open, it disappearing into a gap set into the wall on its left besides the doorknob. The yapping was now at its loudest as a small creature rounded a corner in the living room; a young Elkhound-type dog waddled its way towards the door, the puppy barking at the arrival of Hylina and the strangers. The heat of the interior greeted the guests as warmly as the dog did.

The living room was small and obviously constructed by hand, yet was nevertheless comfy with some truly strange appliances in place. Having walls of paneled wood and a felt carpet in a floral pattern, the room was arranged with two cloth couches along the wall to the group's left and one in front of the door, an extended wall shrinking the entryway's space. To the right in the room was a table with a strange metal-glass box in it. Across the way was kitchen of sorts, glowing from the heat of an enclosed fireplace. To its right, barely in view, was a small kitchen table.

"Avn'tho! I'm home! We have guests!"
As the woman stepped inside and placed her things down on the couch, she beckoned the guests to follow her in and close the door. The dog meanwhile was below them, circling the guests as it marched about.

They entered the place, looking around the place, unfamiliar with the environment and all the objects, marveling at the decorations, though the captain was too tired and was resting on EkambirĎs shoulder. Mạnh Hýng gave off a sneeze as he entered the place, not being used to drastic changes in temperature.

Mạnh Hýng: ďAh, finally somewhere to not freeze the death,Ē he said humorously as he rubbed his hands against the sides of his arms.

Ekambir: ďVery funny, though I believe your ancestors never thought of any of their future offsprings running into a freezing environment after they left to the island.Ē He responded. Mạnh Hýng confused in what Ekambir meanít though he was more interested in the small 4-legged floofy specimen.

Mạnh Hýngís eyes followed it as he bent down to its size, as it circled them his eyes would follow the floofy specimen, eventually he got dizzy and stumbled a bit.

Mạnh Hýng: ďWhat is this fluffy creature,Ē he said, tilting his head whiling looking at the specimen.

(Hi so I put in like five map requests about three months ago and no one got back to me. So then I messaged someone again like two months ago with my map claims. Yet againóno one. If the cartographers are busy, I totally respect that and will wait as long as I need. But at this point Iím pretty sure Iíve just been forgotten. If Iím wrong Iím sorry but I need my map spot.)

Zoberten wrote:Vooowrr: Iím probably going to get some new bedsheets and comforters, and have a meeting with my groups a bit.

Suddenly, letter appears from a random portal.

It reads...

Dear half-son Vooowrr

Wow, I did not expect you to actually get a girl, and you even managed the *uwu* with her, this is the best thing, maybe a second royal marriage with the Kitsune family, ohhhh, thatís rare.

Love your father
Fospspfke Terismomalto

What the... Fospspfkeís been watching? isnít he a celibate? why oh god... hmmmm.

Vooowrr: Iíll be back sweetheart, oh and theres a spare black Kimono in the closet.

He drops the letter and walks upstairs and puts up his pink mask.

Shizuya: ďAw, youíre going to leave me here just to get new items for the bed?Ē She said, ďWell, if you have a meeting with your people then I guess thatís more important, Iíll be sure to get changed,Ē she said to him. As she dropped onto the bed and closed her eyes for the moment.

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