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thanks :-) slowly climbing..

i am top 5%/in another region that would be considered good

As one would expect, Narcissus and Zerstrot don't concern themselves with the environment.

This isn't a region for car manufacture but Narcissus makes the most.

Silver Driftwood has ceased to exist. That's sad.

silver driftwood!!/wake up!!/come back!!

I first met Silver Driftwood many years back when we were both in the moribund region of Nova Scotia. Silver Driftwood was the first nation to join this region after me. She will wake up. She will come back. You'll see.

Four of us rank in the top 1% for most compassionate citizens. Sedelh is 73rd, which is remarkable, but there's also Nouvelle-Acadie (353rd), Centre Street (669th) and me (478th).

who here is innocent of all embarrassing, vomit-inducing "compassion"? 18th out of 18 for "compassion", that's me.. ha

You're a more benevolent dictator than you'd have us believe.

Perhaps Silver Driftwood wasn't the first to join after me, because Algal states, Northumberland Strait and Cimarec were certainly in at the beginning (I'm bound to be forgetting someone obvious). When Silver Driftwood arrived she said she'd just stay awhile, but that while has been four years. Come back soon, Silver Driftwood.

None of us here is really very extreme.

yeah we're only 5,692nd

Our least extreme nation is Elite Peak.

Sedelh is 41st in the NationStates universe for having the most beautiful environment.

... and is 37rd in the world for lowest crime rate.

I wish! :-) 373rd though. Nice idea with this RMB archiving, isn't it?

I'll try not make a similar typing mistake. Sedelh is the 136th most cultured nation in the universe. That's one-three-six. All right?


guess who has the largest retail sector? come and buy whatever you want chez moi 24/7, catering to all needs, top range products as well as rubbish

remember the forum

Sedelh. Public sector. One-three-six.

I'll check into the forum this morning.

Five of us, led by Sedelh, rank in the top 5% for 'largest public sector'.

i'm last for the public sector category and proud of it

Monday morning. Have a good week.

Narcissus remains our most 'extreme' nation.

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