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The Most Ignorant Citizens in The Maritimes

1. Bedetopia 122 in NationStates
2. Marlborostein 850
3. Videliastan 1,940

Middle: Tintamarre bottom 6%

Last: Kalix 241,653 of 241,958 nations

World first: Nadir Dystopia Balder
Nudist Dreamland: Prosophobia 39
Eladen: Klesh 203
Philosophy 115: The Rose 411
Gay Equality: DiscArnate 33,659

The Healthiest Citizens in The Maritimes

1. Bedetopia 130 in NationStates
2. Tysoania 245
3. Northopia 2,281

Middle: Vatgen 45,509 - top 19%

Last: Economic Invincibility 241,629 of 241,785 nati9ns

World first: Corsaria Katasia
Nudist Dreamland: Yannia 31
Philosophy 115: Red Star of the West 1,863
Gay Equality: Great Lindonia 2,879
Eladen: TrueChristianity 4,896

We're here to stay!

HALIFAX -- The New Brunswick government announced Friday it will not sell Cannabis NB, ending well over a year of speculation.

The province’s private bidding process for the privatization of recreational cannabis, started in November 2019, has been discontinued. CTV News

This is great news. Congratulations, Reultan.

Why though does the news report come from Halifax? *looks it up* CJCH in Halifax is the flagship station of CTV Atlantic. Still, it’s not very good PR to headline a New Brunswick story from Halifax. Mind you, that saves them from having to choose between Moncton and Saint John.

Toney River wrote:This is great news. Congratulations, Reultan.

Thank you. I'm beyond ecstatic. I celebrated after work last night. And plans that the company had that were put on hold can now move forward.

On another note-

I was just going through the old polls and came across one that reminds me of a drunk conversation I had last night. My earliest memory. Toney River asked "What age is your first memory?" 4 years and 214 days ago. And since I got nothing else, I'm asking it again. My earliest memory is the first day of kindergarten in (I think) 1988. I made a bird out of red and blue feathers and a toilet paper roll. I remember I was wearing brown corduroy pants that were of course very noisy.

Earliest memory, god knows, but for sure when my sister was born, I was 3 1/2.

The Most Developed in The Maritimes

The World Census compiles a "Human Development Index" by measuring citizens' average life expectancy, education, and income.

1. Hrstrovokia 1,835 in NationStates
2. Northopia 4,682
3. Lubecistan 8,597

Middle: Hushaby 54,850 - top 23%

Last: Videliastan 242,357 of 242,739 nations

World first: Kiasu-ism The South Pacific
Nudist Dreamland: Yannia 33
Philosophy 115: Telgan 1,547
Gay Equality: Lesbian Piraters 1,747
Eladen: Jungles of Klesh 2,163

The Highest Unexpected Death Rate in The Maritimes

1. Economic Invincibility 136 in NationStates
2. Blue Narcissus 576
3. Tower Road 2,314

Middle: Tintamarre 195,677 - bottom 19%

Last: Tysoania 242,169 of 242,577 nations

World first: Cashdeer Pontbridge Islands
Eladen: Little Flowers 9
Nudist Dreamland: Pencil Sharpeners 43
Philosophy 115: Anarchocapitalistan 125
Gay Equality: Armusea 4,247

Les Néo-Bruswickois ne seront plus obligés de s’isoler

« Les habitants du Nouveau-Brunswick ne seront plus obligés de s’isoler pendant 14 jours lorsqu’ils séjournent en Nouvelle-Écosse.

« Les Néo-Brunswickois obtiennent donc la même exemption que les habitants de l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard, à qui l’on ne demandait pas non plus de faire une quarantaine à leur arrivée en Nouvelle-Écosse.

Une ouverture à sens unique

« L’annonce du gouvernement néo-écossais n’est pas accompagnée d’une décision similaire au Nouveau-Brunswick.

« Cela signifie que les Néo-Brunswickois qui traversent la frontière provinciale n’ont pas à faire une quarantaine en Nouvelle-Écosse, mais leur gouvernement leur demande toujours de s’isoler 14 jours au Nouveau-Brunswick lorsqu’ils reviennent. »


The Largest Retail Industry in The Maritimes

1. Blue Narcissus 1,184 in NationStates
2. Economic Invincibility 1,198
3. Hrstrovokia 8,682

Middle: Videliastan 219,112 - bottom 9%

Last: Bedetopia 243,004 of 243,224 nations

World first: The Dark System The Axis of Evil
Nudist Dreamland: Grave Raven 22
Eladen: Little Flowers 220
Philosophy 115: Anarchocapitalistan 798
Gay Equality: Midshire 1,609

The Largest Agricultural Sector in The Maritimes

1. Economic Invincibility 338 in NationStates
2. Hrstrovokia 984
3. Blue Narcissus 1,768

Middle: Vatgen 204,991 - bottom 16%

Last: Bedetopia 244,183 of 244,221 nations

World first: Aqualagoon the South Pacific
Eladen: Little Flowers 45
Philosophy 115: Techno-Titania 1,485
Nudist Dreamland: The Choir Boy 1,638
Gay Equality: Midshire 7,393

Spotlight: Kater Cas, pop. 2.5 billion. capital: Phobus. Leader: King Francis I. Top World Rankings: International Artwork, Nudity, Agriculture.

It is curious to read pandemic rules in different countries, and movement allowed between different regions within countries.. it’s all so similar whether it’s Canada, the U.K. or wherever..

The Smartest Citizens in The Maritimes

1. Kalix 305 in NationStates
2. Economic Invincibility 913
3. Toney River 1,241

Middle: Blue Narcissus 14,886 - top 7%

Last: Bedetopia 244,755 of 244,876 nations

World first: Tzo 10000 Islands
Eladen: Undivulged Principles 15
Gay Equality: Midshire 59
Nudist Dreamland: Yannia 84
Philosophy 115: Techno-Titania 1,259

Spotlight: Hrstrovokia, pop. 27-3 billion. Capital: Vogoslavgrad. Leader: President Radovan Gojković. Top World Rankings: Black Market, Defence Forces, Arms Manufacturing.

The Largest Basket Weaving Sector in The Maritimes

1. Economic Invincibility 123 in NationStates
2. Blue Narcissus 627
3. Toney River 2,973

Middle: Kater Cas 102,804 - top 42%

Last: Bedetopia 245,658 of 245,693 nations

World first: Askatopia the South Pacific
Eladen: Undivulged Principles 5
Philosophy 115: Techno-Titania 199
Gay Equality: Midshire 315
Nudist Dreamland: The Choir Boy 1,647

Spotlight: Reultan, pop. 5 billion. Capital: Achadubh. Leader: Anndra MacAonghais. Top World Rankings: Crime, Weaponisation, Rudeness.

The Safest in the Maritimes

1. Kalix 270 in NationStates
2. Toney River 801
3. Northopia 981

Middle: South branch 19,999 - top 9%

Last: Economic Invincibility 245,674 of 245,792 nations

World first: Kindjal Groland
Eladen: Klesh 7
Nudist Dreamland: Nelvana III 225
Philosophy 115: Sunrise from the Sea 734
Gay Equality: Great Lindonia 1,308

Spotlight: Marlborostein, pop. 9.5 billion. Capital: Jericho. Leader: His Imperial Holiness Paul III. Top World Rankings: Law Enforcement, Religiousness, Ignorance.

The clocks went ahead last night. It doesn’t get light now till mid-morning.

Post self-deleted by Reultan.

Another poll has come to an end, but first, here are the results from when the question was asked almost five years ago:
"At what age is your first memory?" (11 total voters)
Two years old - 2 votes
three - 5 votes *Winner*
four - 2 votes
five - 1 vote
six - 0 votes
seven - 0 votes
no idea - 1 vote

And this time around, the question was worded a bit differently: "At what age is your earliest memory?" (24 total voters)
Age two years or earlier - 6 votes

Age three years - 16 votes *Winner*
four - 3 votes
five - 1 votes
six - 0 votes
seven or later - 4 votes

Blue Narcissus wrote:The clocks went ahead last night. It doesn’t get light now till mid-morning.

We lost the hour two Sundays ago. This foolishness needs to be abolished.

The Highest Poor Incomes in The Maritimes

1. Bedetopia 118 in NationStates
2. Toney River 3,203
3. Bedford Central School 4,547

Middle: Tracadie 43,499 - top 18%

Last: Blue Narcissus 231,024 of 245,967 nations

World first: Despoticania The Axis of Evil
Eladen: Undivulged Principles 2
Gay Equality: Midshire 184
Nudist Dreamland: Nelvana III 212
Philosophy 115: Sunrise from the Sea 2,269

Spotlight: Microtekia, pop. 4.5 billion. Capital: Leyawin. Leader: General John Hynes. Top World Rankings: Public Transport, Law Enforcement, Defence.

The Highest Drug Use in The Maritimes

1. Chocolate Lake 15,381 in NationStates
2. Stewiacke 16,391
3. Upalong 17,103

Middle: Pointe-aux-Coques 53,449 - top 22%

Last: Bedetopia 246,024 of 246,307 nations

World first: Surprise 10000 Islands
Nudist Dreamland: Pencil Sharpeners 1,625
Gay Equality: Midshire 1,778
Philosophy 115: Elysion Pedion 1,884
Eladen: Gray Mouser 2,597

Spotlight: Lubecistan, pop. 1.9 billion. Capital: New Lubecia. Leader: Sire Lubec. Top World Rankings: International Artwork, Weather, Public Healthcare.

"2 hours ago: National state of inaris ceased to exist."

Gracious, too bad it's gone I guess but I didn't even notice that nation was here.

I've had a good time while residing here, but I'm moving on to an RP-based region. This was definitely one of my favourite regions in NS so far. Good luck to all of you, and have a good March!

The Largest Populations in The Maritimes

1. Kalix 764 in NationStates (37.1 billion)
2. Nouvelle-Acadie 1,574 (33.5 billion)
3. Stewiacke 2,143 (31.0 billion)

Middle: Northopia 21,156 - top 9% (12.9 billion)

Last’ Odic 202,746 of 246,473 nations (162 million)

World first: Kyupaa NationStates
Eladen: Little Flowers 119 (39.4 billion)
Philosophy 115: Terra Amore 402 (38.5 billion)
Nudist Dreamland: Yannia 919 (36.3 billion)
Gay Equality: Real truth 6,664 (20.8 billion)

Spotlight: Each Uisge, pop. 21 billion. Capital: Loch Lomond. Leader: Tinker. Top World Rankings: Population, Residency, Basket Weaving.

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