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i'm extreme yet so is sedelh, my opposite.. extremism is in the eye of the beholder

Zerstrot is most armed, but in Nationstates term he's hardly a warmonger, only 25,000th overall.

is silver driftwood not going to wake up?

Sedelh and Elite Peak are last in the realm of furniture restoration. It is suspected to be a polluting industry.

Narcissus is first for furniture restoration. We are runners-up.

It's brilliant to be able to welcome back ‹berstock and Phsycotic freedom. What took you so long?!

Narcissus and ‹berstock are in the top 5% across NationStates for insurance.

i have two rows of icons now.. good to have you back, uberstock, you give me competition

You have another icon for cheese, Blue Narcissus. Well done! You are in the top 5% in Nationstates.

Somebody really enjoys cheese

Sedelh and Elite Peak import all their cheese, that's if they eat cheese at all.

The property of Narcissus is very well insured.

Sedelh and Elite Peak have societies that don't need private insurance.

Good to see Uberstock back on form with our fastest growing economy.

Another beautiful day here in Sedelh.

62nd best weather in the entire universe! Great stuff, Sedelh!

2nd fastest economy after.... curses, uberstock is back!...

for a moment i thought i had the slowest economy but its only third slowest so thats all right i guess

Who knew that gambling was 30% of my economy. Perhaps I should focus more on economic growth rather then destroying political freedom.

Gambling is one-third of your economy? Gosh!

The citizens of Blue Narcissus have the shortest lifespan in the Maritimes. The people of Sedelh and Nouvelle-Acadie live forever.

Rudest citizens are in Blue Narcissus. Wouldn't you be rude if you were going to drop dead of 'old age' at 24?

Healthiest citizens is a familiar category and I didn't have to look to know that Sedelh is far and away the regional leader.

Sedelh is in the top 1% for healthiest citizens, ranking 177th overall.

good show, zerstrot.. your citizens have even fewer political rights than mine..

Zerstrot strives to eliminate political freedom, even at the cost of the economy.

At least you can say you're achieving your goal.

We have two nations in the top 5% for political freedom, Northumberland Strait and Tower Road. That's pretty good in a region of twenty nations.

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