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good grief
don't help'em
just shew
them away

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Post by Morganfreeman suppressed by Mediobogdum.

Endorsements Please! Let's Make a Difference in the name of TWP!

Moondi, Retardlandiana, Tew, and New Kigali

All good people


"Shoo fly, don't bother me...."

Like that ?

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like that

Gatito, Retardlandiana, Patch ambredash, and Tew


Super bad, Retardlandiana, Saxia, Melaria, and 1 otherTew

Animal house recruiter

Come to Insert Bad Region Link Here

We are a lost region that is looking for the way home
We also have a blazing headache that just bloomed
Everyone can stub their toes on poorly placed furniture here
And you get free toenails on Tuesdays

If you have any questions telegram
Anyone But Me
~ Bluto

Retardlandiana and Algerstonia

Post by Scarsaw outpost bravo suppressed by All good people.

Scarsaw outpost bravo

A region for those wishing to learn, role-play, or discuss Nazism and National Socialism. With nearly a hundred members, NE is one of the oldest, largest and most active Nazi region within NationStates. All like minded are welcomed, but all possible trolls/spammers will be banjected. If you have any questions, telegram Scarsaw.

Retardlandiana and Slovorusine


[insert witty comment here]____ _____ ___ ______ ___-___ ___ __ ___ !


Billesholm, The spooky kids, and Slicaia

Welcome to machine

I'm so ashamed Mr. Yy4u - I can't tell jokes.


Which one is Pink ?


All good people

Have a cigar.

Tew and Novasamita

Will I go far?

Nothnxistan, Confederados do brasil, and Himmatistan

Post by Yy4u suppressed by Bran Astor.

Or are we just 2 lost souls, swimming in a fish bowl, year after year?

Kolmias and Past octobers

Post by Zarkoni suppressed by All good people.

-----------------------/\---THE ZAR-ILLUMINATI EMPIRE
-------------------/< ((0 )) >\
--------------/____|_____|_____\ STOP! right now you have a choice
-------------/__|_____|_____|___\ in your NationStates career to keep.
-----------/___|_____|_____|_____ \ Will you Join our Enlightened Society,
----------/__|_____|_____|_____|__ \ Or Play with the Sheep?
---------/|_____|_____|_____|_____| \

Be part of this new Society-based region in NationStates.
Phoenixia has many secrets which you can discover.
Be the first to know world events, not because we operate
a massive media outlet, but because we also create the news.

Do not let your new journey on NationStates begin with
a crappy region, let it begin with Phoenixia!

Forum participation is mandatory for you to have success with us.
In 'those other regions' you'll maybe get to be a 'citizen'.
With us, however, you get to also get to be in the Royal Bloodline,
and even an Illuminatus!!!. By the way, we have all that crap 'those other'
regions have, and then some.

- Phoenixia - Not for the weak of mind. See you There!

WARNING: This Empire is not for those who have no ambition, are lazy, or expect things to be handed to them, We have a brand new 'Merit System' the first on NationStates ever to have such a system. Those who do the most, get the most rewards in our group. We want true Leaders to come, new player or experienced.
***Forum participation is mandatory for success.



That Ad above has to be worth a banning

Yeah, that's really unsightly.

In unrelated news, WA delegates can now "suppress" RMB posts.... <.<


Help help I am being supressed.

Ok everybody let's do aerobics

Slicaia, Tew, and Past octobers

All good people

Tired of banworthy adspam ? Then you need New NationStates Suppression ! Try some today :)

Kolmias and Tew

Yea, that last one makes nazi europe look like a good corporate citizen.

Tew and Past octobers

And just where is our beloved delegate???


He is kinda cute, I do not know about 'beloved'.




Post by Bhang Bhang Duc suppressed by a moderator.

All good people

Aye, time to kick it outta here and into 'older messages'

Billesholm and Tew

Is anyone else of the opinion that the west pacific region should not resort to suppression tactics?

Freedom of Speech is superior to censorship! I hope this region can understand the importance of letting everyone say what they want to say.

Dreibarland, Orotigre, East islamistan, Tew, and 1 otherWest chimortopiterstavia

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Ad From Max

Providence: The new novel by Max Barry, creator of NationStates