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I once saw part of movie titled "Soylent Green" where everyone in the future ate these large green wafers. I wondered what those things might taste like but I guess it would vary from person to person.

Man 1: What did the geometry teacher order at Starbucks?

Man 2: What?

Man 1: A postu-latte!

Man 2: No other math joke can measure up to that!

Man 1: You do have a point.

TAO the Watcher wrote:I once saw part of movie titled "Soylent Green" where everyone in the future ate these large green wafers. I wondered what those things might taste like but I guess it would vary from person to person.

We had a lot of great puns today, but this one actually made me laugh!
It’s this week’s winner!

The very first nation in nationstates wrote:How do I become a god in this game?

You had your chance ... but you blew it! Now I am A God in this Game!

(And I am STILL anti-marsupial!)

My divinity stick is bigger.

Bran Astor wrote:My divinity stick is bigger.

I see your Schwartz is as big as mine. Now let's see how well you handle it.

Big Bad Badger wrote:I see your Schwartz is as big as mine. Now let's see how well you handle it.

I hate it when I get my Schwartz twisted.

My TAO still has longer longevity in TWP. It is the nature of the Game since I was Delegate of TWP.

Im fairly new, been playing for a couple of months and only lurking on the issues. I want to know how do I get Endorsements, I got a few but dont know why!

Naspria wrote:Im fairly new, been playing for a couple of months and only lurking on the issues. I want to know how do I get Endorsements, I got a few but dont know why!

Endorsements for most of us are just brownie points given from one World Assembly nation to another. It is considered polite to endorse in return those who endorse you, which you can do by going to their nation page and scrolling to the bottom.

Endorsements also have an important impact on regional security, so it's highly recommended that you endorse the delegate Saint Mark and his Guardians.

You can find more info on the game and TWP here:

Hello TWPers!

Now, I'm sure those of you who are new are scratching your heads right about now. You just joined the West Pacific and you are not sure what to do.

"What is this???"

"How the heck to I even get started?" Things like that. Let me tell you that those are valid questions and I will be answering them in time.

First off, who am I? I'm not just some invisible guide who magically pops up out of thin air. My name is Rizorien, otherwise known as Riz. I live over in Rizorien where I occasionally write RP stuff and generally chill and things :p I am the Minister of Education. My job, basically, is to educate new players like yourself about TWP and its customs, history, and things. I love doing this but I really should get a life lol.

So, off to what YOU are supposed to do. I know it sounds overwhelming but trust me. Its not. After all, you have 'ol Riz here to help you out, so don't worry! Just read the guide I have put together and follow my simple, easy to read instructions!

First of all, please note what you are getting into. NationStates is a Nation Simulation game where we simulate government and things. Once you create a nation, you have the authority to govern it as you see fit. You can answer issues to change your laws and ordinances. More info on that is in this thing over here. page=dispatch/id=640579.

Now, NationStates is partially governed by a assembly named the World Assembly. In this body, resolutions and laws are passed that all regions must recognize, but only the nations that are a part of the WA must abide by them. You aren't required to join it, but it you want to vote on Assembly resolutions, it is required that you join it. You can find the WA's homepage over here. page=un

The WA is international, meaning that anyone from any region can and will vote on issues that come up in its halls. It is not specific to the West Pacific. Now, onto TWP specific things.

A region is a specific section of NationStates where we retain a government. This government is specific to that region, with its own elected officials and Delegate, which is the leader. The Delegate in our case is Saint Mark, otherwise known as Halo Rahl. He’s a great guy and will kindly answer any questions you may have! But ahem that’s my job so let's not get ahead of ourselves. ^-^ Anyways, a region is independent of the WA in that it makes its own decisions within its government, while inter-regional issues that affect everybody are handled by said WA. The government here at TWP is a Meritocracy, which basically means the more you do the more you will be rewarded. You might hear that term floating around. In our elections we choose individuals via majority voting to a position. More on what those positions are later. To vote in our elections, you must become a citizen of TWP. That is more than maintaining a nation here. Similarly to the WA you must register to do this. It can be done here at: Once you do that, go over to: To take our oath of citizenship. Please note that you must have a forum account to fill it out. Our Delegate Halo will confirm you in roughly 1-5 business days. Once you complete these two steps you are done! You are a citizen of TWP officially and you have full voting privileges.

Also please note that you will see the following boxes that ask you to join a group:
The West Pacific Armed Forces (TWPAF)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Corp (FA)
The West Pacifican Newspaper Staff (TWPNS)
Ministry of Recruitment and Citizenry Staff (R&C)
Ministry of Internal Affairs Staff (IA)

Those are the different groups that are accepting volunteers. At the head of each group is an elected official. Some groups such as mine (Ministry of Education) are limited to one person and do not need any volunteers. I will sum up what each group does, so you can make an educated decision.


Current leader: Kawaii Schoolgirl
What they do: Here we at TWP conduct raiding, which is an in game mechanic that involves taking over other regions, whether it be for fun or for other purposes. We use the endorsement system (a system where the most endorsed person becomes the Delegate of a region) to invade and rapidly endorse each other to gain control of a region. It’s a lot of fun, and member can rise in rank to become officers within our military. Yes, TWPAF is what we speak of when we talk about “military”


Current leader: Arkadia Universalis
What they do: Ever wanted to become a diplomat? Well now’s your chance! At the FA we enlist your help and make you a diplomat to foreign regions. They deal with a lot in inter-regional dynamics and are a terrific asset to TWP. It can be a place with a lot going on depending on the time and climate of inter-regional politics. If you are interested contact Ark for more details.


Current leader: Nrevyw
What they do: If you are wondering, then yes, TWP has its own newspaper! We write about things going on within the region and feature interviews with prominent residents. It's a lot of fun to read! Actually the editor (Nrevyw) is looking for reporters to help him write things. I’d do it but I’m too busy ahem writing this. ^-^ Contact him for more details.


Current leader: The kingdom of alchera ( nation=alchera )
What they do: So you know how I am in charge of education for you new people? Well (at least for those from another region originally) who do you think is in charge of actually getting you over here in the first place? These guys! At the R&C the the name of the game is recruitment. We actively aim to enlist players (from other regions) to join and serve in TWP. If you love to be a campaigner then this is for you! The R&C creates and runs recruitment drives and could use your help. Contact Alchera for more details.


Current leader: Bran Astor

What they do: Internal Affairs is all about involvement. Here we have community events such as Holiday observances and Haiku days, Punday Mondays, and special events. They love to have fun! If social involvement and community spirit is your thing, then what are you waiting for? The IA is always looking for new volunteers to help. If you want more details contact Bran Astor.


Contacts for the groups mentioned above:

We have an active discord channel over at . This is where, most of the time, you can find the contacts mentioned above in the volunteer group list. Also you can find me there if you have any questions @Rizorien. I will be listing the above contacts with both their nation name and discord name.

Kawaii Schoolgirl
@Kawaii KA Wintony

FA is:
Arkadia Universalis


R&C is:
The kingdom of alchera ( nation=alchera )

IA is:
Bran Astor
@Bran Astor

And there you have it! Once you are finished choosing from your position(s) please take a look at page=dispatch/id=790806 It is all of our laws currently. That concludes my first official dispatch as Minister of Education of TWP! I hope you found it helpful! I will be writing more as I have the time. Cya!

Read dispatch


Anybody up for a quick roll in some burning oil? :D

No jerk chicken on the bbq list? Shaaaame!

Why would we invite jerk chickens, or jerks of any kind?

Sensorland wrote:Why would we invite jerk chickens, or jerks of any kind?

Punday is so yesterday. :)

Haikusday though is a different matter.

The plates on the tail
Of a stegosaurus are
A thagomizer.


Happy Haikuesday!
Also Apple Dumpling Day!
Enjoy a nice treat.

Ugh! I love apple dumplings. There goes my diet.

Darkesia wrote:Ugh! I love apple dumplings. There goes my diet.

Expanding Darkesia
A proud western tradition
Since Twenty Nineteen

edit - I may have forgotten you now possess a ban button...

Launching Bran Astor
A new western tradition
Since last Haikuesday


Shattered glass in hand
The price of not launching Bran
Vassal beats Squire

Crackpot nation


Post by Stalin baby boy suppressed by Bran Astor.

Stalin baby boy

Baby daddy Stalin here

Liberillia wrote:No jerk chicken on the bbq list? Shaaaame!

Generic chicken options opens it up to all kinds.

I have a great jerk chicken salad recipe the kids like to take on picnics.

A Haiku last week
I did for a poll for Bran
It was hard to do

I don't enjoy them
To tell you the honest truth
It was a challenge

And now here I am
With no challenge this one time
Just making some more

And to finish this
Here is one of my fave ones
Of all throughout time

No no no no no
No no God Haikus no no
No! No! No! No! No!

Elegarth always
Is moaning about haikus
Lets hit with large stick.

(Not really.)

Bhang Bhang Duc wrote:Elegarth always
Is moaning about haikus
Lets hit with large stick.

(Not really.)

The important thing
Is that we always complain
By using Haikus

It's a big effort
To tell you the honest truth
But it is worth it

Now that you mention
I must also accept that
It's entertaining

Of course I'll admit
That I have to use a tool
To count syllables

Large stick

Elegarth, Stand still!
Also, please share the tool used
to count syllables.

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