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Nations of Gimme That Dáxlamic Airdrop: No Backsies

  1. The Galactic Federation of OdinburghE
  2. The Socialist Republic of Isla De MilitariasE
  3. The Dáxlamic Queendom of LussiaE
  4. The First Order of DarhorE
  5. The Lunar-Terrestrial Federation of PiacentineM
  6. The Nationale Republik of New Nationale EinheitE
  7. The Radiant Dáxlamic Ascendancy of BradfordsboroughS
  8. The Dáxlamic Evergreen Republic of New BradfordsburgE
  9. The Fully Opened Dáxlamic Can of ClandestinopleS
  10. The Dáxlamic Evergreen Province of Dux MilanE
  11. The Dáxlamic Beachlands of DuxburyS
  12. The False Hope of IllegitimatexasS
  13. The Kingdom of ArveniaM
  14. The Radiant Dáxlamic Museum Hall of Old SparrowS
  15. The Republic of Dux RandoviaS
  16. The Queendom of KorriE
  17. The Interstellar Posadist Utopia of StaidearS
  18. The Radiant Dáxlamic Temple of Saint BonaventureS
  19. The Holy Dáxlamanista Isle of AbrillanE
  20. The Radiant Dáxlamic Province of First ParishI
  21. The Southern Dáxlamic Isle of LillyanE
  22. The Dáxlamic Municipality of Parting WaysM
  23. The Radiant Dáxlamic Wilderness of The ZamoraI
  24. The Socialist People's Republic of ShreminovS
  25. The Radiant Dáxlamic Capital of DaxlamalanM
  26. The Dáxlamic Dominion of Isla de FahnnahE
  27. The Radiant Dáxlamic Forces of The River JordanM
  28. The Alpine Dáxlamic Principality of Sierra AlansaM
  29. The Evergreen Socialist Drylands of Great Salt Lake DesertM
  30. The Northwestern Dáxlamic State of Santa Samuel and GraciaE
  31. The Wilderness Protectorate of High PinesS
  32. The Dáxlam People's Republic of Evergreen RakS
  33. The Radiant Dáxlamic Beachlands of RebeccalanM
  34. The Dáxlamic Rural Protectorate of Daxlam a AlanE
  35. The Republic of The RadiantS
  36. The Otickanese Republic of KhantashoniaE
  37. The Dáxlamic Provinces of The Evergreen Cangaluyan MaritimesE
  38. The Radiant Dáxlamic City State of AugellanS
  39. The Radiant Dáxlamic Metro of RoxquesneS
  40. The Serene Dáxlamic Republic of XilanS
  41. The Dáxlamic Highland Hamlets of AsapanaS
  42. The New Dáxlamic Commonwealth of NikitalanE
  43. The Dáxlamic Principality of Cape EvergreenS
  44. The Dáxlamic Principality of San CaraE
  45. The Dáxlamic Federal Republic of Salinas PlantationsS
  46. The Soviet Star Union of DacoriM
  47. The Imperial State of DyingadorM
  48. The Star Union of The Odinburgh Great North TerritoryI
  49. The Dáxlamic Republic of GrovalanS
  50. The Confederation of NaxomiaE