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MoemUnited Order100 Strikes100 RadiationDantazia
Sugoma fo cilbuper detinuUnited Order5 Strikes3 RadiationLutezia
Sugoma fo cilbuper detinuUnited Order26 Strikes26 RadiationLutezia
Sugoma fo cilbuper detinuUnited Order32 Strikes32 RadiationLindarya
Sugoma fo cilbuper detinuUnited Order39 Strikes39 RadiationSeingetoland
My alt for embassiesUnited Order2 Strikes1 RadiationSeingetoland
My alt for embassiesUnited Order50 Strikes50 RadiationLaderya
My alt for embassiesUnited Order2 Strikes2 RadiationSeingetoland
My alt for embassiesUnited Order47 Strikes47 RadiationVladistoland
New plutoniUnited Order3 Strikes1 RadiationVladistoland
SyastaUnited Order50 Strikes50 RadiationPranogtes
SyastaUnited Order50 Strikes50 RadiationHaredia
Habitable zoneUnited Order7 Strikes7 RadiationLaderya
Habitable zoneUnited Order18 Strikes18 RadiationLaderya
Habitable zoneUnited Order75 Strikes75 RadiationGanorya
Greater anarchiUnited Order7 Strikes0 RadiationPranogtes
Greater anarchiUnited Order18 Strikes0 RadiationPranogtes
Greater anarchiUnited Order75 Strikes56 RadiationBalzamiun
BlitzrepublicUnited Order36 Strikes8 RadiationLaniahlan
Ourry PorlandUnited Order14 Strikes7 RadiationSeingetoland
Ourry PorlandUnited Order18 Strikes18 RadiationSeingetoland
Operation AnglicaUnited Order75 Strikes75 RadiationKrosinia
Ourry PorlandUnited Order75 Strikes75 RadiationDunkony
Operation AnglicaUnited Order25 Strikes25 RadiationKaosy
Amogusian representitiveUnited Order37 Strikes37 RadiationKaosy
Amogusian representitiveUnited Order1 Strike1 RadiationKaosy
Amogusian representitiveUnited Order50 Strikes50 RadiationJusenteria
Amogusian representitiveUnited Order9 Strikes9 RadiationKaosy
Amogusian representitiveUnited Order3 Strikes3 RadiationKaosy
BlitzrepublicUnited Order75 Strikes75 RadiationUgaria
The Qao DynastyUnited Order7 Strikes7 RadiationHaredia
The Qao DynastyUnited Order18 Strikes18 RadiationHaredia
The Qao DynastyUnited Order75 Strikes75 RadiationDollya
KlwrgwrgUnited Order7 Strikes7 RadiationVladistoland
KlwrgwrgUnited Order18 Strikes18 RadiationVladistoland
KlwrgwrgUnited Order75 Strikes75 RadiationVladistoland
EliziastanUnited Order50 Strikes50 RadiationVladistoland
EliziastanUnited Order50 Strikes50 RadiationKeibrond
AzakanawaUnited Order75 Strikes75 RadiationKeibrond
AzakanawaUnited Order7 Strikes7 RadiationKeibrond
AzakanawaUnited Order18 Strikes18 RadiationKeibrond
East asian bastionsUnited Order50 Strikes43 RadiationKeibrond
East asian bastionsUnited Order57 Strikes57 RadiationFrastover
New RotariaUnited Order18 Strikes7 RadiationFrastover
SlavanodUnited Order25 Strikes21 RadiationFrastover
Great slavic europaUnited Order100 Strikes50 RadiationFrastover
New RotariaUnited Order34 Strikes34 RadiationNobilania
SlavanodUnited Order4 Strikes4 RadiationNobilania
TransapolUnited Order50 Strikes50 RadiationSersovestria
Great slavic europaUnited Order50 Strikes50 RadiationSersovestria


Each nuke that Strikes its target generates 1% Radiation, up to a maximum of 100%.

Strikes on a fully irradiated nation do not count toward the total.

Radiation slows the rate of new Production. A 100% irradiated nation cannot generate any Production.