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Nations of Radioactive Desert

  1. The Rogue Nation of Neo New SomethingS
  2. The Pirate Waters of Scurvy SeaM
  3. The Evil Raider of VisoraxM
  4. The What of DXRI
  5. The Blackacrean submarine of Violet NovemberI
  6. The Prime of Optimus PrimeS
  7. The Visorax of VisorI
  8. The Blackacrean submarine of Rising DarknessM
  9. The Holoratus Starkiller of NenvqreS
  10. The Blackacrean submarine of Crimson DawnS
  11. The Blackacrean submarine of Infinite TomorrowS
  12. The Armed Republic of Nuclear WarriorM
  13. The Impostor of TaduweM
  14. The Chaotic Official Union Pact of Duchanivee IslangragusM
  15. The Rogue Nation of Stab stabE
  16. The Empire of TraziloniaE
  17. The Card Kingdom of DeretaniaS
  18. The Lucky Black Christmas Empire of AthatrondeasiaM
  19. The Black Hawk of HoloratusM
  20. The Unity of Raider Bele Levy EpiesE
  21. The Holy Empire of PalpantiveE
  22. The Holy Empire of DurmengradS
  23. The Pokemon of The ZangooseM
  24. The Holy Empire of Durmengrad IIS
  25. The Durmengrad of DurmI
  26. The Rogue Nation of Unconventional WarfareM
  27. The Raider Unity of Gres GadomsorM
  28. The Rogue Nation of Visorax IIS
  29. The Armed Republic of Visorax IM
  30. The Rogue Nation of Visorax IIIE
  31. The Holy Empire of Durmengrad PrimeM
  32. The World Disassembly of TsearanE
  33. The Republic of Visorax IVI
  34. The Republic of Visorax VM
  35. The Malicious Rogue Nation of Worlds SilenceS
  36. The Eternal War of Stars and StarkillersS
  37. The Chaos Malice and Destruction of Bloody Good RiotM
  38. The Free Land of The edgy flareonS
  39. The Tsearan of TsearM
  40. The Empire of Tsearan PrimeM
  41. The Armed Republic of DEAT StarE
  42. The Armed Republic of The DEAT StarE
  43. The Free Land of VaporeonwaveS
  44. The Edge of EkruteakM
  45. The Armed Republic of Taduwe 1E
  46. The Armed Republic of Taduwe 2E
  47. The Armed Republic of Taduwe 3M
  48. The Armed Republic of Taduwe 4E
  49. The Armed Republic of Taduwe 5E
  50. The Armed Republic of Taduwe 6E