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Nations of Polar

  1. The Republic of LangrickS
  2. The Outposts of The Arctic RimM
  3. The Meteorological Office of VandrelS
  4. The Kingdom of The Ice BearsS
  5. The Kingdom of Hell FreezingM
  6. The Office of The Arctic AmbassadorE
  7. The Dreamers of ZonzibarS
  8. The Federal Republic of YaynaE
  9. The Diplomatic Association of Test IcicleE
  10. The Trans-Siberian Peoples of Time Stands Still LandS
  11. The Republic of XmaraS
  12. The Free Port Town of RoslinM
  13. The Lost Colony of Johnified AntarcticaE
  14. The Confederation of The ArcticsS
  15. The State of MaasM
  16. The Allied States of The Kingdom of the Ice BearsE
  17. The Enforced Scientific Pursuit of Making Catgirls RealS
  18. The United Kingdom of Western WeasseyM
  19. The Command of Commander James FerradayS
  20. The Borderlands of Northern PoleS
  21. The Territories of TchwartzhadM
  22. The Big Gay Empire of KromerovE
  23. The Republic of RunantopiaM
  24. The Green Federation of ForresterS
  25. The AnCap Hell of The Corporate SectorsM
  26. The YouTube Land of Supreme Leader JJ McCulloughE
  27. The Incorporated States of Iceland HrutspungarM
  28. The Holy Empire of Honister CragM
  29. The Station of Denmark HillsS
  30. The Commonwealth of The Arctic BasinI
  31. The Federation of OkrugM
  32. The Xilien Overran Wasteland of SaavesS
  33. The Republic of Arctic SouthI
  34. The Democratic Republic of United SpruceE
  35. The Commonwealth of Free Woritanarbio IslandsE
  36. The Platform Support Vessel of PSV Guinea KiribatiM
  37. The Bark of EndeavourM
  38. The Socialist Federation of EquaiM
  39. The Atheist Community of FiahS
  40. The Republic of BrykuS
  41. The Free Land of SaaremaaE
  42. The Kingdom of QatorqoqE
  43. The Constitutional Monarchy of IlullisaqS
  44. The Kingdom of IllusiaqM
  45. The Republic of South NastaniaM
  46. The Federation of TasersaqM
  47. The Free Land of NastaniaS
  48. The Rogue Nation of UnalaskaM
  49. The Free Land of ResoluteS
  50. The Republic of Resolute BayM