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Nations of Mindoor Department of Nukes

  1. The Socialist Federal Republic of ClaevaS
  2. The Dominion of BepgardI
  3. The Republic of Brasilandia3E
  4. The Colony of Novo AlvorecerS
  5. The Republic of Pokemon ShowdownE
  6. The Federal Republic of Grand West RussiaM
  7. The Reino Unido of FilipolipesS
  8. The Empire of Bill RussellM
  9. The Kingdom of YoghurslaviaE
  10. The Rogue Nation of GETALIFETOKARENS
  11. The Republic of East MindoorM
  12. The Rogue Nation of Mindoor LesteE
  13. The War Criminal Himself of North West MindoorE
  14. The Colony of The Mars base of MindoorE
  15. The Confederacy of The alternate dimension of MindoorS
  16. The Dominion of The Mindoorian IlluminatiM
  17. The Dictatorship of The headquarters of the illuminatiE
  18. The Ooga Chakan State of Eastern States of Mindoor LesteS
  19. The Disputed Territories of The twenty three islands of MindoorE
  20. The Colony of Mindoor TitanI
  21. The Allied States of The Northern exiled states of MindoorM
  22. The Colony of Mindoorian TitanE
  23. The Holy Empire of The Dark Realm of MindoorE
  24. The Dictatorship of Es Burrito MindooreS
  25. The Principality of Delete system32S
  26. The Colony of The Mindoorian whistle blowerS
  27. The Emirate of The downfall of MindoorE
  28. The People's Republic of Shadow central mindoorE
  29. The Borderlands of Paradise mindoorM
  30. The Rogue Nation of Shadow Mindoor LesteS
  31. The Empire of Shadow Mindoorian dyson swarmM
  32. The Republic of Shadow western MindoorS
  33. The Republic of Shadow MeiweinE
  34. The Federation of Mindoor voting managmentE
  35. The Commonwealth of Mindoor admin independent power managerM
  36. The Constitutional Monarchy of Sponsored by Nord VPNS
  37. The Disputed Territories of Worldwide ManiaE
  38. The Allied States of Mindoor Intelligence AgencyS
  39. The Dictatorship of Mindoor IngsocM
  40. The Nomadic Peoples of The Mindoorian Illuminati Agent 1S
  41. The Armed Republic of Totally not an invaderS
  42. The Democratic States of Join Mindoor AdminS
  43. The Republic of I like pollsE
  44. The Dominion of Es Burrito MindoroS
  45. The Kingdom of The hippies of MindoorS
  46. The Federation of Mindoor Raiding ManagementS
  47. The Colony of QWERTYUIOP LilyM
  48. The Community of The alternate plane of mindoorS
  49. The Commonwealth of Rick Astley 3E
  50. The United Socialist States of Worldwide mania eS