by Max Barry

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Nations of A Walk in the Park

  1. The Tinhamptonian Antepuppet of FinlarvatI
  2. The Empire of Ultima DefensorE
  3. The Free Land of New IsletM
  4. The Armed Republic of Vista IslandsE
  5. The Glorious People's Republic of Democratic YaradanM
  6. The Community of Dubious ContentE
  7. The Fish of TroutportS
  8. The Amalgamated Feminist Nations of NeokartaS
  9. The Dubious Astronauts of AfoS
  10. The Second Coming of NuliM
  11. The Tinhamptonian Hellscape of DisbakE
  12. The Draea Replubypra'z of Gladom NewionM
  13. The Scots Pine of Pinus sylvestrisE
  14. The Inaccurate Nation Name of Rejected TinhamptonS
  15. The Inglorious People's Republic of Dictatorial YaradanE
  16. The Trivial Typo of MXCIIIE
  17. The Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z of Z-ZE
  18. The Great Meritocracy of 328E
  19. The Republic of LolaklkkS
  20. The Chloroplastic Fantastic of MesophyllS
  21. The Norway Spruce of Picea abiesI
  22. The Grand Duchy of CXXVIIIS
  23. The Turkic miniSultanate of Novalk PeninsulaM
  24. The Republic of VBGE
  25. The I'm a puppet of Tinhampton of Grand Omani RepublicS
  26. The The The The The of of of of of 112S
  27. The Commonwealth of White Star NetworkI
  28. The Tinhamptonian Confuzzlement of East Ter PapiriaE
  29. The Borderlands of TyuM
  30. The Tinhamptonian Confuzzlement of West Ter PapiriaS
  31. The Republic of Greater HastingsS
  32. The Dictatorship of Pro Lancastria MoriE
  33. The Sensible Democracy of EkaliaM
  34. The Empire of The Tinhamptonian EmpireM
  35. The Tinhamptonian Refugee Puppet of PanforiaS
  36. The Armed Republic of DElizabeth Waugh EnterprisesE
  37. The Most Serene Republic of Totes not a puppet bruvS
  38. The Most Serene Republic of Turning and turning in the widening gyreI
  39. The Most Serene Republic of The name of this nation is classifiedE
  40. The Most Serene Republic of The falcon cannot hear the falconerS
  41. The Most Serene Republic of Things fall apartS
  42. The Most Serene Republic of The centre cannot holdS
  43. The SKWAAAAAAAAAAAWK of The golden profit birdM
  44. The Most Serene Republic of TrackingE
  45. The Tinhamptonian Vassal State of Ethanoic AcidS
  46. The People's Republic of Democratic Sri LankaS
  47. The -Turkic miniSultanate of -Novalk PeninsulaM
  48. The Republic of Of a small and insigniificant nationE
  49. The Unapologetic Populism of OldomerE
  50. The Please boil the kettle of Lapsang SouchongE