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Arms Control Treaty in:


1.Horsemen of the ApocalypseFlag-377,7198,280 NationsUnderworld
2.An Alliance of PotatoesFlag129,1795,355 NationsThe Potato Alliance
3.Augustin AllianceFlag169,8735,080 NationsAugustin Alliance
4.Ba Sing SeFlag160,1724,495 NationsThe City of Ba Sing Se
5.CRABFlag67,8882,927 NationsCRAB
6.A.T.O.M.I.CFlag-41,3651,836 NationsATOMIC
7.Fuster Cluck CoalitionFlag32,744633 NationsNorthern Ocean
8.The Army of FreedomFlag6,204430 NationsArmy of Freedom
9.RAILGUNFlag13,670254 NationsThe Flyin Miniverse
10.Bikini BottomFlag8,559183 NationsSouth Pacific
11.NSLeft International BrigadesFlag3,251169 NationsThe Internationale
12.The V.E.N.G.A.B.U.S.Flag-10,463154 NationsThe United Empires of Carson
13.Commonwealth Armed ForcesFlag-3,143147 NationsPeoples Republic of the Commonwealth
14.BlepiaFlag-3,949143 NationsBlepia
15.Nuclear World OrderFlag-6,247134 NationsFirst World Order
16.The League™Flag-9,777129 NationsThe League of Conservative Nations
17.The Shadow CultFlag-7,957118 NationsConfederation of Corrupt Dictators
18.Second Best Test 2-5,960102 NationsCard Defenders Alliance
19.Mars CommandFlag-7,55492 NationsMars Command
21.I am super mario from the game super marFlag-2,13885 NationsLardyland
22.Kings Nuclear GuardFlag-5,39975 NationsBluecrown Keep
23.Iwaku SqueakersFlag-5,81272 NationsThe Glorious Nations of Iwaku
24.The Lost OnesFlag-6,92370 NationsThe Wooloo Pact
25.Unlikely AllianceFlag-3,41369 NationsRKS System
26.Fuerza Nuclear HispanaFlag1,95762 NationsUnion Mundial
27.The E TeamFlag-2,60560 NationsEquilism
28.GholgothFlag7,04959 NationsGholgoth
29.Mashed PotatoesFlag-2,32055 NationsBawkie
30.The Sliding LegionFlag-1,49652 NationsThe Slide Countries
31.Matheo Faction-3,78746 NationsMatheo
32.UFM - SCHOOL CLASS REGION - DON'T NUKEFlag-4,24546 NationsFederation of Martian Colonies
33.TDK-TDC-HIYAMASHUFlag-2,13245 NationsThe Democratika
34.The Central PowersFlag1,91938 NationsBattleship
35.Potato Alliance-54733 NationsNet Loss of 1
36.The Wolf OrderFlag-95333 NationsRed Wolf Alliance
37.Serena's LegionFlag-1,84033 NationsThe Grand Dominion
38.Layem Defense CoalitionFlag-3,16333 NationsConfederacy of Layem
39.A FactionFlag-2,90032 NationsA Card Farm
40.Home Garud Flag-3,20032 NationsDeep Storage
41.The Nuclear AOEFlag-6830 NationsThe Alliance of Eros
42.Hablos GMN nuclear stationFlag-28930 NationsThe Great Monarchical Nations
43.The Katzen FederationFlag-1,49928 NationsKatzen
44.random region nuclear commandFlag-18126 NationsTHE RANDOM REGION 2 ELECTRIC BOOGALOO
45.OneidFlag-60125 NationsOneid
46.League of Allied WarheadsFlag-2,27925 NationsLeague of Allied Nations
47.Imperial LlamasFlag-2,40325 NationsLlama Lland
48.Neon DreamsFlag2,43322 NationsTeremara
49.Big Chungus United StatesFlag-4722 NationsThe Coalition
50.Markish Galactic Empire and alliesFlag-1,48322 NationsMarkish Galactic Empire

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Factions are scored on Strikes minus Radiation.