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The World World Census

The Highest Poor Incomes in the World

The World Census studied the spending power of the poorest 10% of citizens in each nation.

NationStandard Monetary Units
183,681.The Armed Republic of Krasnoyarsk-16112,960.28
183,682.The Commonwealth of Alfred Deakin12,959.79
183,683.The Protectorate of Quanxin12,959.04
183,684.The Fiefdom of Silberbach12,958.74
183,685.The Empire of Legioa12,958.36
183,686.The Kingdom of Toxic Scripting 612,958.24
183,687.The Republic of Gamalnozimt12,957.96
183,688.The Bewilderment of Lady Claypool12,957.8
183,689.The Confederacy of Les Etats Confederes12,957.71
183,690.The Republic of Laodacean12,957.58
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