by Max Barry

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United Nations orders closure of United Nations

by Max Barry
Mon, 31 Mar 2008

[ Read the full Cease & Desist notice here ]

The (real) United Nations has demanded NationStates "immediately cease and desist from using the United Nations name and emblem," as it "is unauthorized and in violation of of the provisions of international and U.S. laws."

Reaction inside the NationStates world was swift and brutal: faced with this extra-dimensional incursion, the NS United Nations collapsed. Stunned member nations stared on in disbelief; Gatesville regional residents wandered about in a daze, unsure how to feel and wondering what to do with their lives.

But bureaucracy abhors a vacuum, so almost immediately the proposals rang out for a new organization, one that would serve the same, admirable function as the United Nations, but without the lawsuits. Thus, behold! The World Assembly!