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Z-Day9: The Wrap-Up

by Max Barry
Sat, 31 Oct 2020

To those who thought it was in poor taste to have a zombie uprising during a real pandemic, I say: You make an excellent point. That's very reasonable. No-one wants to watch a horror movie when they're already living in one.

But perhaps there's no better time to shoot Cure Missiles at zombie hordes than during a health crisis. It is a time when regions either work together and survive, or else sink in communal apathy. This year, despite extra challenges from an unknown start time and two surprise interventions, many regions again proved themselves to be vigilant and effective, successfully staving off the undead until the very end.


107.3 trillion



257.8 trillion



447.8 trillion


You can find detailed reports via the little "[+] Z-Day" links that will hang around on region and nation pages for the next 24 hours.

Final standings from the Z-Day Tally Board:

And on nation scales:

Thank you for your tolerance of the 9th annual Z-Day. Happy Halloween!

P.S. Regarding the concern that this year's Z-Day News posts were a deliberate lampooning of a particular country's administration, I just want to say that's a little unfair to a lot of governments, who have also been really terrible.

Z-Day9: The End Is In Sight

by Max Barry
Sat, 31 Oct 2020

Wow! Okay! Whoever just hit my location with a Cure Missile, much thanks. I'm feeling a lot better now.

Please disregard everything I said about not taking the threat seriously. That was zombie talk. We absolutely have to fight this thing until the end. Which is soon:

Zombie apocalypse ends in:

Z-Day9: Some Regions Are Letting Us All Down

by Max Barry
Sat, 31 Oct 2020

I didn't want to have to do this. But I'm looking around and I'm seeing a lot of nations who have learned to live positively alongside the zombies being locked out of other regions due to emergency border controls.

This is very unfair to zombie-tolerant nations.

During past Apocalypses, I've always said that border controls are a matter for individual regions. But this needless fear and division hurts us all.

Therefore, I am hereby striking down all Emergency Apocalypse Border Controls.

Regions who had implented such controls will find that they are now removed.

You can reimpose them if you really must. But why would you? Stop cowering in fear and embrace life again! Get out and stretch your legs! Use your brains! Yes, especialLy those. Your soFt, deliciOus braiNs. Get tHem outsIde. Where wE cAn rEach them.