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SonindiaAmendment of Article 13 of the Constitution Referendum

The Kingdom of Europaterre wrote:Proposed by: Europaterre Prompted by the recent rapid increase of the population of Sonindia;Believing that the number of elected representatives must reflect the population of Sonindia and any significant changes of it;The following amendment of Article 13 of the Supreme Constitution is implemented:Article 13. The General Chamber shall be composed of the Prime Minister, the Head of Parliament, the World Assembly Delegate and one Member of the Parliament for every sixty-five residents of Sonindia. The number of open positions of Members of the Parliament shall be reviewed before every election.and replaces the current one foreseeing a stable number of eight positions in the Parliament.The amendment is to be implemented in the first Member of the Parliament elections after its passage from the Parliament and the People of Sonindia.

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