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Argo NavisThe Staple Crop Showdown0AquilaJordyn
Dream SMPIn one word, how would you describe last week/month? 0Rose Moon
The Dragon islesfavort aminal1HI HI
Amalgamated FederationWhat are your opinions on anthropomorphic animals0The Imagination Animals
SolarFlareShould the constitution weve been working on become official law?1Tocan Isle
The Islands of SmeadWhat's better: Soccer or Football3Ravko
Alfs Mesopotamiadid you print color ?1Oink the pig
UNF Union des Nations FortuneesAimez vous l'argent ?1Eclairanie
The South PacificWho is the best presiding officer of any regional legislature in NationStates?7Melicorium
The Blue Star UnionWhich Gravity Falls Character Are You?8Speckle
Sorbatshould we get rid of the kingdom of lolies 4Digy country
Gay EqualityHave you ever been to a gay bar?3Pretty Boy
The Sportsbook05/06 - Horse Racing3Davelands
RidgefieldExpectations 2Noble Titans
United AllianceFavorite WW2 film?6Miklozia
Organization of free nations各位对司法的态度3San Talian
SilentProposed Change in Standard Embassy Policy for acceptance of embassy request received by Silent:2Qpwo
The Confederation of NationsChancellor Election0Gympieland
LoraniaLorania WA Delegate Election May 20213Matroyska
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