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Region: The Kingdom of Woven Stars

Post by Adolf hitler marshall suppressed by Teralon Guard.

Adolf hitler marshall

Upper theigiestanticiania wrote:Agreed, though this does bring up the question of which countries would be the regional delegate. As you said earlier, Yui Yang may be the best, or Hitler Marshal, though other good alternatives may be brought up, so the decision should be made when most people are active at the same time. Alas, I shall be going for a while, I'll be back on in roughly an hour and a half.

I;m not in the WA. My WA nation is in another region. I am not the best for the job. Sorry.

Yui yang wrote:Just a warning with this seat of power I have given you there is one rule do not be inactive for a month

You can't tell that because what if they just log in and do nothing and log back out. That is not a very good idea.

Yui yang wrote:I will be creating a discord for nations to talk together if you would want to join

Where is the discord?

Upper theigiestanticiania wrote:Looks like there needs to be an endorsement for a WA member to become a regional delegate. I'll look through it some more

There does. I can guide all you noobs through nationstates.

Yui yang wrote:Hey if we need a WA delegate I will just put in my email

You need to endorse people to be WA Delegate.