by Max Barry

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Region: The Alterran Republic

Noteer wrote:The entryway opens into a large space made up of the walls of the column. Unlike the sturdy and structural exterior of the column, the inside is ornamental and bright with a white-light chandelier hanging high above the first floor. Mosaic tile covers the base, depicting some form of ancient symbol similar to that of a burning tree. The walls are lined by numerous rooms and doors, all connected by a single spiraling staircase towards the top floor. High up, the sound of clanging metal can be heard. The head guard immediately makes for the spiraling staircase, stepping onward and upward to the tenth floor with Hrrap not far behind. As they draw nearer, the clanging metal more obviously becomes that of a hammer hitting steel to firm it.

(sorry to bother Tholasyne, but did I miss a post after this? am bored)