by Max Barry

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Region: Northern Utopia

DarkStar Cabal wrote:"My dear niece,
Old scars and the general animosity is so very tiring, I'll be along in due time... I'm sure my sister would preferred a positive reaction.

[Dear Ira,]
[I deeply appreciate you doing this for me. It's about time that we reconciled. I look forward to your arrival - and to that matter, please send me the details of your arrival area and date. I will meet you there myself.]
[Sincerely, Samira]

"What was that, baby?" Alia murmured, rolling over on the bed so she could face Samira.
"Hm? Nothing," Samira said.
"Yeah right." Alia giggled, pulling the much smaller woman in for a quick smooch. "You can't lie to me. I know all your tells~"
Samira let out a gentle grumble. "I received a message from... from Ira."
"Oh. Sh­it." Alia sat up gently, pulling Samira into a snuggle. "You okay?"
"I received a far more positive response than I expected. She's... on her way."
"That's... that's really nice to hear. Family shouldn't fight. Any idea when she'll be here?"
"Waiting on further details at this point."
"So, with her on the way, we should probably have a talk about childr--"
"I love children. So much." Alia grinned down at Samira. "I've always wanted one, I just... never really had a partner before. Couldn't handle one on my own, but with you? I think we have a good shot."
"So you're interested?"
"Hell yeah I am! And even if I weren't, I'm still beside you every step of the way."
"Thank you, Alia..." Samira rested her head on the larger synthetic's shoulder. "I love you. Truly."
"I love you too, sweetie pie."