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Resurrected rhodesia

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Greater-Appalachia wrote:They put the concentration camps in territory occupied from the Soviets because that is where many of the targeted groups resided. Why would they waste the precious and scarce resources to ship the prisoners all the way back to Germany, so Allied reconnaissance planes could spot them? The problem with referencing that boycott is that this only represents a portion of the Jews during that time, and in this case Angry Mustache Man could have just marched them out of the country at gunpoint, rather than kill them all. I think I can say with a high degree of certainty that children, disabled people, and housewives did not participate in these anti-Nazi activities, and yet Hitler slaughtered them all. Like Resurrected rhodesia said, only portion of the concentration camp occupants were killed by starvation and typhus. The rest were shot, worked to death, and gassed when they could no longer work. Also, evidence has been uncovered by non-Soviet investigators before, during, and after The Cold War, so you don't need to read from only the Soviets.

After the war, for a few years, Germany was a post-apocalyptic void until the Marshal Plan reinvigorated West Germany. East Germany remained a cesspool of suffering thanks to communism. The people of East Germany who suffered after the war due to famine and poverty is because of communism, not Jewish conspiracy. On both sides of the Iron Curtain, there were no large-scale massacres, but on the Eastern side there was still lots of suffering and political purges due to communism. Now, I wouldn't try to argue about the powerful people you mentioned having Jewish ancestry. If that's their ancestry, then that's what it is. That, however, does not in and of itself constitute a Jewish conspiracy or something. I have heard arguments about how they use their power to suppress fascism and Nazism for revenge and whatnot, but I only have a problem with the former (assuming this conspiracy is real). Fascism itself didn't contribute to the Holocaust, something that ANTIFA fails to comprehend. As has been displayed by many fine folks here on this RMB, Nazism and the Holocaust were quite putrid, and so the destruction of the ideology which facilitated and executed it does not bother me.

Let's not pretend like there isn't any connection between Nazism and Fascism. You could say one is Earth and one is Mars: both are planets in the hospitable zone, both have the potential to house and preserve life, however only one can currently sustain life. They are similar and yet they are also different.

Fascism is the ultimate evolution of Socialism - the realization that pure Socialism simply isn't viable and is too underdeveloped. The Socialist movement that was spawned in 19th century Britain continues on as Fascism today. Modern "Socialism" is to Fascism as modern Judaism is to Christianity: out-of-date. Adhering to pure Socialism in a post-Fascist world is essentially equivalent to still making swords out of iron while steel is readily available. Primitive and backwards; ideological stagnation. Socialism is the past, Fascism is the future. We, Fascists, are therefor the True Socialists of the world whereas men like Nicolas Maduro are an old guard stubbornly defending a philosophy that is outdated and ancient. Socialism was already antiquated by the time of Marx and Engels, which is why these two blew new life into the movement through the advent of Communism. This of course was going in the wrong direction though, a fact Benito Mussolini managed to realise and correct through his own revolutionary ideals.

Fascism, National Socialism (Nazism), National Bolshevism, Ba'athism, Nasserism, and Third International Theory (Qaddafi), Juche, and numerous other political ideologies were developed along the similar vein of understanding that Capitalism is outdated, that nationalism is necessary for success, that Socialism is underdeveloped, and that Communism is not the answer. Each ideology takes a different approach, with some like TIT and Nasserism being pro-democracy while Juche is intrinsically linked to authoritarianism. National Socialism asserts the existence of a global racial hierarchy in which some races are above others while Fascism dismisses race altogether. Some ideologies were more successful than others. Fascism exerted the most influence over nationalist ideologies, Nazism was by far the most widespread at the height of it's power, NazBols are regarded as little more than a meme, Ba'athism suffered a split between Iraqi and Syrian interpretations that led to a sort of inter-ideological schism, Nasserism died with Sadat, TIT didn't last any longer than Qaddafi himself, and of course the legitimacy of Juche as an actual ideology and not just a tool for the Kim Dynasty to retain it's rule over North Korea is up for debate.

Regardless, there is a common point of origin: filling the holes left in Socialism with Nationalist vigour.

National Socialism and Fascism are the closest to one another, but they are still greatly different from one another. One embraces a pseudoscientific racial world view in which members of ethnic groups descended from Northern Europe are genetically and biologically superior to other ethnic groups. The other does not accept this. National Socialism is a divergence from the Fascist trend started by Il Duce, it is sprinkled with the seeds of Germanic pride and hubris to the point of historical revisionism and the denial of scientific fact. It is this very pride, this arrogance, that was the reason for the Reich's fall in the first place.

Italian Fascism does not have this same level of ethnic egotism. There is pride, but it is realistic and taken in moderation whereas Nazism is excessive and compulsive in it's prideful nature. It embodies the same narcissistic spirit as Scandinavian Heathenry, and suffer from the same failures and defeats as a result. Just as the power of Mjölnir was humbled by the might of the Cross, so to has the power of the Swastika been humbled by the might of the Hammer and Sickle. This was the fate of Narcissus and the fate of the Third Reich, the fate of the Fourth International, and is soon to be the fate of the Western World should it continue on it's course through it's beliefs of Globalism and Capitalism that will inevitably lead to Sinic Hegemony before that too fails.

This isn't a schism like that of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, but more like the Iconoclast Controversy in Medieval Europe. The Iconoclasts did not accept what they saw as idolatry, whereas the Iconophiles did. Likewise the Nazis believe in the notion of a racial hierarchy with themselves at the top, whereas Fascists who wouldn't be at the top of that hierarchy or would and still don't accept it (like myself) do not.

In the end, the Modern Fascist comes in two flavours:

1. Those who align with the German view (accepts Nazi racial theory)
2. Those who align with the Italian view (rejects Nazi racial theory)

Most of us here - myself included - seem to align with the Italian view, aside from obviously P0RTVGAL who embraces the German view instead.