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Brazika wrote:Countries' pockets will profit from social security.

P0RTVGAL wrote:wat

Assuming the economic & sociopolitical groundwork and the structure of the State on top of it is sound and whole without such ill-phenomena as corruption there to weaken it and siphon off of the private-public economic output to the pockets of self-benefiting egoists and con artists, social assistance to those in need would pay itself back as an investment with "interest rates" added on top as de facto profit when those individuals are helped back on their feet and to then re-establish themselves as productive members of the greater society, contributing to the economy, earning wages and through their consumption habits (services, products etc.) funneling money to the national treasury included in which, the assistance given earlier now paid back with a smile.

Brazika wrote:I'm against vaccines that aren't approved by State.

Indeed. To highlight an example of the importance of State-regulation on such medicinal applications, let me take you back to the 2009 swine flu pandemic. Compared to the currently ongoing COVID-19 this particular disease did not spread with as fast rates which, fortunately, gave our good eggheads in their laboratories time to develop countermeasures. Unfortunately, I remember vividly the issues that swiftly rose to public knowledge and were on news headlines when the first iteration of this vaccine was disseminated and injected into the public. A large percentage of those given the vaccine got more serious side-effects than intended and many developed long-term handicaps with children having been especially poor victims to a wave of narcolepsy resulting from taking the said vaccine. The State, of course, did not approve using this any further, and I myself was one of those luckier given a newer and improved version of the vaccine with much less harm done to everyone involved. Now imagine the harm that could've happened here or the damage that could be made if there was no State-involvement and judgment present? Any wannabe genius scientist in his/her home labotary could cook up a vaccine to end all plagues and instead have it turn into the new plague if State health-officials did not go through a rigorous assessment first.

Also just mentioning but taking the vaccine also kind of showed the strength and capability of my personal immune system, which I've always known to be top-quality. The vast majority of those in my class & school who took that vaccine were ill for several days, some even for weeks, while I was attending teaching normally the next day without any temperature or things like that. The day I took the vaccine I felt a bit off but there's nothing sleep won't cure as my mom used to say when I was a kid.

I very rarely get sick with anything and rarer yet in a more serious way. 99% of the time it's limited to like a couple days of bedrest and drinking warm berry-juice or something. I don't want to toot my own horn here but I've been half-joking to people I'd probably survive the Ebola :P

What about you? And the people here in general. Do you have a good health? How well can you fight off disease and illness? I hope we're all in good condition.

Brazika wrote:A good citizen respects the laws that the state imposes, even though the current government is rubbish.

Does not mean one has or should accept all said laws and/or sacrifice the conviction burning in the heart, especially for us Fascists to need to sit silently if the system churns out legislation after legislation to facilitate the oblivion of sensibility and reason. We dream and hope of a new order, a better order, and we will never see that realized if we do not act to sow the seeds of a change and try to be a catalyst of force in that change...and in relation to this there's something that concerns me and I'm thinking of coming to it just a bit later. Its something that has born out from me reflecting for some time now and doesn't seem to let me go, only grows stronger.

Though I think what you were aiming here is to highlight the fact that in our struggle we cannot become like the Anarchists in the streets. Our victory will have to be a victory over hearts and minds, a naturally occurring self-evolution of the host consciousness of the State when its current form of persona becomes senile and inept, no longer fit to craft concrete visualizations of its thinking, poor and deluded thinking.

We will not be like the Bolshevists who stormed the palace of government with guns and violence. We will defeat the system from within and by its own rules, that will be our legitimization, our justification, the enabler of the long-term fulfillment of the fruits of the revolution. The New Order must last and survive, to become a new standard.

Brazika wrote: If you use common sense, you realize that it is not a struggle of ideologies or interests when it comes to humans dying from a virus that still has no cure. Whether it is created or not, people are dying. Respecting what the state said is the least it can do. Just use common sense.

This is true; good speaking.

I've seen it here in my homeland, the opposition which so often always at any time other is at the throat of the executive and vice versa now are united in seamless harmony over the measures -some truly marvelous in their historicality- that are underway. I do not remember the exact words Sanna Marin (Our Prime Minister) used, but it was something about how in these trying times people in the government are not comprised of politicians but of individuals who all share a desire to help and protect the people, who all just want for the best for the finnish people; to live through this and survive, to be healthy and not gripped by fear or panic.

(I'm also intending on talking more about the current COVID situation here in Finland later on with my own perspectives to it from different categories.)