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Region: The East Pacific

Volinovia wrote:We would love to hear what ideas you have.

Perhaps ask nations what their concerns are with signing the treaty, and have them come with a consensus to the treaty.

Stop implying that you're gonna violate national sovereignty without due process. While we hate strong-arming, we realize that some pressure is needed, but apply it in steps. War criminals may run but they are not masterminds nor good at their practice in most cases. They'll be average high-command, so they should be easy to find when on the run, so you do have time to apply political pressure.

If you go around sending your troops wherever and whenever you want without giving nations a chance to repent, the organization is going to look nothing short of a large bully.

Gorbastan wrote:Perhaps the tone could have been reduced to be a tad bit friendlier. We apologise for that matter.

However, this document is refined and is not a form of annexation. As somebody interested in maintaining a status quo, we want you to sign this for the betterment and safety of all nations. Our actions may have hinted at things done by similar warmongering nations of the past, but the situation here, in my opinion, is quite different.

Gunichatara understands your viewpoint and apologizes for the insult.

For all regards, this organization is new. The nation of Volinovia, from which it stands, is held in high regard amongst our public but us as the government are hesitant. The nation has shown some small signs of aggressiveness, and while we have not participated we have heard of such laws being signed before.

So for all due respect, we wish to wait and see how this court and its laws of war play out. Please note that we believe this organization will tone down over time as it meets face to face with reality, and we do expect to sign on in due time.