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Region: The East Pacific

Somers wrote:Somers does not agree with the idea of unbreachable sovereignty. Sovereignty is a human-made concept, and should therefore be used for the betterment of human society.

Correct. But remember that human groups share different values and beliefs and organizational systems. Any international organization must ensure that a nation's identity and the right to rule itself is protected.

Somers wrote: We must recognize that the right to rule, or the right of a nation to continue to function as such, does not rest solely on sovereignty, but on its respect of international norms. Such norms must be a check on the will of governments, and therefore, we must use international courts to enforce this standard on nations.

This is sensible. Similar to how humans are asked to conduct themselves within moral standards or risk being seen as non-human or evil, the same would hold with nations. However, these international norms must be careful in formation. For example, some nations advocate democracy as a solution for all nations, but democracy is not a good form of government for unstable nations who are still developing. So developing an international norm that a nation must be democratic, for an extreme example, is not prudent for the welfare of unstable nations.

Somers wrote:
The Republic of Somers gives its full support to the ICJ, and encourages the establishment of Jus Cogens, or peremptory norms on which sovereignty is built. By this, we mean that we would like to see the creation of a list of international norms that should be the basic expectations of a state not to violate. If a country violated these norms, then that country would no longer have the right to act on the international stage as a normal sovereign state.

As long as international norms are sensible and all nations do sign on with the ICJ, this is understandable. If nations do not agree with these terms, then the ICJ must apply political pressure before resorting to military tactics, because nations must be given the right to make a choice on all matters concerning their own nation and people.