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Region: Resuscitation

Why u raid us pacific peoples wrote:Hello peoples... see my nation name... WHY DID U RAID US PLEASE NO DO THAT. Please don't suppress this post... just please tell us why... my region is very upset about this... aren't you guys defenders? Also it says questions/comments are supposed to be addressed to commanders but who are the commanders?

We are not defenders. Recent actions against your region were taken in response to your region's decision to support the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators in their attempts to pass a Security Council proposal. The Confederation of Corrupt Dictators is an oppressive, fascist region and it is not in our interests to see them continue clogging up the World Assembly with their attention-seeking stunts. We have nothing against your region at this time and no raids will be forthcoming so long as you do not support the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators or other fascists. Our commanders are listed as our regional officers. Have a nice day, and educate yourself on the situation of Security Council measures before you listen to telegram spam from fascists.