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New Waldensian Embassy to the FCN wrote:Upvote this to expose the rabid pro-death crowd pushing this repulsive resolution:

a) Aren't you the dude helping organize operations to raid regions exclusively because their delegate may have approved pro-choice resolutions? Das not extremism...

b) This is a glaring double standard from you. When the FCN was on the WASC's chopping block because of Crimmy, you defended so many edgy/offensive/etc jokes as not worthy of character damnation. Now, I agree with you on that. But now you're pulling these and using it to depict everyone there as awful from that handful of screenshots. You're cherrypicking.

c) It's so hilarious and ironic when the "Pro-Life" camp starts calling moderate/pro-choice people "Pro-Death." It shows how lacking in self-awareness the mainstream (not all) "Pro-Lifers" (they're less pro-life and more pro-birth/anti-abortion, given that many are neocons who disavow healthcare initiatives and support the death penalty) really are sometimes.

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