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Region: Federation of Conservative Nations

Napa Santa Rosa wrote:the community that just wants to ensure a woman can have a secure life "pro-death"

Because the only way to have a "secure life" is to kill an innocent human being. Got it.

The Conservative States Of New America wrote:a) Aren't you the dude helping organize operations to raid regions exclusively because their delegate may have approved pro-choice resolutions? Das not extremism...

It's called strategy.

The Conservative States Of New America wrote:b) This is a glaring double standard from you. When the FCN was on the WASC's chopping block because of Crimmy, you defended so many edgy/offensive/etc jokes as not worthy of character damnation.

Absolutely false and you know it Quebecshire. I was one of the few and most prominent in the FCN who spoke against what had been going on. You lie and you know it. Despicable.

I can produce any number of individuals who can attest to my opposition to such behavior. Gagium, San Carlos Islands, The Rouge Christmas State, Libervalley, Creeperopolis, Fluvannia, even United Massachusetts. Want more names? I can give you more names.

The Conservative States Of New America wrote:c) It's so hilarious and ironic when the "Pro-Life" camp starts calling moderate/pro-choice people "Pro-Death."

You call the likes of the Access to Abortion authors moderate? Naturally. I should expect that from someone who heads up a region with a fraudulent misnomer of a name. The FCN fought for conservatism and the RCN carries that banner forward as well. I'll never apologize for that or for defending the life of the unborn.

Don't worry. Everyone knows that the misnamed LCN won't defend the unborn. That region betrays everything that it's name ought to mean.