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Region: International Democratic Union

Assamland wrote:Greetings everyone.
We from the Republic of Assamland have switched from the South Pacific to International Democratic Union RMB due changing behaviour of their rulers.

We as a Nation love our Democracy and Nationalism. We love our tea, and think that logic should be above emotion.

Therefore we want to give every 116 nations in here, a gift of friendliness. Our finest branch of tea * Assamtea *, which goes best with a nice stroopwafel.
If anyone has further questions about my nation i would love to answer them.

Yours sincerely,
The minister president of Assamland.

Hey Assamland! Nice to meet you. To get to know everyone here in the region, I'd recommend joining the regional Discord server (linked in the regional description) or checking out the regional forums and wiki (ditto).

But one question to start out- does your nation have anything to do with the Indian state of Assam?