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Region: Democratic Socialist Assembly

President Gabriella Sindevir--@POTARA5

Happy to report that the Alinnian Workforce Participation Rate has jumped nearly 2.5% in one day--a trend my administration looks to follow in the coming weeks. We are continuing to work with the Republican Party in constructing legislation which serves those who need it most: hardworking Alinnians. Our retail sector now stands as one of the best in the region and world. More money into Alinnian households. Rest assured, our eyes are on the prize: tax reform. My administration is working diligently, alongside Democrats and Republicans in the Sentinel, to provide landmark reform as quickly as possible. We remain one of the strongest economies in the world. This is only the beginning for our great Republic.

Senator Ellison Edwards--@SenatorEdwards

Do not be fooled by the Democratic Party's attempt to fool you by the fact Alinn currently has a 56 percent WPR. What will tomorrow hold for radical liberal policies which have not sustained us anyway? FYI Madame President... President LeBlanc holds the record at 66.9 percent while your predecessor, President Haines-Korbin, holds the second-highest WPR with 65.8 percent. Sindevir's highest WPR? 62.9 percent--but that was on the day you were elected. We went downhill from there. The biggest increase you have made is to our tax rate... we're up nearly 8 (!!!) percent since your inauguration. #WeNeedREALChange