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Welcome to the NationStates Store! Please feel free to browse our shelves. And thank-you for shopping at NationStates.

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  • Remove ads
  • Supporter trophy for your nation page
  • Trading Cards deck capacity doubled
  • Lasts forever
  • Permanently reserve nation name (?)
  • Gain warm, fuzzy feeling of supporting NationStates

Nation Name Reservation: In NationStates, when a nation isn't active (logged in) for 28 days, it ceases to exist, but the owner can still come back and restore it just by entering the password. After a long period of inactivity, though, the nation's name may be made available for re-use, so someone else can create a new nation using the same name. In that case, the older nation is permanently retired as "Ancient" and can no longer be restored.

Current site rules allow nation name re-use after five years of inactivity in nations with a population under 1 billion. Site Supporter nations are permanently reserved and their names can never be re-used.



  • Includes "Supporter"
  • Folders hold 100 Telegrams each (up from 20)
  • Create custom folders
  • Deleted Items folder retains up to 100 deleted Telegrams


  • Includes "Supporter"
  • Includes "Postmaster"
  • Hold an unlimited number of Telegrams (?)
  • Includes 500 Telegram Stamps

Unlimited: You can store any number of telegrams in any number of folders.

We may intervene to limit very extreme use, beyond what could be generated by genuine site activity.


Telegram Stamps

  • Send Mass Telegrams to many nations at once
  • Number of stamps:
  • A stamp provides delivery of a telegram to one nation

Please note: Telegrams must abide by site rules. Stamps are consumed when sending a message and credited back to you within 24 hours if message delivery fails (e.g. a recipient blocks recruitment telegrams).

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Terms & Conditions of Sale

Thank you for considering the NationStates store! Your purchase is applied to one nation. It doesn't expire: you keep it for the lifetime of your nation. It isn't transferrable, so please make sure you're logged in as the right nation, or, in the case of gifts, that the right nation is displayed as a giftee at the top of this page. If the nation ceases to exist due to inactivity, your purchase isn't lost and will be restored along with the nation when you return.

Tip: Enter an email address in your Settings, so you can recover your nation if you ever forget your password.

Purchases are final and non-refundable. They don't grant exemptions from site rules, and can't be transferred or recovered from nations that are deleted by moderators.

Where "unlimited" storage is offered, we reserve the right to limit very extreme use, beyond what could be generated by genuine site activity.

That's it! Enjoy!


When you make a purchase, you interact with our payments provider, which depending on your choice is either Stripe or PayPal. We don't record any personal or payment information about a transaction, but can look up these details on the provider's site in order to help resolve any problems or disputes. For more, please see the full NationStates Privacy Policy.

Getting Help

Contact us via the Getting Help page or by emailing Please allow 2-4 working days for a response if contacting via email.

Odd Charges?

Occasionally a small temporary charge will appear on your bank statement (usually $1 or less), before disappearing within a day or two. This occurs because the card service is verifying that your bank will approve a charge before proceeding with the main transaction. If you notice a small charge like this on your bank statement, you can usually just wait a day or two and it will go away. If not, please contact us!