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Most Nations: 558th Highest Disposable Incomes: 920th Rudest Citizens: 951st+6
Largest Retail Industry: 1,330th Most Developed: 1,785th Most Efficient Economies: 1,806th Highest Wealthy Incomes: 1,871st Best Weather: 2,114th Most Politically Free: 2,128th
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Commissioner: Rene Helmsley III
Prime Minister: Alina Kuzmin
Capital: Villeinova

Government: Federal Constitutional Republic
States: 29
Population: 309 million
GDP Per Capita (ppp): $94,568
Currency: Aissurian Jenning
Largest City: Allegiant

Russian Federation
United States of America

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Embassies: Fredonia, United States of America, Organization of United Sovereign States, Russian Federation, Union of Nationalists, The Great Universe, Oneid, Greece, The Embassy, Iran, and North Avalon.

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Aissurian Union contains 31 nations, the 558th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Extensive Civil Rights in Aissurian Union

The citizens of nations ranked highly enjoy a great amount of civil rights, or freedoms to go about their personal business without interference or regulation from government.

As a region, Aissurian Union is ranked 10,680th in the world for Most Extensive Civil Rights.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The State of CancordiaAnarchy“Strength Through Freedom”
2.The State of TeirabithiaCorporate Bordello“Motto...”
3.The State of Great AissurCorporate Bordello“Protect this state, and protect our federal republic”
4.The State of CLintynNew York Times Democracy“Motto...”
5.The State of SachenhausenNew York Times Democracy“Land zu Land”
6.The State of HezonyaNew York Times Democracy“Motto...”
7.The State of North YanktenNew York Times Democracy“We are the best Yankten State”
8.The State of United Federation of EarlandNew York Times Democracy“So help me god”
9.The State of BaudelaireeNew York Times Democracy“Ma terre et gloire”
10.The State of WettinsNew York Times Democracy“Ich werde Verteidigen”

Regional Happenings


Aissurian Union Regional Message Board

"The Westphalian Union has accused us of trying to influence their politics and leadership, so therefore order the embassy of ours to be closed down, despite economic ties. I ensure you, the Aissurian people that we are not doing such thing" - Commissioner Gorman

Commissioner Gorman has signed an executive order to make all Universities free in the Aissurian Union. Gorman gave a televised address to the nation to give the Aissurian People a heads up on what he plans to achieve this week.

" We shall raise the standards of who gets into college by requiring all students to have an average highschool GPA of 3.111 and the lowest ACT score of 15

We shall encourage everyone from rich to poor to have the opportunity to get into a 4 year institution. Expect some changes in the educational system in the near future to not only benifits the Country by giving the Aissurian Union, a promising future but benifits all our students by giving them not just basic education, but a world class education. We shall learn from the mistakes of the United States of America when it comes to their Pre-K to 12 grade. But we should build more world Class Universities just like the United States of America.

We will also adobt the American style of PreK-12 grade mandatory schooling for all but where we will be differ is the way we approach career readiness. This Federal Government has done a excellent job under the Leadership of Commissioner Conte and Commissioner Sullivan because they created our tax code, allowing the federal government to gain lots of capital the last 30 years due to getting that tax revenue and lack of spending.

We will maintain the 5% tax on all 50 States meaning that the states must pay 5% of their annual GDP to the federal Government. We have been able to save up an animal amount 15 trillion Jennings / 15 trillion dollars in the last 17 years. What we plan to do with this access funds is to build 32 new public Universities around the Aissurian Union and put 3 major public Universities in the Aissurian Islands. Students who meets the requirement of an average 3.1 GPA and score 14 or more on the ACT will be eligible to start a bachelor's degree program at any University of their choosing. Depends on how the student perform in their 4 year journey, if they can graduate with a GPA average of 3.2 in college, the Federal Government will grant that student free master's and PHD program" - Gorman

Commissioner Gorman has officially legalized Marajuana for medical and recreational use in the Federal law. It's now up to the States/Republics to allow medicalized and recreational Marijuana without the concern of the Federal Law.

" It is very important for me to show the world that the Aissurian Head of State is not elected by the people, but does respect and will do what's best for the Aissurian people. I will respect Civil liberties and civil rights and aim to expand them while maintaing the strength of our nation. It's very important for us to strengthen our Nation through education, teaching skill and investing in our industries. We will continue to keep Military bases in United Islamic Federation, United Federation of Maurain, Kailand, Great Laurania to protect them but other than, we are going to maintain our anti-interventionist foreign policy unless the Islamic Federation needs more help to put down their wahhabi uprising. Expect more descisons like this in the future, we are going to continue to get stronger with knowledge, industry and investing in our infrastructure. We don't want to follow the same mistakes as United States of America.

The United States 0f America has allowed corporations to control their federal Government, allowed rouge impearlist politicians to run their foreign policy, allow a entire generation to fall in debt just to get an education, their politicians has done more for the American military power and world influence than they done for the American people. The United States doesn't invest in it's education despite having slot of world class Universities.

We have a semi democratic system where direct democracy is excersied on the republic/state level in which governs the people of the Aissurian Union. The Aissurian Federal Governments job is to make laws to protect the country image, health, keep the Union together, protect the country interest , to establish amendments, to create standards in roads, transportation, education, and to provide a Armed Forces. The federal government do make laws that citizens must follow, but it is the Republic/State job to enforce them however they see fit who which is elected through a direct democracy. We will continue to make allies and to continue to grow the power of the Aissurian Union." -- Commissioner Gorman

Commissioner Gorman has announced that the Aissurian Union will annex the big island next to the Aissurian Islands to develope all new
16 federal University campuses for the Aissurian People. This will be a Federal University Territory, next to the Fedor islands, far from the Aissurian Industrial Territory.

"The island will have 16 University campuses with each campus being 400 acres each. The island is the same exact size of Cuba which is a total size of 42,426 square miles of land which equals to 27 million acres. We can only build on 45% of the land which is only 12,218,688 acres of the land. "- Commissioner Gorman

Commissioner Gorman has given the full list of the names of the new 16 federal Universities that will be built on a territory called Aissurian Harbour

1. Patel College
2. Hudson Federal Medical Institution
3. Franklin Hightower institute of Technology
4. University of Franklin HIGHTOWER
5. Aissurian State University
6. University of Aissurian Islands
7. Aissurian Isalnd State
8. University of Ocean View
9. Anixanmander State University- Harbour
10. Unibersity of Thales
11. Franklin School of Law
12. Aissurian Imperial University- North Harbour
13. Aissurian Imperial University- South Harbour
14. Aissurian School of Calinary
15. Aissurian Federal military School- Harbour
16. Sullivan Federal School of Advance Trade

The Aissurian Union has ceded St boris and St Karter to the Russian Federation

Commissioner Gorman-" We are continuing the goal to transition all States to using the Witztucky Jenning which equals to $1 in value

Leihigh, United Federation of Earland is officially recongnized as the Technological Capital of the Entire Aissurian Union. Leihigh is the Aissurian equivalency of United States of America's Silicon Valley

Gorman has decided that it was time to change change the classification of all Aissurian Subdivision into states. We are in the process of developing a United States of America style State system where we will have 50 states and a Federal Government. Our new classification will be the Aissurian Republic but will remain as the Aissurian Union- Prism News - Great Tritonn

The Aissurian Union aka The UAS Stands with Greece and Armenia it's current tensions with Turkey - Commissioner Gorman

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