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Seeing as Future Earth no longer meets embassy requirements for the commonwealth, we shall be withdrawing our embassy. However, if at a future date you return to our requirements, re-building can be established!

Embassy Policy

  1. Embassy policy is created by and subject to alterations by whichever Emperor is incumbent, in close consultation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of the day. .

  2. The Commonwealth shall endeavour to establish relations with regions who meet the following criteria:

    1. Regions with no illwill, no ongoing conflicts with the Commonwealth and no relations with any regions that have ongoing conflicts with the Commonwealth

    2. Regions with a regional democracy and elected offices.

    3. Regions with at least thirty nations

  3. The Commonwealth will not establish relations with regions who:

    1. Subscribe to fascist, fascistic, communist or communistic ideologies, or regions which act as safe havens to racism, paedophilia, homophobia are any other such intolerance or perversion at the discretion of the President.

    2. Are anime-centric or anime-related or are related in any fashion whatsoever to the "furry fandom"

    3. Regions with messages made more than 4 days ago on the first page of the Regional Messaging Board

    4. Regions which require the presence of a puppet or require an application for an embassy to be made on an off-site forum.

  4. The Commonwealth shall terminate an embassy with a region if:

    • It is discovered that it no longer meets the criteria outlined in I. above

    • It is discovered that it meets the criteria listed in II. above.

    • A state of war emerges between the regions.

    • Our RMB is spammed or our ambassadors treated in a poor fashion

Read dispatch

Hi, with over 250 embassies, the process I have for delivering news has become too inefficient. I feel bad for doing this, but I'm going to streamline by closing our embassies. If you'd rather keep the embassy open, please let me know on The NewsStand RMB.

If you want to keep up with the news, you can always add The NewsStand to your dossier, and catch up whenever suits.

Thanks for having had the embassy with us. It has genuinely meant a lot to have had your support for so long.

*Sends you a diplomatic cable*

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