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Yeah I miss that flag, too. So now that NationStates 2 is dust, did they lose sponsorship from a larger company or something? We used to be able to upload a much bigger flag for our nation.

The marijuana islands1

Greetings, we are saddend by what has happend to this region, & for that reason we would like to annex you, & you will all hold places of honor.

The marijuana islands1

If you do not want to become part of The Marijuana Islands, which would involve leaving this region, we would like to be allies.

The marijuana islands1

Either way please contact me, & I will inform Toke Islands, our leader, of your desicion.
Thank You.

It is not very diplomatic to walk into my "living room" and talk about annexing GWM...and without knowing the background of this region you shouldn't talk about what has happened to it. And there might have been a reason why have not answered the tg of your sum it up: I am not interested...but thanks for coming, at least I had the opportunity to dust of the cobwebs of the banhammer ;)..Puff!Puff!Pass!

3 days, 16 hours ago The Federal Republic of Toke islands I do not care for this Green Weed region, Cold War maybe?

^^This guy is the founder of The Marijuana Islands. So now they're talking about "annexing" this region after a "Cold War"? wtf?

I don't know which "green weed"-themed region he was talking about....and he actually apologized for the statement of his representative via tg and asked for an alliance....but I don't see any benefit in an alliance. He didn't explain the purpose of it and I don't like to be on the same list with one of the groups listed as "allies" on their site. I guess we will continue to smoke our stuff alone ;)!!

Yeah, no kidding. Nazi Europe doesn't sound very pot-friendly, man. Puff, puff, <cough>, pass

True...not very pot!Puff!Pass!

Another one bites the dust....either I go on a recruitment campaign or we just keep sharing our weed among a smaller community ;).


: )

Nova Rascia!
Long time, no see! I'm not nearly as active these days, but if you would be so kind as to allow Indecline to rest in Green Weed Militia it would be greatly appreciated!
I hope all is well with you, hope to hear from you in the near future.

Puff puff pass!


Welcome Indy....mi casa es tu casa. I guess most of us aren't nearly as active these days. Puff puff pass! N.



puff puff pass.

Welcome back fellow stoner.

I used to be in the marijuana militia; it's nice to have a tribute region for it. Good memories

In appreciation for opening our embassy, breakfast is on us:

**Sets up a table of muffins, butter, jam, pancakes, bacon, ham, scrambled eggs, strawberries, Hershey's kisses,coffee, tea, and hot chocolate**

*Sends you a diplomatic cable*