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Welcome to Northern Utopia; founded in July 2017, we are an independent roleplay region for all.

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As general conversations/OOC messages are not encouraged on the roleplay RMB, please join our Discord server (link above) for discussion!

Queries or concerns? Contact The Soviet state of Svalbard, Nordic Democratic Republic, or any other member of our management team by telegram.

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Regional Power: Moderate

Northern Utopia contains 80 nations, the 207th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Insurance Industry in Northern Utopia

The World Census posed as door-to-door salespeople in order to establish which nations have the most extensive Insurance industries.

As a region, Northern Utopia is ranked 8,874th in the world for Largest Insurance Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Community of Team TriadInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Founded by three great leaders, We shall never fall!!!”
2.The Commonwealth of AstareyCompulsory Consumerist State“Onwards, fair Astarey!”
3.The Republic of Moon FruitCapitalist Paradise“La Croix is fine I guess.”
4.The Rogue Nation of Saudi IsraliaIron Fist Consumerists“Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”
5.The Incorporated States of Arrettrez Holding CompanyCapitalist Paradise“Live rich. Live short.”
6.The Kingdom of AstlermanopernestonaNew York Times Democracy“From Many, One”
7.The Commonwealth of ArwindomMoralistic Democracy“Free, Fair, and Firm”
8.The Democratic Commonwealth of The KohenCorporate Bordello“A dictatorship's best weapon is secrecy.”
9.The Exalted Empire of Feng DynastyMother Knows Best State“Crowned Phoenix, Gracefully Soar!”
10.The Constitutional Monarchy of The Great DividersIron Fist Consumerists“Enslavement TO Humans”
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Northern Utopia Regional Message Board

Bracnhland Radio

The Radio comes to life as the nation's most popular radio station tube starts okaying.

Christian Richards: "Hello everyone. It is me, Christian Richards hear today to make an announcement. After today the Branchland Radio will no longer be playing."

People around the nation's would actually be concerned and listen in, many thought this was some sort of joke or went ahead and thought it was shutting down.

Christian Richards: "Now I want you all to look at your televisions. All of you quickly." They do so, and that's when unanimously every working TV turned on to reveal multiple people at a long desk. "Because we would like to announce the start of the Branchland Newshow!" There would be a yay sound effect with some party stuff being set off, one of them, a guy, would climb on top of the desk and start doing a dance. One of the others joined him in the dance while the other three stayed seated, one of the girls would giggle while the other rolled her eyes, the man in the middle would be unfazed. "You head that right, from now on we will be giving you news live from the screen of your televisions. As for the radio we are still trying to figure out what were doing. Now everyone introduce yourselves."

Emily Pine: "Hello everyone I'm Emily Pine!"

Maria Steelwood: "I'm Maria Steelwood."

Jonathan Mystery: He would jump down and sit back down in the chair. "What up I'm Jonathan Mystery!" He says before the last one, who was obviously Mark backflipped and fell on his back, before getting back into his chair laughing.

Mark Myers: "And I'm Mark Myers. Ah my back!" He says trying to calm down his laughter.

People around the Territories would laugh at the antics of Johnathan and Mark, the kids especially.

Christian Richards: "Alright now onto the news! The Spruce Forces have released their Gen 5 Protectrons, which they basically toon all the old ones, took the good parts about them, and slapped them together into the new machines. Durable, can go long distances or time without using much energy, has weapons systems. And the best of all they now look li-"

Mark Myers: "They look like f*cking animals!! Theres deer, alligators, hawks, hell I think there's even a few buffalo!"

Emily Pines: "You think they will be selling some none weaponized ones as pets?"

Mark Myers: "I hope not! I want a Crocodile with rocket launchers!"

Christian Richards: "Yes. Anyway lets move over to you Maria."

Maria Steelwood: "Thank you Richards. The Dark Oak and Maple battle has ended with the Maple clan winning and taking large amounts of land from the Dark Oaks. This is a embarrassment for the Dark Oak and also there may or may not be some problems starting as the Maple took more territory than they should. But I guess it all comes down to the Oak Clan and what their leader says."

Jonathan Mystery: "Also reports from the Junglewood Clan. Turns out our contact with the scout machines have been lost, now they and the engineers of Spruce have to work together to gain connection back to the Scouts."

Mk: "Probably off drinking a martini or something."

C: "Not sure how that would work, but they where given programmed intelligence."

E: "Well even machines need breaks from time to time."

Mi: "Or they have been broken, or breaking."

J: "You are on beautiful ray of sunshine aren't you?"

Mi: "What did you say to me?" She says looking at him with a very angry yet happy face. Jonathan continued to smile at her.

C: "U-uh yeah that's all for right now folks! Tune in for the next report!" And right before the video cut out they could see Maria attacking Jonathan and Mark and Emily trying to stop her.

As the sun rose over the dark sea off the coast of Etsuyoki the city filled with movement. The people of the city moved in the wide boulevards covering the sleek metal in a ocean of business suits and briefcases. Near the Kjanuan Trade Ministry building, which made up the entirety of the governmental plaza in the city, a second story coffee shop overlooked the morning rush. The wooden interior made the shop feel like a colonial coffee house from the era of Trondelang, and its minimalist decor furthered the design. The cafe was empty minus a few tired employees and Shimada Hirohisa who sat on the balcony drinking a coffee and reading a paper copy of the Etsuyoki Times.
The calm aura of the cafe was broken when a flustered group of scientists being ushered in by a group of guards. Few looked prepared for the meeting, less seemed happy about it.Hirohisa, seeing the group of disgruntled scientists, got up from his chair to speak to the crowd. He signaled to the guards to leave, who quickly grabbed the employees of the cafe and took them outside. The room was silent until Hirohisa spoke up. “As the National Reclamation Project has succeeded in its primary task, we have now entered a new stage of our Project.”
“Yeah,” a person in the back interjected, “It's time for our vacation. Why did you force us to come here, Shimada?”
“Funny joke Wei, but now is certainly not the time for relaxing. The National Council has employed the Project to carry out preemptive measures in relation to Kjanuan security. As we speak Unit 2 is being launched from a base off the coast of Iathar, our contacts in the Kjanuan public administration, Grenopia, Candor, and the occupation of Frontera are spreading word of a Jezabelstienian submarine, the procedure should be carried out entirely without a single problem before sundown.”
“Excuse me but what are we doing?” Min-Ji asked.
Hirohisa chuckled, “My apologies I forgot to explain that when you arrived! The National Reclamation Project was asked to carry out an attack on Svalbard, specifically Illstiv, in order to weaken any chance of an act of aggression by the Svalbardian military. Our data shows that the military of Svalbard relies on a computer network known as ‘Markus’ that houses all of their military strategy and planning. The guys in the Technology Council have developed a program that will upload the data stored on the Markus database to a computer network in Grenopia where we will access it in private. The program is also supposedly able to destroy the network following the upload. The program was installed on Unit 2’s computer and will be installed to a markov network using a drone on the Unit following the destruction of the military base it is housed in.”
Min-Ji tilted her head, then stepped forward and spoke in a rush of questions. “There's no way this goes well for Kjanu. Why are we attacking Svalbard when we have no history with them since the Revolution? Will they not see the Kjanuan words on Unit 2 and pin it on us? What about finding our spies accessing their military data in Grenopia, Markus surely can upload its position in Grenopia. How do you account for this not getting out, especially after the rumors of Unit 1 we have found in Miotia and Jadefall?”
Hirohisa responded forcibly. “This plan was not made by a fool Min-ji, we have painted over Unit 2 to appear as Jezabelstienian script and emblems, and when it is done with the attack it will return to the base in Iathar, that is why our contacts in nations across the coast are creating the narrative of a Jezabelstienian launch. The computer network in Grenopia is secure and our forces there are trained to work with the code of Marcus before they change the location again. This plan has no possible way to fail.”
“Well I guess so, I just don’t understand why, why we have suddenly moved away from trying to keep Kjanu as inconspicuous as possible to this path of grandiose ways of accomplishing goals we don’t even have.” Min-Ji spoke with a determined anger, and turned around and walked to the back of the crowd. Other people in the crowd parted, but most looked forward with a cold face.
Hirohisa responded, knowing that Min-Ji would not listen, “You are welcome to think that, your position in the Project grants you that privilege, but this decision goes far beyond this small group. You are all expected to be on call for the rest of your vacation. The feed of the beasts acts will be shown when we return next week. You are now dismissed.” With that Hirohisa returned to his balcony seat, and began reading his newspaper. When none of the scientists moved Hirohisa waved them off, and they suddenly burst out of the tiny cafe and merged with the bustling crowd below. Sung-min stood at the wall inside the cafe, staring at Hirohisa with daggers in her eyes. The man noticed her watching him through his peripherals, but continued to focus on his paper. “Hirohisa,” Sung-min said, defeatedly, “I don’t think the Council asked for this.”
Hirohisa continued to read his paper, ignoring Sung-min’s observation.
Grand steel doors jutted out on the underwater cliff off the coast of Iathar. The doors slowly opened, and the dark murky water flowed through the doors into the darkness inside. Suddenly a large metallic snake shot out of the complex, extending far from the complex before its tail came out and the doors closed behind it. At its front, a group of three glowing orange eyes stood on the top of a gaping mouth that went deep into the metallic serpent’s long body. Inside the opening was segments of spinning walls that roasted rapidly with force, and at the center was a small white orb. The outside of the body was covered in a segmented purple shell, the bulky armor covering the sleek body of the beast. It swam deep below the surface, fast enough that it rippled through the water as it moved north.

Post self-deleted by Kingdom Of Houston.

we here at the palace are quite happy about the region we are in we have read the board and decided to give putting a message on the board maybe one day we could expand but that would be mean and against the religion of the Golden Eagle

Arwindom wrote:Rossendam, 18th June 2020.

Greetings, Thodor. Welcome to Northern Utopia.

Our Ministry of Foreign Relations has examined your nation and although it was just recently founded it seems like it could soon become a valuable ally and trading partner.
With this, we kindly invite you to perhaps have our representatives meet either in Thodor or in Arwindom to discuss possibly exchanging ambassadors and perhaps signing one of these Pacts.

Even if you decide that perhaps aligning with Arwindom is not in your best interests we wish the best of luck to your nation and your citizens and do sincerely hope you'll enjoy your stay in Northern Utopia.

Minister of Foreign Relations,

Andrew J. Beckford.


On behalf on the nation of Thodor I would like to thank you for your generous offer to join a pact. My advisors and I have discussed whether or not we should be part of a pact. The parliament has voted in favor of such a pact however as the final decision is the responsibility of the King in this country, I have reviewed the terms of each of the pacts and have decided in favor of participating in such a pact. I believe that a pact between our two nations will be beneficial for both of our people.

In my opinion each of the pacts is very beneficial and I ask you if I can join all the pacts. I believe it could bring prosperity to both of our nations.

Thank you very much once more for your generous offer to join a pact,

King Patrick VII

OOC: I was busy for a few weeks so I wasn't able to log in often or be online for long otherwise I would have answered by now. Sorry.

Greetings, people of Northern Utopia.

We are the people of Selyania, our nation has been recently founded on the south of this region. A great war happened in our homeland and we were forced to leave it in search for a new, peaceful place to live in, thus finding ourselves here.

We are not yet familiar with the current situation in this region and we do not have accurate data on the location of other states in this region. We wish to establish the borders of our country and ask you for an approval.

National defense council of Selyania.

Post self-deleted by Andersss.

Dear people of Northern Utopia,

The nation of Andersss was founded by the survivors of a destructive conflict, giving birth to our new, proudly socialist country.

Similar to Selyania, we have found ourselves in relatively uncharted territory for the nation and request some guidance and assistance with the fellow nations of Northern Utopia.

Thank you

[7/3/2020, Port Novoda Harbor, 2:00 PM]

"Everyone, you know why you are here."
The platoon commander addressed his group with a quick nod and a statement, the rest in formation and silence. They stood within the top floor of a local internet cafe, with a busy first floor below. While they could hear, a majority was required to have earphones or earbuds in for unspecified reasons and were ordered to remain entirely silent, communicating through hand signals until the meeting up top was complete.
At the bottom floor was Hannah Garcia, taking in the quick signals from those around her, and while the brew she got was slightly less sweetened than she ordered and had ice, it was still passable. Somehow, the sleep she had been denied last night caused her taste in quality to dip dramatically, and while this was the joint she preferred, the new protocols in place for this specific joint didn't necessarily seem... orthodox.
"You all have been chosen based on your experience in the field of spying to capture and retrieve a great enemy of the state. Recent studies of the vessel itself and the crew assigned to it via talks with Jezabel officials and satellite imagery show that your target is indeed within the United Socialist States of theNordic Democratic Republic. exactly where they are is unknown, but we know that they are blending in with USSNDR citizens. As a precaution to not incite the wrath of the World Union, you are not permitted to fire your weapons unless under the worst possible circumstances. Tranqs, Silenced pistols, forged IDs, and aliases have been provided to you all for the sake of maintaining privacy. Your suits have a primed explosive that will detonate should your heart rate halt completely, destroying all evidence of our arrival. I do hope that all of you understand why we must take these measures to stop these dangerous individuals. While they may first grimace at your sacrifices, they will soon find happiness in what you are doing. By sacrificing international barriers, you are bringing violent individuals to justice, ensuring they will harm nobody else."
With that long statement, the commander raised his fists in the air, beckoning for his spies to do the same, and with a collective shuffle, the group got into formation, fists raised in the air.
Single file, they began the descent down the stairs.
"Is the meeting done?" Hannah thought to herself.
After her quick thought, she got up to deposit her trash before a long line of soldiers in black suits trampled over her comparatively small body, none of which looked back, all of which quickly shouted "Sorry!" after their feet met her legs, torso, or chest. They moved as a unit out the door, quickly turning the corner to the docks, and began to board a massive ship, destination known, and motives unknown.
Hannah picked herself back up, despite her many bruises, and possible fractures as the crowd around her simply stared onwards, occasionally sipping at their coffees, or nibbling their biscuits.
"Nice... crowd." She declared, ironically. Despite her sad attempt at humor, the extreme pain she was experiencing at the moment caused her mind to drift a bit, as the shop owner called an ambulance, and his assistant grabbed the AED as Hannah passed out.

[Meanwhile, in Dornuma]

Dornuma was never a welcoming place, with higher intoxication, crime, and unwanted pregnancy rates than anywhere else in the country, as well as an all-but crippled economy, all-but halted trade, and extensive job wage displacement favoring richer white men. A true stain on a far more enlightened nation, trapped in a state of constant bankruptcy, with extreme crime stealing whatever power the city once had, and with no help from the central government, thanks to laws prohibiting the use of federal funds in the provincial-level government, things were on a constant decline.
There was only one thing holding the people of Dunova's capital together, and that was hypernationalism.

The nation of Dunova once held a respectable portion of land in Western Corlenia. It may have been a simple client state of the Kudian Empire, but it was granted a level of autonomy before the Empire was defeated after the Corlenian Patriotic War. Afterward, the nation was in a state of full autonomy, and with full control of the Lingos River, it had a powerful trading grip on the area, and with the fall of Imperialist Impeck, the nation was granted a period to prosper, and the culture, wealth, and power of the region were enhanced indefinitely, despite Dunova's relatively small size. However, a border dispute between themselves and the newly-founded Corlenia quickly flared up into a minor cold war, and without support from the outside world, the Dunovan economy quickly collapsed. Like that, the young state was annexed into the Corlenian Union without the slightest bit of dignity or pay. Ever since then, the province of Dunova lost a vast swathe of northern land to the new Corlenian province of Kudia, land that was vital to mining, agriculture, and trade to any region aside from Impeck, that now controlled the southern half of the Lingos River, and after the nation went quiet, quality of life inside Dunova quickly plummeted, unemployment and homelessness reached an all-time high, and the population count fell drastically as civilians moved East for new opportunities. The remainder, too poor to move, or too rich to care, was left with nothing but their hatred at the Corlenians and whatever they stood for. Flags were burned, naysayers were burned, and effigies were erected... and subsequently burned. To the government's lack of notice, a new revolutionary movement was growing in their most extreme province.

The entire province declared lockdown, under the ruse of an extreme protest increase. The people talked in the streets as the snow began to fall as yet another winter rolled in. The second they saw the governmental outsider, they sprung into action as he roamed the streets, searching for someone, carrying a suspicious briefcase, a look of animosity plastered on his face.
Suddenly, two little girls snatched at his arm and began to pull as he stumbled onto the brick road of the city's historical, his head smashing against concrete. Blood dripped from his ear and nose, and he vaguely noticed the silhouette of a fellow government official approach him from across the street, sidearm brandished. The two little girls rolled him on his back as the figure pressed the revolver against his head, as the girls detached the briefcase from his hand.
As he laid there, blood still splattering to the bricks below him, the figure above him quietly whispered "Corlenia's time is over. For once, we will let them know what we have felt for the decades we've been alone in our sorrow." He pulled down the hammer, and finally noted, "Those once considered friends must receive no mercy."
Finally, the explosion and ringing of the bullet flying through the late Checker Orov Benson's brain rattled the city down to its core, and a crowd of enraged Dunovan elites cheered their support of the death of the heretic who now lie dead upon Iron Street of Dornuma's Historical district.

I must say the natives seem to be restless someone has repealed basically everything we voted on in world assembly. Couldn’t help but notice the lines through the words on the page.
That’s kinda aggravating that we can hold a vote and someone repealed it to undo days for voting. This is why governments never get work done now days. In the pages of the world assembly everything I could see was repealed I laughed then thought that’s probably one person doing all that. Good day people of NU May your glass be full and your stomachs full.

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