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Arwindom wrote:The Arwindom High Command went from being “slightly bored” to “a wee bit annoyed” after the sound waves started reaching the Commonwealth. Mobile sound screens were deployed along our country’s borders to protect its citizens from the hardbass heard from behind the mountains, and the 8th Flak Detachment has withdrawn from Corlenia after running out of earplugs.

The Commonwealth urges Neyde Spears Kingdom, Kendrickland, Corlenia and Feng Dynasty as well as all the other participants of the Great War of Annoyance to take part in a peace conference that will take place tomorrow in Niessen, Arwindom.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Commonwealth.

Neyde believes this to be an excellent idea, and will be attending

AusValia, New maxatopia, and Arwindom

Post by Kendrickland suppressed by a moderator.

Arwindom wrote:The Arwindom High Command went from being “slightly bored” to “a wee bit annoyed” after the sound waves started reaching the Commonwealth. Mobile sound screens were deployed along our country’s borders to protect its citizens from the hardbass heard from behind the mountains, and the 8th Flak Detachment has withdrawn from Corlenia after running out of earplugs.

The Commonwealth urges Neyde Spears Kingdom, Kendrickland, Corlenia and Feng Dynasty as well as all the other participants of the Great War of Annoyance to take part in a peace conference that will take place tomorrow in Niessen, Arwindom.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Commonwealth.

The Feng Dynasty shall attend this conference.

AusValia, New maxatopia, and Arwindom

Arwindom wrote:The Arwindom High Command went from being “slightly bored” to “a wee bit annoyed” after the sound waves started reaching the Commonwealth. Mobile sound screens were deployed along our country’s borders to protect its citizens from the hardbass heard from behind the mountains, and the 8th Flak Detachment has withdrawn from Corlenia after running out of earplugs.

The Commonwealth urges Neyde Spears Kingdom, Kendrickland, Corlenia and Feng Dynasty as well as all the other participants of the Great War of Annoyance to take part in a peace conference that will take place tomorrow in Niessen, Arwindom.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Commonwealth.

After drinking upwards of 700 gallons of Feng bubble tea, Kaiser Omega has finally decided that it would be best to end the "Great war of annoyance and trolling". Corlenia will attend this peace meeting ASAP.

AusValia and New maxatopia

It is delightful for us to hear that so many nations have agreed to send their delegates to the Niessen Peace Conference.

Arwindom’s Ministry of Justice and Emergency Services has proposed to invite one of the members of the North Utopian Government to preside over the negotiations to ensure the latter’s fairness and validity. We would like to hear the participants’ opinion on if that should be the case and who they would like to see as the Conference’s main judge, as well as the opinion of the North Utopian government itself. Perhaps there are any volunteers?

Rossendam, 18th November 2019.

The Commonwealth of Arwindom’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

AusValia and New maxatopia

Kendrickland wrote:Queen Anna Kendrick presented President Williams with a personalized copy of her memoir, Scrappy Little Nobody.

Queen Anna Kendrick also announced that the Kendrick-Jamestown Hotline will be established.

The Kendrick-Jamestown Hotline is a system that allows direct communication between the leaders of Kendrickland and AusValia.

"Queen we graciously thank you for such a prized posession. I am a great fan of all things historical with great meaning."

Kendrickland/AusValia State Trip

At the treaty signing, the two leaders met in a garden, surrounded by beautiful plants and trees, showcasing the Kendrickland culture.

"I want to start off by thanking the Queen and people of Kendrickland for inviting us to your great country. The treaty we sign here today will not only help a countless number of people in both AusValia and Kendrickland, but will also create further peace and prosperity throughout the region. Should there be any doubt of the accomplishments two nations can complete together, let that mindset be gone today."

Domestic News:

Even with the President away, he has not stopped his pursuit of criminal justice reform. Press Secretary CJ Craig, stated, "The President is seeing fit that the Legislature will work with us to help millions of AusValian citizens stuck in a failed justice system." The President is trying to pass a new bill which would allow for people who are found guilty of their first none violent drug related crime to go to treatment before jail time is considered. The bill will not cost taxpayers any money, the typical two million spent on one prisoner of a first offense drug crime will go in rehabilitation rather than jail.

City-to-City News:

Cantera is dealing with it's fifth day of torrential rainfall, plaguing the city with rising flood waters. Currently 58 inches of rain water has fallen, closing over a dozen major roadways and closing many parts of the city. So far one person has been killed while driving down a flooded road. The National Weather Council said the rain should taper off tomorrow, bringing some much needed relief to the area.

Kjanu, Soust Calica, Greshimprea, New maxatopia, and 1 otherKendrickland


1.4 Million troops-
600 Genetically modified super soldiers, members of the Special Operations Unit(Conejan Knights).

2.6 million reserves.

15 Million paramilitary troops.

Bastion class Tank- 25,000

Paladin class Tank- 8,000

Ravager class heavy Tank- 5,000

Azure class light Tank- 40,000

Portador class troop transport- 2,300

Scarab class Tank- 8,000

Fuego class Heavy Artillery tank-

Titan class battle mech -50,000

Goliath class siege vehicle -620

Hover bikes(work using high power air jets, like small vtol engines)- varies from 500-1000

Standard issue weapon- YK/67 Combat Rifle or STELLAS 89G Submachine Gun.

The Elite battalions of 4-9, 201 and 226 use YK/86C Rifles instead, along with improved armour and training.


1.2 Million personnel-
Over 80% work outside direct combat, as engineers, radar operators, maintenance staff, designers and other staff.

12% work as non-pilot in roles like cooks, medics, mechanics, tacticians and other staff.

Of the 8% (96,000) left, 10,000 are trained combat pilots, 12,000 work as pilots and gunners on B-22s, B-24s and B-25s. The other 72,000 are part of the Huronan Paratrooper Regiment.

J-45 Raven(Jet)- 5000
J-46 Skystalker(Jet)- 160
J-47 Hawk(Interceptor)- 1700
J-48 Hellcat (Bomber)-180
J-50 Diablo (Bomber)-40
J-55 Paradigm (Stealth)-25
B-22 Vespa (Small Gunship)-800
B-24 Wyvern (Large Gunship)-12
B-25 Griffin (Dropship)- 16

Total Aircraft- ~8000

Standard issue weapon- IG-4 Pistol


700,000 Personnel-
10,000 Imperial Marines

AQUA-1 Destroyer- 55
AQUA-2 Cruiser- 200
AQUA-3 Battleship-18
AQUA-4 Leviathan-4
AQUA-5 Aircraft Carrier-7
Bronson 45L AAV(aquatic assault vehicle, like ones used in d-day if you’ve seen saving private ryan ) - 1200
Mariana 67.X5 Submarine-33
Imperium Æternusflagship- 1
Total ships- 1518

2 Rail Guns and a large laser cannon are fitted onto every AQUA-4. The laser cannon is a carbon dioxide laser that can cut and heavily damage metal objects such as ships or turrets.

Standard issue weapon- QE/9 Pistol


120,000 Personnel-
55,000 officers, 65,000 Staff, the likes of office workers, Janitors, secretaries and Prison Guards.

Riot Shields
Electro Stun Batons
Riot Armour
CIV-09 Armoured Transport
Crowd Control Drones
CIV-06 Troop Transport
CIV-05 Patrol Car
Hover Bikes

Standard issue weapon- TZA/5
Stun pistol. Non-lethal.


80 Nuclear Weapons
2000 EMP missiles(uses nuclear material to generate an electromagnetic explosion on impact.)
Biochemical weapons- undisclosed amount
5 Orbital Strike Satellites. For clarification these satellites launch missiles from orbit and are in LEO.

20,020,000 Personnel.

Read factbook

Just a quick overview.

AusValia and New maxatopia

Post self-deleted by Kendrickland.

Post self-deleted by Kendrickland.

Frettablaði November Update

An election was held on the behest of former Prime Minister Bjerkan and the party quickly after his resignation, which heavily favoured former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Eleise Birchwood, who will then continue her work as acting - and now de facto - Prime Minister of the USSNDR. Few changes were made to the cabinet, with the most notable being Birchwood's pick for her Minister of Foreign Affairs, renowned author and veteran Ronja Svartskog.

Polls show that the people are generally hopeful for the new Prime Minister, and have few doubts about her abilities. Having held the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs for six years, and having sat in Storþingi for three years prior, she has had time to establish herself as a competent politician. Being 34 years old, Eleise Birchwood is the youngest Prime Minister to have served in the history of the USSNDR.

The county reform has been completed. The new counties of the USSNDR (and territories) from north to south are as follows:

The reform focused largely on cultural and lingual similarities and differences, and used old borders as pointers. This reform has sparked some controversy, especially among the inhabitants of the counties formerly known as Bygðilanði (Bygdelandet), who do not see much reason to split the county.

"We never considered the Norrbygðingunnin to be any different from us, and we really struggle to see the point of this split," said Ingjerd Åsadottir, mayor of Tyrsbukta, and representative in Bygðiþingi.

A cruise ship got caught in a storm off the coast of Vestermark, near the island of Granaholm, and had engine issues that threatened to render the ship unable to escape the skerries they were floating towards. After recieving their SOS, two nearby tankers attempted to drag the ship to safety, but one of the tankers met the same fate, which turned an already dangerous situation into a dire one.

After five intense hours, rescue teams were able to evacuate the passengers off the ships, and the issues with the cruise ship's engines were temporarily solved, giving the ship the ability to steer away from the skerries, and wait out the storm. The tanker was pulled away, and is currently anchored in Honningsvåg. The cruise ship is anchored in New Leningrad, and the passengers were given plane tickets to return to their homes. We doubt they would be interested in travelling home by ship any time soon!

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Corlenia wrote:After drinking upwards of 700 gallons of Feng bubble tea, Kaiser Omega has finally decided that it would be best to end the "Great war of annoyance and trolling". Corlenia will attend this peace meeting ASAP.

President Ostrav encourages Corlenia to stay strong against these global tyrants!

Post self-deleted by Kendrickland.

SC forces have pushed back heavy against the SCG is district 12 who have made numerous promises for increased attacks globally. President Naballa has attended multiple security meetings on the issue, but it doesn't appear to be credible at the moment. Even more pressing is the attempted assassination of President Naballa by a lone gunman. The man was quickly caught and eliminated by the state. Naballa has great fears of what will come about his country if the security concerns are not met.

New maxatopia

Soust Calica wrote:SC forces have pushed back heavy against the SCG is district 12 who have made numerous promises for increased attacks globally. President Naballa has attended multiple security meetings on the issue, but it doesn't appear to be credible at the moment. Even more pressing is the attempted assassination of President Naballa by a lone gunman. The man was quickly caught and eliminated by the state. Naballa has great fears of what will come about his country if the security concerns are not met.

If assistance is required in this conflict, Corlenia is willing to return and bring down the SCG with the help of Naballa of course.

New maxatopia

Post self-deleted by The Kohen.


Hello everyone!!!!!!!

I'm super excited to be here and playing this game. This is my third time giving NS a try, but I feel great about getting involved! I'll spend tonight and tomorrow reading through your boards to get caught up on what is up in the NU!!!

So my nation is based off the Handmaid's Tale! I'm in love with that show and wanted to try my own spin. So we are a sister nation of Gilead (The name of the new United States) and we are trying to do what they did. Don't worry I won't copy from it, but it will all be based on it. So so so. What is next..... um yea I guess that is it. Ready to roleplay along and yes I know I gotta get on discord. I'll download it on my computer when I can.

United Kuzikstan, Hurona, New maxatopia, and Arwindom

New maxatopia

At a major bill signing, President Sanchez has signed in new child protection laws. "This will ensure safety for our most prized posession." The law will mandate more care from parents and give more money to the CPS to ensure cases are fully investigated in a timely manner.

Edokyuuria ruins, Edokyuuria Crater, New Senate Terminal
SSS 11th branch, under TW-1/Yotsubishi Heavy Industry Eastern Branch
“Sense anything?”
Graf askes Tatiana who walked out of the elevator first.
Zhengzhu askes, very confused. But she was told by Graf to be quiet as Tatiana listens with her eyes closed.
A faint, mechanical but rapid mechanical sound was getting closer and closer.
Its crawls were almost perfect in pattern of the next, making it difficult to identity from environmental mechanical sounds.
Tatiana opens her eyes, stares at the intersection in the distance.
She replied to the Graf, before the group could react, Tatiana had already taken out and assembled a shortened version of the wz 35 anti-tank rifle.
“What did she-”
Mingyu asked but she was interrupted when Tatiana fired with on knee down, not once, three times.
The shells reaches landed on a black and white masked slender mechanical humanoid on all four with sharp claws that had just crawled into the target range at an unbelievable speed. Piercing and destroying the white mask of the crawling android.
“A Ravager…. ”
Graf muttered as he leads the other three clueless fengese out of the elevator while Tatiana provides cover.
“What the hell are those things!?”
Mingyu askes, disgusted by the horrifying designs of those defense mechanisms.
“Those are the United Kingdom’s new toys to replace us.”
Graf answers, loading armor piercing rounds on his G36. Taking a look around, seeing another door perpendicular to the elevator shaft. He signals Tatiana the place to retreat to.
“Don’t let those things get close to your, they’ll literally turn you to sashimi without clean cuts.”
Graf explained to Zhengzhu as he leads the three to safety.
“What about the kid!? Are you just going to leave here there!?”
Lianxin askes Graf.
“Turn around and look at her.”
Graf replied without looking back.
Lianxin turned around and saw what the foundation so call anomalies.
Dodging the swinging knife like claws, Tatiana stabes and pulls a sharp shard of unknown material she had brought with her. Cutting open the crawling horror one by one, while her wounds heals.
“Just what is she…”
Lianxin askes.
“The protagonist of a tragedy.”
Graf answered vaguely leading the three out of the area, leaving Tatiana behind dealing with the mechanisms.
Walking passes the empty hallway, hiding from different classes of ‘Aragami’ the four takes a break at one of the storage rooms as Graf looks at the documents Akima provided.

"我说什么了? 都跟你说别穿你那大长袍了." (what did I tell you? Don't wear your full robes!) Zhengzhu whispered in rapid-fire mandarin as she hurried down the hallway with the others.

"都说过了" (I already said) Mingyu moaned "这是在我衣柜唯一的正式袍" (This is the only formal robe I have)
"朝廷要把生珠安放在大圆基础-" (Is the Imperial Court going to put the Lifestone in the Dayuan Foundation-)

The other two slightly shook their heads while making sure the two in front were not looking, and even though it was slight Mingyu got the message. They looked around at the storage room. Before them were three bridges, leading to a platform that hung on empty space. As Mingyu craned her head over the edge, she saw the bottom vanish into a veil of darkness. Graf was checking a phone-like device. He looked up. "There appears to be no radiation here."

"Sure that Tatiana girl is ok?" Mingyu asked.

"She'll deal with them." The four hurried on one of the bridges towards the platform. There, upon a table, was a red stone. It was about the size of a clenched fist, seemingly glowing from within. It shimmered now and than, red stars danced across.... no. Within. Red stars danced within the stone's surface. From it emanated power, beauty.... and life. The four, slightly stunned, stopped for a moment, gazing.

New maxatopia

Corlenia wrote:If assistance is required in this conflict, Corlenia is willing to return and bring down the SCG with the help of Naballa of course.

We also stand with Corlenia in offering our support to help with the SCG (Soust Calica) We want it known that our nation stands with President Naballa

Lake Perseverance wrote:(OOC: I figured what with the general lack of substantial RP, and the sheer number of presidential candidates in this election, it might be worth it to ask everyone some questions. They're mostly related to campaign promises, and hopefully this will be useful for everything.

Current list of tickets:
Representative Party: Feng Dynasty-Serpenteum
Jezabelstien-Meridian commonwealth
Constitutional Panoptical Union: United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor-Rikura

Aus-Bhaya promises: Keep the region great, have a legislative plan and productive cabinet ready from day one, make the region: active, engaged, powered by prosperity
Rep. Party promises: Keep the region great, act instead of speak, listen to the people's criticism and advice, make the government listen, make the region welcoming
Jez-Meri promises: Bring direct change to the region, make the change a light touch, ensure own accountability, shake things up
CPU promises: Stop the government from overlooking laws, make the government actively supportive, no exceptions to laws, make NU just and fair.

My first question is: what parts of NU are great? This sentiment was expressed by most of the candidates, so I'm curious to hear the differences between their thoughts on this.

My second question: where is the current government failing? Likewise, I see this text or subtext in all of the campaign posts.

My third: what laws, if any, will you field? If you're not changing or adding any laws, why not- and what will you do with the current laws?

My fourth: most candidates expressed a sentiment that people aren't engaged enough with the government. How do you plan to change this?

My fifth: what outside of the government needs to be changed? Are there specific problem children in the region, or is something else happening?

My sixth and final question: how will you ensure fairness?

I would prefer that the responses to this post be sent by telegram, so candidates cannot look at a candidate who responded earlier's response and directly attack that. Responses will be posted when I have all of them.)

Responses, by question and by ticket:
Jezabelstien responded, "Northern Utopia is... troubled, while the ideal of total acceptance is a noble one it has led to in past holding onto elements which are either unwilling or downright hostile to the idea of a community, often cluttering or outright attack people with no real depth or reason.
These same people seem to have a resistance to establishing any kind of accountability, while I do agree on the statement that judging people by outright quality of posts is a troublesome path to take, simply ignoring the problem like we've done to this stage has led to several negative events and the near dissolution of the region."

Miotia-Candor responded, "The fact northern utopia has a majority community contributes plotlines and stories into the RMB, instead of pointless wars is probably the most unique culture this region has."

Feng Dynasty responded, "The Northern Utopian has many good points that allow it to stand above all other regions. Firstly is the style of realistic roleplaying, making a stimulation of the global political arena and allowing all a taste of the political world. Secondly is the rather well organised government, many of the regions I myself has been to did not have governments that were organized to this degree. Thirdly is the usually friendly community, with many willing to give advice to improving roleplay arcs."

Ausvalia responded, "The truly amazing thing about our region is how close many of us are to each other. For many people, this not just a place to roleplay, this is a place where we talk with each other about struggles, our hardships, and our successes. Most people feel comfortable to discuss with one another, to vent to one another, and even when we fight, most always return. I have been to other regions and I can safely say, without a doubt, this is a rare and truly treasurable thing about our region."

Jezabelstien responded, "From an external observation, the government as is isn't failing... it isn't really succeeding either, the lack of transparency and blind faith in the system has led to issues persisting for months due to the lack of an internal consensus on action, my own answer to this is being able to function as a tie-breaker with a dedicated moral core and a strong voice to hopefully coax the less aligned parts into a cohesive course of action.
On top of this, while stating everything about the internal deliberation is a little daft and can colour moods, saying nothing accomplishes nothing and breeds discontent."

Miotia-Candor responded, "While we do not wish to restrict one's creativity and artistic sense. We cannot judge these without bias as humans. However we also want the region to stick to its original theme, therefore, a massive reclassification of roleplay arc must be implemented and enforced, and taught to new members. Older anomaly themed nations must also follow the Roleplay Regulation Act seriously. There have also been multiple cases of exceptions being made for older nations.
Suppression of posts makes the community questions about what defines godmodding. It's a complete failure of enforcement. Heavy and detailed reclassification is required. The heavily detailed classification does not mean more restriction, in this case.
We have these laws but they don't seem to be enforced on everyone. Which caused multiple outrages within the community."

Feng Dynasty responded, "In my opinion, and hearing the opinions of others, there are some laws in which the government does not enforce. I know, it’s Miotia-Candor’s point too, but I agree with it. There are also several loopholes which I feel are not being patched up.
The government also should assist in roleplayers to improve their arcs, instead of suppressing or ignoring their posts. The current government also appears to be idle, with a lacking in passed legislation. These are the problems of the current government, in my views and after listening to others."

Ausvalia responded, "I wouldn’t say our current government is failing. USSNDR and Kohen are great leaders and they have left some big shoes to fill. They have succeeded in keeping things well here. Is there still more to do? Absolutely. We are not finished growing and there is still work that I feel needs to be done."

Jezabelstien responded, "Getting some kind of established actions in play for dealing with the problems I previously presented, increasing transparency and ideally placing people more accountable for what they post, unlike most I do not feel silencing people who are new and unaware of how things work, no matter of intent, will accomplish anything.
In saying this, there are people who have made themselves known for resisting or downright ignoring the greater community, which raises the question of why they decide to remain in particular, all potential reasons I can muster generally speak ill of the person or point to a lack of any social drive, which leads back to the question of why they remain, letting them go is regrettable but they would be better served elsewhere among more like minded souls."

Miotia-Candor responded, "We've been pushing for the Roleplay Organization Act, which is by far we believe the most effective anti-godmodding solution. This law is to 'prevent' both godmodding and minimize human judgment on posts. By reclassifying them into types, making questioning of the guilty easier to identify their type of post, and enforce according to rp types. Same with the currently existing laws such as Roleplay Regulation Act, we will revisit the act if we find it to be too vaguely defined."

Feng Dynasty responded, "Miotia-Candor’s roleplay law seems to be promising, and I would support and add the law. A law that obligates the government to assist newcomers would also be pushed."

Ausvalia responded, "My term will be focused on two different aspects of the region, roleplay and the server. I will be looking to create a council of experts on various fields, creating an overseer of special events, and working with Maria to pass her map bill which will greatly help our map cartographer."

Jezabelstien responded, "At first, probably a lot of metaphorical shouting... failing that a more comprehensive awareness about the effects of governance, failing that... more yelling, there isn't a lot to do beyond bring attention to what is important, though the method remains to be established."

Miotia-Candor responded, "Additionally, we also plan on pushing a notification law that will prevent voted laws from immediately taking into effect. These voted laws must be a public announcement by both telegram and RMB, to notify current members of Northern Utopia on what date, this law will be activated. If these laws are realized, the community will follow, and it also shows how active the government is.
Currently, we're planning for a 5 days delay for newly passed laws to be active."

Feng Dynasty responded, "The people will be encouraged to give suggestions and advice to the government, by DM if they wish to be anonymous, and all suggestions will be considered seriously. Frequent polls on satisfaction of government is also planned. We will also make the government more transparent."

Ausvalia responded, "I have served in the RA for two terms, and I agree that government engagement is lower now than when I was first elected over one-hundred days ago. I believe engagement starts from the top, this is not a critique on the current administration, this is my opinion and my plan for helping to fix this issue. I have planned out a great cabinet of people who I believe are engaging and can help us grow in motivation. By being active, by being leaders, this will encourage more people. Just look at this election, in the year I have been here, we have never had more than one candidate for office, and now we have four. The motivation has jumped dramatically and we are seeing great things already."

Jezabelstien responded, "As stated before, there are people who for one reason or another, don't want to engage or better themselves and I don't know why they choose to stay, excising problems and ideally presenting a more positive image of the region without these troubling people souring prospective new members."

Miotia-Candor responded, "The Roleplay Organization Act will regulate the RMB equally. Same for other laws, they apply to everyone no matter who they are, no exception. In other words, just as the party's name suggested, a panopticon. We will reshape these 'problematic individuals' through heavy enforcement. There will be no room for an argument if everything is written and properly enforced."

Feng Dynasty responded, "I feel that many of the discord rules are ignored and not enforced, and that whenever something happens the moderators are not there. I believe that the rules should be more enforced, and that moderators become more active or more moderators appointed so there will be an increased likelihood of a moderator on hand whenever matters blow up."

Ausvalia responded, "I don’t like the phrase “problem children”. We are a great melting pot of different backgrounds and opinions, and sometimes those get challenged a lot. I will stand very strong against bullying of any type, and will fully respect that golden rule within our server. I will hold myself, and everyone in my cabinet to very high standards, we will be leaders each day of our term. I will not stand for people who only look to pick fights, but that being said, I respect everyone’s opinion and as a family, I understand fights will happen, and that is okay; however there is a fine line between arguments amongst friends, and those who only look to divide."

Jezabelstien responded, "Fairness can often feel arbitrary, we're all unique but I imagine there is a unifying spirit within everyone who cares, we want the best but how we reach it is the biggest and most prominent cause of inaction, as such while I plan to be more assertive as a leader, I chose my second to be a foil in all regards.
If the plan holds out, we'll have a more engaged community willing to accept actual compromise for the betterment of all, opposed to people stonewalling out of the fear that action may have negative consequences.
So ideally, with my VP and council established we'd still listen to any and all complaints, allowing those in good faith to be discussed openly both in the government server and outside of it."

Miotia-Candor responded, "By the book, no exception."

Feng Dynasty responded, "To make roleplay fair, Miotia-Candor's Roleplay act will be pushed as I believe it would lead to a fairer, and more entertaining roleplay."

Ausvalia responded, "Everyone will be treated equally throughout my administration. In role play, I will have a council of experts in every field that can support the Internal Affairs division. This will help to prevent any feeling of attacks when posts are suppressed. Within the server I will be working alongside our moderators to ensure everyone is familiar with the server’s rules and regulations, so when a problem arises, the person can be shown the expectations. I want to work with newer members as well as our senior players, to ensure everyone knows and understands what is expected. Lastly, I will always be open to anyone who has a question, comment, or concern. I am always here to listen and help, and you will always receive honesty and openness from me. "

The Ministry of Justice and Internal Security of Arwindom has announced that the Conference will start as soon as its president is chosen.


OOC: Quite a major thing here (for me and some of the nations)

Hello all. I've RPed in Northern Utopia for quite a while, beginning sometime around page 690, and have continued for a good time. It is the case however that I have become less and less active, and within the last two months have not been active at all due to education and other factors. I do however wish to come back to the friendly, creative, and intriguing community of NS, and so will do so, however as another country so that I can do something new. I may not be very active but I hope to at least be relatively consistent, at LEAST weekly reading through. As such it will be the end of Sierlatala and Telada.
Thank you for all the great times. It would be amazing if someone could be so kind to just give a rundown of any major events (I know there's a lot), such as really major nations that have left or entered, any global wars, particularly important treaties/world union laws, or any major trends such as nuclear disarmament, ecological collapse, or financial crisis.

Not OOC anymore (this will make more sense to those who have seen my previous posts):

Within five years of the Community of Sierlatala being declared, it had achieved it's goal of full independence. However this had come at a tremendous cost. The initial independence campaign lasted around six months, being followed by a six month period of negotiations. This led to a peace which was to continue to see internal conflict in the wider geographic area of Sierlatala, with the Community fighting the Sierlatalan Revolutionary Front, Inviski militias, and other competing groups. Telada meanwhilst continued to be plagued by a stagnating economy, which was only propped up by expensive government investments.
These became unsustainable as two unfortunate factors coincided, a major generational group of 65-70 year olds was going into retirement, whilst there was also yet another incredibly poor harvest due to a drought and two brutal storms in the western grain basket. Before long, a coup was launched, placing the previous finance minister into the role of High Marshall. The previous High Marshall was sentenced to exile for failing to achieve the true potential of the great nation of Telada. Along with a few loyalists, he went to the city of Reulensk, a major city in the area of Sierlatala but not under Community control. There he solidified control of the Reulensk local government, until his untimely death due to pneumonia.

The New High Marshall was left with dire prospects, and within three weeks of the coup, the most recent Nuclear Reactor built by CentreStructure suffered a critical accident, leading the reactor to go into meltdown. The Fallout from this, both literally and socially, as well as influence of a regional financial crisis led to revolution. Although the revolution seemed promising for a new democracy, the infighting amongst politically divided groups, old state corruption, and a military crackdown led to the revolution only achieving to place a new, left wing marshall. Telada has subsequently changed from a Federation to a loosely linked Confederacy, plagued in some areas by radiation, in some by a stagnant economy, in some by debt, and in others with unrest. Telada continued this decline, before various regions were either annexed almost unopposed, or declared independence.

Sierlatala continues to trade yet overall keeps to itself. Experts predict that a low birth rate will lead to it having to take more state control of life or higher levels of immigration, which will undermine the faith and ethnic based unity of the Ostriv people in Sierlatala, permanently changing its culture, within as little as 10-25 years.

The sky sunk into a deep orange as the sun set along the sea. The seaside town of Kin was full of movement as the gulls flew and the waves crashed into the hard concrete walls of the waterfront. The town itself lit up the sky with the radiant glow of millions of homes and stores, the stars lost in the brightness. The streets were empty, houses too. Propaganda posters depicting a new workers utopia flew alone in the streets, scuttling like ghosts along the sea floor. The city was filled with noise, circulating around the central square of Kin University. In the large green space surrounded by the concrete monolithic university buildings, thousands of students crammed tightly together. They bonded together and yelled unmoving, singing songs about the worker and the capitalist.

The aura of celebration ended, when over the campus announcement system it told them to make way. The doors of the northern Geography building opened to a cramped line of emptiness through the student mob, revealing a shriveled man. His clothes were bloody and ripped, his skin bruised and beaten, his face unrecognizable to all but his students who still chose to forget their association. He was dragged along through the path by his shoulders, surrounded by members of the Campus Guard, students who saw the man yelled at him, threw shoes, and pushed through the crowd. The Guard held the mob off to lead the man to a stage, where the head member stepped forward.

“Before the citizens of Kjanu we now bring forward Lin Wei, a reactionary scholar who has confessed to lying to the student body of this university and studying reactionary science.” The student body raged like a swirling wind as the guard began. “We have found evidence supporting his confessions, and have decided to bring the traitor before us, trial by the people.” The crowd began to yell out, proclaiming the man nothing more than a parasite on the state. “Before a verdict can be made, we must allow Lin Wei to defend himself.” They then began a lengthy back and forth with the professor, attempting to ask him to recant his anti-Kjanuan teachings. It was likely an attempt to save the teachers life by the head guard, but the man didn’t take back his word.

He continued to proclaim anti-Kjanuan ideals, stoking the crowd into a blaze. Soon, the guard gave up, and gave the crowd the go ahead. The guards walked off the circled stage as the mob swelled forward. Like a wave, the frenzied mass of students crashed onto the stage, and with them fell the educator.

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