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McNamara Civil Security Solutions Factory break-room, outskirts of New D.C.

“Oh Congress, my head is killing me.”


“I said my head is killing me!”

“Oh... why?”

“I dunno. I guess it’s probably just my sleep schedule.”

“What, Staying up later than normal playing holo-tapes again?”

“Nah nothing like that. Lately I’ve been having intense nightmares.”

“Nightmares? About what?”

“Really weird stuff to be honest man... like, the other night you and a couple of the others out there kept trying to throw me into one of the machine belts.”

“What? Really? Why would you be dreaming stuff like that?”

“I dunno man but it’s getting to the point where I have nightmares every night, and each one is always worst than the last.”

“Maybe you should go see a psychiatrist dude. That stuff doesn’t sound normal OR pleasant.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah man. I think so.”

“Eh maybe your right.”

“I know I’m right. Anyways, my break is over in just a minute so I’m gonna go ahead and get back out on the floor. I’ll see you out there man.”

“Yeah... see you in a few.”


It's finally time for the biggest & most classical event in Northern Utopian ice hockey! We're almost at the end of the 4th season, we've seen amazing games from all national teams & now it all comes to the end, as Serpenteum is hosting the NUIHF Championships!

Today will be seen at least all the Group A games, so stay tuned!

The NUIHF championships are being played in Velvetia, Serpenteum. The championships start from group matches. the 12 teams will be put in 2 groups, called Group A and Group B. The 4 best teams from both groups will continue to playoffs. the teams placed in 4-5 will face against each other and the 2 winners will get the 4th place. the teams in 6th placement will fall to Division I for the next year.

Host Coutnry: Serpenteum
Teams: 12
Date: 1st April 2020
Venue 1 (1 host city)


North Electrica
Nordic Democratic Republic
Serbatijan empire
United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor
The Soviet state of Svalbard


Group A
North Electrica
Nordic Democratic Republic
Serbatijan empire
Serpenteum (HOST)

Group B

United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor
The Soviet state of Svalbard

---- FIXTURES ---


North Electrica

Nordic Democratic Republic

United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor

The Soviet state of Svalbard
Serbatijan empire


United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor

Nordic Democratic Republic
Serbatijan empire

Bronze Game

United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor
Serbatijan empire


Nordic Democratic Republic


Read dispatch

Neyde Spears Kingdom wrote:Top 5 TF2 characters who have sworn

In a SISN helicopter at around 500 metres above sea level over the Old Lake Sea
"So you're telling me the plan is to paradrop from this helicopter on top of the ship; somehow not get noticed while doing that, mind you; then wait around inside the ship for a whole week at most until we get a chance to jump these guys that have nabbed the ship?" The incredulous Mikhail was sat on the left side of the helicopter alongside Liaku, while Darnia (who had just gone over the plan) was positioned opposite.
"Listen, if you make it sound stupid then of course it sounds like a suicide mission - we're just going to sneak in, get the hostages, take out the thieves, then sail the ship home: that make more sense to your small brain?"
"Doesn't make anymore sense, and it doesn't sound any less ridiculous"
"Ugh... what do you think Liaku?"
"...Hm? Oh right the plan, yeah sounds brilliant, yeah yeah"
"...You haven't been paying attention to any of what I've been saying have you?"
"No no, I have, just not 100% attention because I've got to pay attention to this too" he indicated towards a small hand-held gaming console in his hands. Mikhail looked over to it and rolled his eyes.
"I've half a mind to report you for all these weeb games you play Liaku"
"Uh- look it's not a weeb game just because it's different to what you play alright?"
"It totally is a weeb game- just look at it Darnia!" Darnia then proceeded to lean across the length of the helicopter to get a glance at the game he was playing, only for it to be pulled away from her after only a few milliseconds of looking at it. That was all she needed to confirm what Mikhail had been saying however; so she put a hand on Liaku's shoulder and looked at him in his eyes.
"Look: your secret is safe with us ok?"
"But it's not- oh for goodness sake..." Liaku then proceeded to sulk in the corner as no one talked for the next few minutes until the pilot of the helicopter then made an annoucement.
"We will reach the drop-off point in around five minutes, please make sure you are all ready as I'm not going to be here to pick you up if this goes down hill fast"
"Thanks for the update Mr.Pilot-Man" Mikhail said jokingly as he prepared himself for the mission.
"I have a name you know" The pilot then leaned backwards and was talking directly to the three in the back of the helicopter instead of talking through the microphone. "It's-"
"Yeah, don't care" Darnia said as she closed the window on the poor pilot, leaving his words to be heard by no one save for himself. Liaku threw a disapproving look at Darnia after this.
"I mean, that was kind of rude"
"I am kind of rude"
"You know what, fair enough"
Another few minutes passed and the three agents were fully prepared; simply waiting for their target to come into view. As it did, a thought passed through Mikhail's mind
"You know, where're we going to put all this stuff we've got on when we land?" Darnia put on a pondering expression at this comment. "You have no idea, do y-"
"I will know when we land"
"So you don't know?"
"I am going to know, capiche?"
"Why do I put up with this..."
"Oi, enough jabbering, let's get on with this" Liaku then appeared from the corner as he usually would, startling the two bickering agents.
"R-right, yeah let's get on with it"
"Y-yeah, let's go"


One paradrop later; and two agents on their toes, while the other was very frustrated and making no attempt to hide it.
"Dude: come on I'm carrying far too much - why did you make me carry all of this!" Mikhail was stomping around the deck of the ship noisily while pointing an accusing finger at Darnia - that was until Liaku came over and shut him up.
"Ay, remember we are undercover here, and you throwing a temper tantrum isn't going to help anyone here now is it? Are we clear?" He then glared down at Mikhail who tried to return the glare but was just a tad to terrified to manage it.
"Y-y-yes sir"
"Excellent; Darnia, where to next?"
"Down below, I know these ships inside out from my old Brastillia War books; they keep lodging rooms downstairs for the sailors on board - that where we'll hide"
"Surely the thieves will be there too?"
"If there were a lot of them, maybe; but there's only three so they've probably taken all the best rooms up top" She then cast a look up and saw three silhouettes bickering about something in a room far higher up than the deck. "And that just confirms it. Come on, let's go"
She then led the two other agents below deck to a series of rooms lined up back to back.
"We should all probably stay in one room to stop us getting ambushed individually - the rooms are made for three people each in any case, so it should be good"
"There's like, what, 500 rooms in here, could we really not go to separate ones?" Liaku was complaining about Darnia's decision, and although Mikhail would normally join in, Liaku apparently had made him lose the ability to moan about things for the rest of the day.
"Look Liaku, being able to play those games of your's privately is not an excuse to have your own room. Plus..." Darnia was tracing the wall looking for a specific room number in the sixties. When she found it, she immediately followed up with "Nice" and went in. Liaku took his own look and groaned.
"You are honestly a child - you know that?"
"Yep, and a smart child at that"
With that, the three went and set up base in room 69 to wait for their time to strike.

New Horizon Program

City Expands, Construction Continues

After the pass year and a half since the city of New Horizon was announced, it was seen as more of a dream or an image of the mind. Now the city is taking shape, the city center can be seen with a massive hexagon surrounded by z number of skyscrapers, a few oddly designed yet manages to be structurally sound. Surrounding this are hundreds, if not thousands of buildings going through varying amounts of construction progress, many are small buildings that was selected Zones for buildings, some where other skyscrapers , Union Projects (Multi-Group Construction Deal), or massive buildings for varying uses.

So far almost every chain of shops and entertainment has purchased their own spot in the city, currently leading is the Gaming industry, which has taken their own Section(!) of the city, this fact has many interested and many apparent gamers has began to put in their purchases for homes in the area. Along with this 'Gamer Rise' there is a massive building in construction named the "Donut of Knowledge", which is an absolutely MASSIVE building surrounded by blass, and it's creators are saying they want it to be a Library/School/Laboratory hybrid. It is.... ambitious to say the least, but there has been growing support on social media. Also in major news Valrassari architects and Engineers have also come forward and has began construction of their own area in the city for Valrassarri buildings, dubbed Quad Towns, which they plan to have it walled off with a multitude of ornate gates.

Artificial Growth

In the Northwestern part of the city a AI/Machine organization calling themselves the Ragnarok Collective have purchased a large area of land to construct massive forges and factories, their leaders have stated that these buildings will be used in helping Artificial populations grow in number, assist in the developing and building of new bodies, and increase alloy production. Surrounding each building area is a planned out city area for the AI population, all focusing around the Forge and Factory. This has caused many red flags to go up from many people as the entire design seem to be suspiciously connected, but the RC assuresd that such designs are necessary for their people.

Military and NESDEC Interest

Like companies, the military has found a grown interest in the city. Claiming the city of it's size would lead to it being a target, almost the entirety of the Southeastern-Eastern side of the city has been planed to hold a large military complex, what was once a massive open field and swampland turned into a pit mine as the complex is planned to be one of the biggest military installations in NE. Other than this a number of military recruiters and AA cannons are being installed throughout the city limits.

Meanwhile NESDEC has been negotiating with city leaders to construct a launchsite near the city and also what they call: "A Planetside Shipyard", both which will involve spacecraft being transported in launch, and so far negotiations continue.

International Opportunities?

With the large amounts of new buildings and multiple organizations, there has been the rising question if there should be an International area for the city, the idea for a specific area for foreigners has never been explored, but has intrigued city leaders. The construction of a number of airports have begun and City leaders has reached out to different nations to see if they would be somewhat interested in adding their own buildings to the city.

And with this a large group of buildings are in the final stages of construction, these buildings is going to be a new Helios Coalition site in NE, and currently the government has called other members of the Coalition to meet to decided on the future of the organization.

Idea's Cancelled

Originally the city was supposed to have an underground level, but with complications and large amounts of people buying land for their buildings, so the idea was scrapped, along with a few others, but the founder of this city Natasha Oro has stated that: "This city was planned to be a place where engineers and architects of all kinds could come and show of what they can do, I am happy that this city has managed to grow so large and drawn the attention of so many. I envision the day when this city is complete and will stand as a shining beacon of the people, a message that who you are is the most importing thing to be, not what society says you should do."

Message from the Northern Utopia Electoral Commission:
Registration for the 17/04/2020 Presidential and Representative Assembly elections is open. If you wish to run, message me via Discord or telegram me. Please ensure if you are running for president you include your Vice President in the message. Please also include your party affiliation (you can also run as an independent).

I will be standing in the presidential election with Nordic Democratic Republic as my vice-presidential candidate.

Below are my immediate aims (basic reasoning provided in the bracketed sections):
- Abolition of the RA as an elected body and reduction of its power by a little (elected members are often not particularly active and may not have much to say)
- Replacement of the RA as we know it with an appointed body of an undefined number of members, with as many members of the region as possible being invited to apply and a standard process being applied to decide which members should be allowed in (allowing a larger number of people to vote on issues might serve to make decisions less controversial and more community-based, with at least some people engaging in the process)
- Abolition of established cabinet roles with the exception of IA secretary
- Replacement of usual cabinet roles with a number of unnamed administrative officials chosen by the leader, with responsibilities distributed as the leader would like (the idea here is to make sure important responsibilities don’t end up in the hands of an inactive secretary and can be moved around at will to reflect changing circumstances)
- Allow cabinet members to be members of the new replacement Assembly (restricting it otherwise only forces the government to recruit people who have no experience or who aren’t interested)
- The creation of a guidebook for new and existing members with a paragraph of medium length to describe each nation and faction (a well-written introduction to the NU universe; I talked about this last year in the government)
- Finding a more permanent solution to recruitment and the activity issue
- Simplifying the language used in laws and providing short summaries of no more than a couple of sentences for each law EDIT: a few sentences for each law
- Beginning some form of short story contest to be held in the coming weeks (just a sketch of an idea here)

If you'd like to know more, please contact me here or on the Discord.

- Grenopia


Hello all,

Another region has reached out to us about interregional roleplay, The United Regions Alliance. This is something we have looked at and we wanted to allow anyone who wanted, to participate.

They do all of their roleplay on their Discord server and they do not have a focus on nation roleplay but on Nation States Roleplay, i.e., making legislation for the World Assembly. As a region we are not joining them, but if you wanted to get involved I can send you their invite link. This will not require you to leave the NU, as it is all on Discord.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

I have decided to run for president for the region, with Neyde Spears Kingdom as my VP.

I love this region, I have been in this region since I started roleplay on this site. And as someone with ten years of roleplay experience, I believe I can help this region grow and become better. Ten years has taught me many things with roleplay, and I want to use them here. From my point of view, the main issue we have in this region is activity, or the lack thereof. I believe the main issue is no one truly knows how to get involved or what to get involved with. And I have a plan for that. Monthly events for roleplay. The idea has been kicked around by others but, I'm willing to implement it. The cabinet and I will discuss ideas for said events till we have a few to choose from. Then we'll ask the RA to vote between them. Not only will this give people things to join into, but it will give the RA greater purpose.

But the issue with activity isn't just not knowing what to join. It's also not knowing our limitations here. And that's why I also strive to make clear limitations for people. For many it feels like they're walking a tightrope everytime magic or advanced science is involved. So we as a government need to figure out what everyone can and can't have. But an emphasis on realism AND fun. No one should have fifteen carriers, but we also shouldn't limit someone to a bare minimum. I as president will strive to give people the roleplay experience they desire, to become more active, and with more activity we can even attract others to our region. A vote for me, is a vote for activity and fun above all else.

OOC: I’m running for President. One of my ideas is to replace named cabinet roles (e.g. Secretary of Public Opinion) with generic official positions. But why?

This might sound a little drastic, but there is logic behind it. In many previous governments, one of the largest problems presidents have faced is trying to assemble an active cabinet and keep it engaged and focused. This isn’t an attack on cabinet members; having been very inactive at points in my NU life, I understand that life can get in the way (regularly) and that we can’t expect perfection from each government official. That said, there are things we can do to make sure our government services do not suffer as a result.

I will abolish all named cabinet roles (with a slight exception, discussed later) and replace them with a number of generic official positions. The president will distribute responsibilities to these members as they would like and will have the authority to change who holds which powers at any time, allowing them to respond to circumstances which might make a cabinet member inactive or less active than they previously were. It’s not a drastic change, and a cabinet of some form will still exist; it’s simply a way to prevent extreme, almost unnecessary activity in certain areas of government and no activity whatsoever in others.

In order to ensure that there is a definitive figure of authority on roleplay matters, however, the position of Internal Affairs Secretary will remain (although roleplay powers may be granted to other cabinet members).

We are not removing aspects of the government - we’re just changing them slightly so that they appear less officious. It will always be clear who has control over what (and who you should contact if you need to).

An example:
The President chooses an IA Secretary (nation A) and three other officials to work in their government (nations B, C and D)
They might decide to give nation B (who is one of the most active) privileges over polling, embassies and welcome telegrams
They might decide to give nations C and D, who are not so active, work to do with exit telegrams
Say nation B becomes less active during the term; to reflect this, the President may redistribute their important privileges to more active officials

Another benefit of this is that it removes significance from the government and its political game and adds significance to the real tasks of administration and work that we have to do everyday in order to keep a roleplay region running well. Throughout my presidency, I want to make the government focused on day-to-day necessities rather than the pomp of ‘Secretaries’, Assemblies and unneeded regulations.

I have much experience in writing and editing legislation and I can certainly affect the vast changes required to existing laws to make this policy a reality. The legislation will be simple and easy to understand.

Another of my ideas is to replace the current Representative Assembly (which is elected). But why?

If elected, I will abolish the current Assembly: elections to the Assembly will cease. Instead of an assembly of 5-7 elected members, there will be a rule-creating council of sorts with many more members. There will not be a set number of members; any member of the region will be able to apply (including cabinet members but not including the President) to join, and we will seek to allow as many people into the group as possible. A fair and public process will be created to judge who can join and who cannot, taking into account length of time in the region and previous offences, amongst other things.

I believe the current Assembly is not fit for purpose because it frequently includes completely inactive members. They should not be making decisions on roleplay rules that affect all regional members. I want to allow as many people as possible to vote on ideas for new rules; there will also be more opportunities to bring up your own concerns and ideas. The new ‘assembly’ will still vote on new rules.

There is no obligation to join, although I will heavily, heavily recommend it to all members. It is not a job. It will not take up much of your time. You might be asked to vote yes or no on a law once in a while - and you are free to be as engaged as you would like - but that is all.

This will make sure that the people who will be affected by the rules will get to have their say on the rules. The government will help to guide new members who have not been involved before and would like to be. Hopefully, conflicts between members will become less frequent as a result of having a place to air concerns and there is the added benefit of a larger and possibly more active assembly.

Government work should not feel like playing a government simulator game that is completely unrelated to the region itself; allowing active members to make more decisions will help us to achieve this.



Conservatism creeping in.

It has been known or rather set in stone, that western Denmarkians and Eastern

Denmarkians are two completely different Peoples, and it is true, both ethically and ideology

wise, it has never to be seen that the East’s influence been able to spread, with its wide

containment from the rest of the nation as a whole. It is therefore that the unprecedented rise

of conservatism in the west is such a shock and surprise.

The last poll which polled each individual's ideology had the West being more progressive at

around 79% with conservatism being 21% while the East was 83% conservative and 17% progressive.

The latest numbers should worry the more progressive President Mikkel Hansen, as his

main voting group is progressive, and seeing it shrink should make him worry a great deal.

The latest numbers on East and West are the following;

West; 53% Progressive and 47% Conservative

The East; 87% Conservative, 14% Progressive,

The huge bump in the amount of conservative voters may be directly pointed at the enormous

spending spree the central government has been doing, with the budget being around 2,3

Trillion DKK, and whilst many of the projects intended for good, for example, the Road

project, there are several confusing ones, like placing 2,500 fountains in cities, to make them

more ‘’pretty’’ is obviously ridiculous. However, what people may have thought the

enormous budget might’ve contained, like the school budget, or road maintenance, is

completely absent, and many other essential things, it is therefore that many want to hold

the budget in place, and remove unnecessary things, and spend that money on useful tools.

With the election back on the menu, more stories like this are surely going to be on the plate.

OOC: I’m standing in the presidential election.

I have detailed my ideas on increasing government activity in RMB posts already. In order to increase regional activity (roleplay, messaging etc.), I will aim to do the following things.

1. Run contests; for example, a fortnightly short story contest with each contest surrounding a particular genre.
2. Run regular polls (probably twice a week).
3. Lead by example. Inactivity is a spiral; if members see that there are no posts, they will be less likely to post. In order to promote RMB posting, government members will be asked to post regularly (as I will be doing) - this may appear artificial, but it’s an easy and effective step to take.
4. Send recruitment telegrams again. This is surprisingly effective but of course costs money; myself and USSNDR will be working out a permanent plan for sending telegrams and financing them in future. Regardless of who wins the election, I will of course contribute to the purchase of regional recruitment telegrams. Our recruitment telegram plan will be complete by the halfway point of the term (in around a month) if we win.
5. In order to ensure all of this happens quickly, I will publish a timetable for all of the government’s ideas and programmes within a day of assuming office.

Regular events and a growing population will combine with a more active and community-based government to increase activity. Obviously, we’ll need the help and commitment of members to make it work.

Population Growth Encouraged?

After an recent announcement made by the ECPER (Electran Council of People, Economics, and Research) has stated that from now on, with the massive abundance of food and wealth that has been stockpiled in NE, it is now encouraged for people to start growing their families and for new families to form. Such announcement was questionable to say the very least but to accommodate this new living standard has been set for all inhabitants where at base families of different sizes can afford and live in larger and more luxurious housing, large amounts of food and other necessities.

This news came with positive response, although slow as it was strange to many. But there has been reports as many more families are moving into newer and better housing and bringing in more revenue, and from this lots more couples are deciding to get together and create new life. If everything goes to plan the ECPER has a rough estimate that by the next 5 years our population could double, but only time will tell.

Outside of town

A small group of people where unloading lots of equipment and containers, all working on a large machine. After awhile armed individuals came over and spoke to the workers, and with an exchange of words they all put on facemask before they activated the machine. From it a stange gas was released into the air, and the wind allowed it to flow right into the town nearby. They all stared as the gas came over the city and settled in it like a strange fog, before they turned away and left the area, letting the machine expel the loaded in gas until it emptied and exploded in a small and slightly quiet explosion.

Post by Astarey suppressed by Feng Dynasty.

I'm running for president but not sending in a telegram. If I'm on the list I will destroy the planet

The Garden: A Game of Grace
“Come now, you have a few strands loose.”
Jinyuan’s mother fussed over her hair, tucking it delicately back to the ensemble of buns and knots that graced the top of her head. “Our Luo House is an ancient family, though alas fortune’s favour was not always by our side. You are our only child, Jinyuan. And our only hope too. At the Palace there will be the chance to turn our fortunes for the better.”

“Indeed.” Her father said. “The wealth, power, and future of our family depends on you this spring.”

“You need worry naught, my Lord Father and Lady Mother. I shall reclaim our family glory.” She smiled. “Fear naught, I shall take good care.”

And so she left the gates of the Luo estate with her parent’s words close at heart, and rode in a carraige through the towering Palace gates. At each birth of the new spring, the noble families: families of courtly officials and the in-laws of the Imperial Family, send their sons and daughters who passed 16 to the Yongan Palace of Taijing for the length of a moon’s turn for the Ensemble: a tradition dating back many dynasties. It was where the young men and women of the nobility found love, and with luck, marry at the coming of adulthood. Due to this, many give it an alternate name: the Game.

She joined the large assembly within the sprawling throne hall, where the aisle in the centre and the throne’s high dais was the only spaces clear.
“Jinyuan?” Someone called. “Could it be?”
She turned to see her school friends, waving at her to come. She hurried towards them, taking care to hold up her trailing robes. “Lixin? Chunxing? Could it truly be you?”

“Of course, who else?” Lixin said.

“You two are here for the Ensemble?”

“Of course, none of us can miss this occasion? There are many good chances just floating within our reach.”

“Indeed.” Chunxing added. “An unmissable tradition. Oh, by the way do you know Fengxian?”

“Of course.” Jinyuan replied. Fengxian is president of the student council in her school, the Imperial Academy. “What of her?”

“Turned down eleven confessions last Ensemble. Many were of great and rich houses too, and handsome…. We think she is hoping for one from that haughty son of house Yu.”

“Him?” Jinyuan scoffed. “Does she not understand that her hopes are in vain?”

“Her ears were closed to all reason, it was said.” Lixin sighed. “A proud man. He thinks himself too exquisite for any odd girl. My, I’m starting to think that he aims for Princess Jia herself.”

“Princess Jia knows better, thankfully.” Chunxing told. “Stubborn and brimming with arrogance, I heard that he boasts of his confidence of becoming heir to the Yu household. I do hope his parents are wise and grant his brother the honour-”

“All hail Her Imperial Grace, Empress Taihe, First of Her Noble Name, Ruler of the Feng Dynasty, Lady Protector of the Hua, Lakvar, Manzhu, and Nanyue, Daughter of the Dragon, and Wielder of the Blessed Mandate of Heaven.” A herald sang out.

“Let us talk later.” Her friends smiled and waved before they knelt with the rest of the crowd, their skirted robes swirling in the air.

Empress Taihe herself stepped forward to the harmony of bells and drums. Her Imperial Robes trailed seven feet and her hair was elaborately and gracefully arranged, studded with a garden of gold and emerald flowers. “Please, arise.” She urged when she reached the throne and turned to face the crowd. The Empress waited until the sound of moving feet ceased before going on.
“The Ensemble is an ancient ceremony, a tradition of finding love within the halls and gardens of the Imperial Palace.” She smiled. The Spring hails new growth, and the blossoming of romance for it to bloom with the peonies.” She straightened a collar. “The Yinchun Palace will be your stay, and servants to see to your every need. Wander the gardens, laugh within the halls. Spring is the season of flowering, each flower a beautiful work of art. You are the wanderer in sprawling garden, and each person you see in this room is a flower in full bloom. Look around, smell the perfume, and pick one that stirs your heart. Choose with care, and choose with thought. But do not tarry long, or the flowers will wilt and fade away as time runs away.” She nodded. “I thank you all, please do enjoy yourselves within the Imperial Palace.”

They knelt in answer and stood for the Empress’ exit.
“The Ensemble is also called the Game, did you know that?” Lixin asked.
“I do” Jinyuan answered.
Lixin smiled. “The Game of Grace, it is called. A game of the hearts. It shall begin as soon as the last of Her Grace’s robes slide over the threshold of the hall. Who will you choose Jinyuan? How will you play? And when you found one that stirs your heart, how will you achieve your goal?”

Jinyuan turned to the doors. There was the entourage following the Empress. Within the forest of feet, she made out the thick silk sliding out of view. It fell from the threshold with a soft murmur.
The Game has begun


Just wanted to touch base with everyone!

Hope you are well and staying healthy!

If you need anything, even just someone to talk with feel free to reach out. Also do not forget election day is fast approaching with some awesome choices that will further the NU.

OOC: I’m standing in the presidential election.

If elected, I will work with members of the government and volunteers to create a document containing a relatively brief description for each nation. Each description shall be simple enough for new members to understand but detailed enough to satisfy older members; the hope is that new roleplayers will be able to interact with older and more established members easily. Not every nation will be included in the first volume, but a fair process will be used to decide which nations are and which are not.

Key facts will be listed, including international allegiance (for example, to an organisation such as the World Union). A description consisting of a paragraph or two will be included also. Because this project could take a fair amount of time to complete, my government will aim to complete the first version at the end of the term (in around two months). The idea is that future governments may update it, creating new volumes.

The descriptions will be short and will not encompass every detail of the law, but will cover the basics so that members can have a secure understanding of the rules. Here is an example.

The Judicial Affairs Act

- The Attorney General decides which cases go forward to the High Court and must tell the person who requested the case whether their case will go forward or not.
- The Attorney General also represents the government if the government is involved in the case.
- The High Court makes a decision on a case in the courtroom in two days (Justices vote at the end).
- Punishments are decided by the High Justice and executed by the Attorney General.
- Possible punishments are as follows: formal warning, temporary RMB ban, ejection or a permanent ban.
- If a member has joined the region in the last 14 days and commits a minor roleplay offence, the maxmimum punishment is a temporary RMB ban.
- Unintentional government misconduct can only be punished by an official warning, although the President can still fire the official involved.

If you agree with the policies I've detailed over the last few days, I would very much appreciate a vote for myself as president and Nordic Democratic Republic as VP tomorrow. Thanks.

Official Dispatch from the High Chancellery of the Commonwealth.

To whom it may concern,

It is with the greatest grief that we must report to you of the sudden demise of our Emperor, George IV Campbell as well as His Highness Crown Prince David Campbell, who both died earlier today of their injuries in Rossendam Royal Medical Center following an unfortunate series of events which led to the crash of flight CA-X1X, a Royal Aerospace Force jet which was carrying His Majesty and The Crown Prince at the time of the accident.

As the Commonwealth suddenly plunges into darkness, Chancellor Alexander Clifford has urgently returned to Rossendam from a conference he was attending to temporarily become the head of state in a time of great distress. An official ceremony will take place within the next days when the nation will have a chance to bid farewell to its lost ruler as well as the late 43-year-old heir to the throne. We kindly ask all countries that if they have Arwindom's state flag displayed in any manner to lower it to half-post in a sign of respect.

An official committee composed of officials from the Arwindom Air Transport Agency was formed earlier today to investigate the incident to reconstruct the course of events as well as determine the cause of the crash. Meanwhile, preparations are made for 29-year-old Princess Emily Campbell, who was 3rd in line of succession to the throne to be crowned as 12th Empress of the Commonwealth.

As the nation braces itself for some hard times following the sudden loss of its ruler, we are more than determined to press on as surrendering is not considered to be a trait of an Arwinden.

We hope for your support and understanding in these times of need. The Chancellery will keep updating the other governments of Northern Utopia on the national happenings as the events unfold further.

The Emperor is dead. Long live the Empress!

High Chancellery of the Commonwealth.

Former Vice President Susan Ross Starts Campaign

Former President Fitzgerald Grant is back in the headlines today after his former Vice President, Susan Ross, announces her bid for the Conservative nomination for President of AusValia.

"We have to keep fighting for a better AusValia, a stronger AusValia. I have the experience and the passion to lead the fight. Which is why I am running to be the next President of AusValia. Thank you!"

Susan Ross will have an uphill battle trying to remove the weight of her former boss whose administration was drowned in scandal and controversy, but her campaign says that she is ready for the fight and, "focused on nothing but a brighter future for the country."

Police Commissioner Timothy Johnson Hits the Ground Running

Police Commissioner Johnson released a statement to the press saying,

"While I have remained a low profile person the last few weeks as I adjusted into this position, I am happy to announce big developments are happening at our police stations across the country. If you commit a crime in AusValia, you are going to get caught."

New video released from the Commissioner shows a little over a quarter of a million dollars, two-hundred and fifty guns, and bags full of drugs seized by the AUS police in just the last two weeks.

"I'm going to make AusValia a very uncomfortable place for criminals to get away with what they were doing. We are going to hit these streets and we are going to hit them hard."

Vice President John Hoynes, which represented the President at this event gave his full support of the Commissioner's job,

"The people of AusValia deserve to live in a safe community."

Johnson unveiled that he has asked ever major police department to create a new set of police officers, given all the equipment they need, and to go out and do community policing.

Some residents have come out against the project, stating that it is "harassment",

"I have a son, and it makes me feel afraid for him to grow up. The police are not always fair.", Jasmine, a community outreach leader.

Meanwhile Cynthia Haynes, a local resident has applauded the crackdown,

"Keep people moving, keep them from hanging in parking lots and then you will have more people who want to bring more opportunities here.

The People First Union has came out against the new force and their new policies stating,

"This unfairly targets minorities."

The PFU has already sued the Commissioner's Office to have the program ended.

Military Captain and Outspoken Member of a White Supremacist Group Announces Bid for President

John Smith, an Army Captain in the AUS military has announced his campaign for the Conservative nomination for President, but that is definitely not the highlight of this man, rather that he is a very outspoken and leader of an AusValia White Supremacist group based in the city Tauranga.

This announcement has been met with a lot of backlash, as Smith was even booed at his own rally. But Smith said that won't defeat him from pursing his, "right to free belief."

"People act as if white supremacists are bad people because of a few who were. I don't represent everyone, but there is a lot of us who believe that everyone, including whites, deserves to be treated as equals, and we should not be afraid of who we are."

Smith says he wants to end the wasteful government spending and take care of AusValian's instead of the, "rest of the world and their problems."

Currently Smith is polling at less than 1% of registered voters.


The fourth season of NUIHF is coming closer to the end, as the Regular Season have ended.

North Electrican team was on fire for whole championships, losing only one game! Their hockey team became 1st in the regular season, meaning they're moving to Playoffs instantly! Big congrats for them! North Electrica will face Hurona on tomorrow.

Nordic Democratic Republic had a little bit a rocky start, like last year, but managed to win rest of their games easily, giving them 2nd position in Group A, and meaning they're going to playoffs, where they face Jadefall!

Airol had another great, decent season. They played very well against other teams, and managed to get to third place, and will face the team of United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor on tomorrow!

Like USSNDR, Serbatijan empiren team also had such a rocky start. However, the victory of Airol few days ago was very important for their team to get in the playoffs. Serbatijan team became 4th in Group A, meaning they're going to face The Soviet state of Svalbard on tomorrow!

Serpenteum, the host of the NUIHF Championships of this season, Played good games, but weren't great enough to get to playoffs. Better luck next season!

Iarthar's last position was little bit expected, but damn they still managed to play good games and challenge the world Champions! They managed to win USSNDR in the regular season, but it still wasn't enough, so they will be seen in Division I next year. We're hoping they're coming back soon, as they have high potential in NUIHF!

Team Jadefall was good, maybe even frightening good in the regular season, winning their all games in Group B and having the highest goal difference in NUIHF (+17)! We're having high expections for the team in playoffs.

Team Hurona, as always, finished to top 3, this time second in Group B! They had great plays and games in regular season, but they have to beat North Electrica in Quarterfinals if they want to shine more.

The Soviet state of Svalbard had little bit a rocky season. They had to even substitutes goalies at the few moments, but the team captain, Zackray Hakoen, managed to keep the motivation up and win the last, decisive game against Hurona. Now they managed to get to 3rd place and that's an open gate to Svalbard once again to Quarterfinals!

United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor had a great season, like last few seasons. Their team did very well against Jadefall, almost beating them in the first game. However, they also lost a few games, but they managed to get 4th, which means they're going to playoffs too!

Universalius had a lot of potential. They had almost an elite team, but the motivation to play almost collapsed, which almost made them to fall to last place. However, they managed to win one game, which saved the team from falling to Division I. However, we're not seeing them this time in Quarterfinals. Better luck next season!

Rikura, the newcomer In NUIHF, played really well against the big boys. However, they just weren't enough skilled to continue in NUIHF, and they will play in Division I next year. That's the place, where they really can shine!

We hope we're seeing in tomorrow's playoffs! stay tuned!

Arwindom wrote:Official Dispatch from the High Chancellery of the Commonwealth.

To whom it may concern,

It is with the greatest grief that we must report to you of the sudden demise of our Emperor, George IV Campbell as well as His Highness Crown Prince David Campbell, who both died earlier today of their injuries in Rossendam Royal Medical Center following an unfortunate series of events which led to the crash of flight CA-X1X, a Royal Aerospace Force jet which was carrying His Majesty and The Crown Prince at the time of the accident.

As the Commonwealth suddenly plunges into darkness, Chancellor Alexander Clifford has urgently returned to Rossendam from a conference he was attending to temporarily become the head of state in a time of great distress. An official ceremony will take place within the next days when the nation will have a chance to bid farewell to its lost ruler as well as the late 43-year-old heir to the throne. We kindly ask all countries that if they have Arwindom's state flag displayed in any manner to lower it to half-post in a sign of respect.

An official committee composed of officials from the Arwindom Air Transport Agency was formed earlier today to investigate the incident to reconstruct the course of events as well as determine the cause of the crash. Meanwhile, preparations are made for 29-year-old Princess Emily Campbell, who was 3rd in line of succession to the throne to be crowned as 12th Empress of the Commonwealth.

As the nation braces itself for some hard times following the sudden loss of its ruler, we are more than determined to press on as surrendering is not considered to be a trait of an Arwinden.

We hope for your support and understanding in these times of need. The Chancellery will keep updating the other governments of Northern Utopia on the national happenings as the events unfold further.

The Emperor is dead. Long live the Empress!

High Chancellery of the Commonwealth.

Update: 16th April Accident

We, Arwindens, are infinitely thankful for your support during these times of need. It has been confirmed this morning that her Highness Princess Emily Campbell will ascend the throne as the 12th Empress of the Commonwealth in an official coronation ceremony on the 18th of April. We welcome all willing foreign diplomats to attend the ceremony.

Attached below is the preliminary report by the Arwindom Air transport Association on the crash of Flight CA-X1X.

Arwindom Air transport Association - Case №312 - Flight CA-X1X (Preliminary)
This is the preliminary report of the investigation into the unfortunate chain of events which led to the crash of an RAF jet which, at the time, of the accident, carried His Majesty Emperor George IV and His Highness Crown Prince David Campbell, as well as numerous other important government officials. Nobody on board of Flight CA-X1X lived for more than 5 hours after the initial impact.

RAF flight CA-X1X was a Globetrotter 700 business jet registered CA-GIA operated by the 171st Special Squadron and assigned to perform a special flight between Horhafen and Rossendam carrying the Emperor and other important government figures to Arwindom's capital, with the scheduled time of arrival at 14:30 local time.

The aircraft took off from the Horhafen RAF base(RAFB 24) at 11:45 and the flight was the first flight of the day for aircraft and the crew. The flight's cruise altitude was conducted at FL210 on airway W144. No abnormal situation was reported by the crew and the flight continued on Horhafen Intl. ACC frequency till the time the first officer requested the latest weather information of the destination by contact with Rossendam Approach tower and then requested to leave FL210 to FL170.

At 13:55, the flight while still in contact with Horhafen ACC, the crew contacted Belmont tower to get meteorological information. Belmont tower informed them about meteorological information on time 13:55 and also mentioned that the final approach path is clear.

At 14:12 local time, 15 minutes before planned landing, the captain suddenly switched to radiofrequency 243.0 MHz (the emergency military channel) and informed Rossendam Approach that the right engine flamed out and subsequently shut off for an unknown reason and that the pilots were having significant difficulty controlling the aircraft. At around the same time, a "Spirit" RAF fighter which was escorting the flight for the duration of the trip, also contacted Rossendam Approach and informed them that a right engine flameout was sighted with the Globetrotter trailing smoke. The Spirit's pilot also reported that the starboard control surfaces were visibly damaged by the engine's failure.

At 14:14, the Globetrotter's captain finally sent out a "Mayday" call asking for an immediate emergency landing at the nearby Hadleigh Regional Airport, the ground services were immediately alerted and all incoming traffic to HRA was diverted to other airports. An additional four "Spirits" were scrambled from Belmont RAF to escort the endangered aircraft.

At 14:15, flight CA-X1X was seen entering a steep downward spiral, however, it recovered from it successfully and the captain stated that "it is becoming increasingly difficult to control the plane" and that he thought "the engine fire probably messed with the hydraulic hoses to the control surfaces".

At 14:17 when the plane was already on short final approach to Hadleigh Regional runway 22R, the right engine exploded and almost completely tore off the right elevator. At this point, the pilots clearly lost all control of the plane. The Globetrotter first rolled significantly to the right, then stabled out for the final time and then descended sharply towards the ground, with the final radio transmission being the first officer screaming "We're going down!" coupled with the rhythmic howling of the terrain proximity warning ("Terrain, terrain, pull up!"). One of the "Spirits" was forced to bank sharply to the right to avoid colliding with the falling Globetrotter.

The aircraft collided with the ground approximately 4km away from Hadleigh Regional Airport at 14:18:11 local time. The Globetrotter's fuselage was almost completely destroyed as a result of the collision. One of the "Spirits" circled around the wreck and fired flares to direct rescuers to the crash site, with the first ambulance arriving just 2 minutes later.

Four of the passengers and crew were still alive when they were recovered from the wreck, one of them being the plane's first officer who died from severe injuries while underway to a hospital and another one being His Majesty the Emperor, who, despite also sustaining severe injuries from the crash, managed to stay alive (although unconscious) for another three hours and died in Belmont State Hospital's emergency ward.

Arwindom Air transport Association Investigation Committee

Rossendam, 17th April 2020.

High Chancellery of the Commonwealth

President Williams Announces Reelection Campaign

At his hometown in Cantera, President Williams officially announced his campaign for reelection. The President is currently the only United Future Party member to run for President, a good sign that he has a majority of the party and party leadership behind him. He will, however, be running against several high profile Conservative candidates all of which have promised to win back that Presidential Palace.

Williams stated in his speech that he will be running on the great work he and his administration have already created, a wealth of new jobs and a stable economy,

"We're more than a set of borders, we're bounded by the reach of human freedom. We have mastered every moment, we have vanquished every foe. We are strong. We are prosperous. We are at peace with the world. We are, as we have ever been, the envy of every nation, the hope of all mankind, however I am not satisfied, indeed I am restless and I come before you not to speak of the AusValia we have, but of the better, stronger, more prosperous AusValia we can create together. I seek reelection to the Presidency not because of its glories, but because of its challenges. A presidential candidate owes no less to his country and he must give everything he has, everything he can give, and all he hopes for. So with pride and purpose I hereby announce my candidacy for President of AusValia."

Throughout the speech, the President made numerous attempts to criticize his soon to be Conservative nominees,

"We can sit back and admit with grave sensitivity that life isn't fair. That the less advantaged are destined to their current life and that the problems of those across the world should stay there, that our leaders are cynical and can never be an instrument of change. Well that my friends is not worthy of you, it's not worthy of a President, it's not worthy of AusValia."


Hey you! Yes you!

Want to have a voice in the government? Believe that decisions are only made by those who show up?

Then run for RA! Message Kohen ASAP if you are interested!

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AusValia wrote:OCC:
Want to have a voice in the government? Believe that decisions are only made by those who show up?

OOC: No and no

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DON'T be rude. Just don't respond if you don't want to do the ra things

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