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Hello Guys!
Let's have some news! The Monthly Tabloid Newsletter January Edition is out now! Don't forget to upvote!

January 2021|| Issue VII

The Monthly Tabloid
India Official Newsletter

Editor: Indusse
Writer: Whole India.

Editor's Desk

Dear Readers,
Due to the tight real-life schedule and planning of the 10th Anniversary Celebrations this time, we aren't having a good issue of the newsletter. I hope this will get upvoted. We will be back with a better issue soon.
Thanking you,

Quick News
  • Parliament results were announced, Hindu Puri lead election with 183 points.

  • The Aftermath of India's Diplomatic Crisis began.

  • India's Parliament Region got dissolved, the future of Parliament's assembly place remains in question.

  • Indian Army Liberates South India for the 4th Time.

India: The Way Ahead

Written by Whole India

After the whole Indian diplomatic crisis whose aftermath is still witnessed now, Few regions have said, “Growing fascism has infected India.” These regions have also pressurized many other allies of India to break relations with India. Now what’s ahead for India is the question.

Internal development is the answer. When we stabilize our region from within no one can dare to put hands on us. Stabilizing India’s judiciary is essential, and the OPAJ (Organisation of Peace and Justice) acts as a landmark in this process, however, the destination is making the Judiciary Independent. India’s new forum is in its final stages before launch, and hence, the Cabinet Secretariat is required to be established. Importantly the Cabinet Secretariat should be created before the forum’s established, but after the former founder of India National Parliament, India’s parliament, before screw up and closed down the region now the problem lies ahead is what shall be the provisional substitution of the parliament? Discord may be. And for same India needs a structured bureaucracy. The previous one ‘Civil Servants Act’ is quite ineffective and does contain many loopholes. What India needs is to correct these loopholes in a certain way.

A trust in democracy

Written by Whole India

Introduction: India's Parliament elections were quite smooth with Hindu Puri getting a wave of support. In this article, we shall be comparing the votes, vote shares and such other data.

The results and Analysis: India's election's results were quite different when we compare with last time's result.

Vote Share of the January Elections
Vote share of November Elections

Points of November Election

Points of January Elections

On the Basis of the vote share, we can analyze many things. Vote share here is the total share of points. So, it's the total amount of points given to a candidate upon the overall sum of points given. In the January election, the overall points were 1610 while in the November election, the overall points were 1441. So accordingly, Hindu Mahasabha had a rise from 9.9% to 10.6% in vote share which was a rise from 142 points to 171 points. Devarj has received an increase in vote share from 7.6% to 7.9% and hence he has an increase from 109 points to 127 points. Gadhavi has a vote share increase from 8.0% to 9.9% due to which he has an increase from 115 points to 160 points. Still, Hyperpolis and Whole India have faced a decrease in vote share. Whole India's vote share decreased from 10.1% to 9.1% but this hasn't affected his points much as he has seen a rise of 1 point from 146 points to 147 points. Hyperpolis on the other hand faced the problem as his vote share reduced from 9.2% to 7.0% and hence he saw a decline from 133 points to 113 points. Hindu Puri lead the election with a strong rise to 11.4%. The people of India have shown a good amount of trust in this senior fellow.

Key Points from the election:

  • Hyperpolis saw a over all decline.

  • Whole India has seen a decline in Vote share.

  • Hindu Mahasabha witnessed a massive come back.

  • People have shown trust for Hindu Puri, more.

  • Gandhavi has a good rise overall.

  • Hindu Ram Rajya has made a record with such high points and vote share in the first go.

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The size and structure of Duckburg varied in the works by Barks: it was adjusted to better fit the story he wanted to tell; it could vary from a small town to a medium-sized city, to a bustling metropolis. Later writers and artists most of the time also continues this tradition. In one specific story by Barks, Monsterville (1961), Duckburg was even transformed into a futuristic city by Gyro Gearloose, however it proved that the citizens were not ready for the high level of technology that the new city provided. Thus the city was turned back to its old city structure.

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