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Most Influential: 607th Largest Information Technology Sector: 628th Most Avoided: 726th Most Scientifically Advanced: 806th Most Cultured: 921st Smartest Citizens: 1,018th Highest Unexpected Death Rate: 1,020th Highest Average Incomes: 1,039th Most Corrupt Governments: 1,052nd Most Subsidized Industry: 1,084th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,174th Most Advanced Public Transport: 1,214th Highest Economic Output: 1,220th Largest Governments: 1,266th Highest Wealthy Incomes: 1,270th Highest Poor Incomes: 1,308th Most Advanced Public Education: 1,314th Largest Publishing Industry: 1,321st Fattest Citizens: 1,361st Largest Mining Sector: 1,443rd Lowest Crime Rates: 1,467th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 1,471st Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry: 1,550th Largest Retail Industry: 1,673rd Most Secular: 1,734th Healthiest Citizens: 1,857th Most Inclusive: 1,882nd Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 1,884th Most Beautiful Environments: 1,885th Rudest Citizens: 1,957th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 2,033rd Largest Manufacturing Sector: 2,096th
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Welcome, fellow nations, to Pax Britannia! If role-play (amongst other tomfoolery) is your thing, then this is the place to be! The Sun Never Sets on Pax Britannia!

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Regional Power: High

Pax Britannia contains 42 nations, the 309th most in the world.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Democracy of FlecatyaCorporate Police State“Workers of the Baltic, Unite!”
2.The High Imperium of LetteronCompulsory Consumerist State“Patria Et Victoria”
3.The Trustworthy Corporate Hydra of VelstadoAnarchy“A gun in every hand, A barrel in Every garage”
4.The Greater Hungarian Kingdom of Commonwealth States of BritaniaLeft-Leaning College State“Invaluerit Unitáte Spíritus”
5.The Gravonist State of Finland of ArrstotzkaCompulsory Consumerist State“Deus Noster, Protectoris Nostri”
6.The Republic of SjaelandiaNew York Times Democracy“From sea to sea”
7.The Eternal Mageocracy of BasementeesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Inde In Cinerem Nos Resurgemus”
8.The Federal Republic of BoravniaCapitalist Paradise“In voluntatem Dei, imus fructum”
9.The Colony of Northern GuianaCorporate Police State“God's Will, King's Trust and The Light of The People”
10.The Kingdom of The Southern BritonsCorporate Bordello“Quoniam Deus, Rex et patriae”

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Who are we? We are none other than the armed wing of the private sector... Militaires Sans Frontieres! Soldiers Without Borders! In this world of proxy conflicts and heating tensions, we aim to serve, but only serve for money. We have no ideology, no morals, no just cause. All we need is a job and a check. You just have to provide it to us. Give us a mission, and by jimminy we'll get it done.

Field Report, Operation Debut

Number of Phases: 2

Phases Engaged: 1

Date of Phase Contact: 13/9/1926

Date of Phase 2: TBA

Phase 1 Status: Success

Operation Location(s): Piedmont, German-Piedmontian Border

Operation Summary from Log:

    Strike Force Toulouse eliminated all German personnel stationed at outpost. No reported casualties among the personnel of Strike Force Toulouse. Outpost was successfully demolished. Commander is currently awaiting further word from the client. Upon greenlight from client, Strike Force Milan will proceed with Phase 2 of Operation Debut.


Scotia Flow In Detail (sort of) - The Third Northatlantic Expedition

Four years after the disastrous Second Northatlantic Expedition, the SCF North Star set off once again to explore The North Atlantic, but this time it was occupied by the best scientists and explorers from all over The British Isles. One of those explorers was Bob Slott who has been on the previous two missions but has actually been trained. He told a bit about the the journey:

“It went better than the last two. Obviously. We actually managed to find a cool little fishing spot. And I really mean it is cool.” he remarked while trying to hide his laughter when realising that he has made a cool pun.

Our political expert Stan has said that the first words of the Governor Gary Hamilton after hearing about the “success” of the expedition were: “Exploit the f**k out of that fishing spot, no matter the cost!”

The Minds of the Millennium

In Helsinki, Hallita Annala proudly announced four weeks ago that Finland would welcome into its arms some of the most brilliant scientists, mathematicians, and engineers in the world. After closed-door talks between Finnish and German delegations, it was ultimately decided that these nearly two dozen geniuses would be granted a specialized and modified level of Finnish citizenship and would become full-fledged members of the Finnish Civic Board for Advanced Sciences and Engineering (C-BASE). These great minds include famed airplane designer Willy Messerschmitt, young and famous physicist Werner Heisenberg, and world-renowned theoretical physicist and proposer of the theory of special relativity, the great Albert Einstein. The addition to the board includes six other highly-notable scientists.

With this agreement between the scientists and the Finnish government, these men will henceforth reside in Finland. The Fatherland will be graced by their services, as they will effectively now serve Finland with their great intellects. This development was made on the term that they retain a certain degree of contact with German officials and that they be permitted the ability to visit Germany on approved occasion.

Days after the announcement, the members of the colloquially dubbed "Millennium Nine," would arrive in Turku. Accompanied by their respective families, some of whom will also join them in their new homes, they were greeted by the Hallita and thousands of enthusiastic supporters of the agreement as well as their genuine admirers. Albert Einstein, who arrived with his wife and children, delivered a speech in which he made known his eagerness to begin a new chapter in his career by employing his work for Finland.

One of the most vocal supporters of the inclusion is, of course, Eric Tigerstedt, Finland's most famed inventor. "This move has, ultimately, given Finland total access to some of the world's smartest men. What far-sighted thinker wouldn't be in support of this?" The aerial pioneer specifically said that he was highly excited for an opportunity to engage in work with Willy Messerschmitt.


Snap Election Results

After a little over in power, Prime Minister Wang Jingwei called snap elections four years early in the wake of victory in Sichuan. Now the results are in: The Prime Minister's government has received a huge boost with the Kuomintang winning 393 of the 750 seats in the National Assembly, a gain of 135 seats. With a comfortable majority the government no longer needs a coalition to pass legislation. The United Front Party were devastated in the election winning 117 seats, a loss of 138 seats. The People's Action Party came in 3rd with 95 seats a modest 3 seat gain. Another party that suffered was the Chinese Workers Party, losing 32 seats. The Korean National Party continued to do well winning 70 of Korea's 75 constituencies a gain of 10 seats. The Justice Party surprisingly went from only 2 seats to 24, a 1100% increase.
Overall, it is clear that those who supported the first governing coalition did well and those who strongly opposed them were decimated in the snap election.


After the previous year of provocation and escalation by both sides, official sources in Washington have made statements regarding the current crisis with Germany. Trade through Gibraltar has been reopened for German shipping and following German declarations of intent regarding a stop to their massive naval build up Congress has lowered Navy ship requirements to levels directly preceding the most recent statutes. While the Navy and Air navy remain in a heightened alert posture, Secretary of the navy Albert Townsend announced plans to return the navy to peacetime footing. Stating that the current crisis has been resolved and there is no further need for our boys to be playing in the pond.

America Gains National Spirit: Brinkmanship, plus 10% war support

what is a national spirit

Corsicinot wrote:what is a national spirit

If you’ve ever played Hearts of Iron, it’s a trait for your country if you do a certain national focus.

The Herald - We do catchphrases now!
~ 14 April 1923 -- 19 December 1926 ~

War Rages on in Thailand
Southeastern Asia is currently holding witness to the one of the most gruesome wars in the region's history. Since the declaration of the Republic of Thailand and its subsequent declaration of independence from Burma in early 1923, the nation has been ravaged by a brutal civil war. From the jungles of Mae Hang Son to the streets of Bangkok, the impact of this rebellion is felt in almost all aspects of life.

For the first initial phase of the conflict, the only involved foreign party would be that of Aplotskiist Germany, as the Emperor would move to send volunteers and aid to the rebels, declaring them to be ordained freedom fighters. However, an additional crisis would form in the midst of this chaos when Berlin would pursue a blockade against the Burmese government. This would ultimately draw the attention of Washington, as President John J Pershing would declare the Germans to be wrongfully meddling where they did not belong. The world held its breath as fear of war between the two powers escalated. Thankfully, due to Finnish mediation, such tragedy was avoided.

1926 dawned on an American operation of intervention into Thailand, named Operation Torchlight. Troops of the American Commonwealth swept into Thailand, with napalm strikes raining down upon the forests. With speculation of a F.U.A. invasion of Bangkok, only time will tell what may be the fate of the Thai rebellion.

Milan Hospital Bombed! 146 Killed
Tragic news from Piedmont! Milan General Hospital was completely demolished in a deadly terrorist attack. At about 9:00 in the morning, a sudden blast shook the entire city, as the foundations of the hospital were destroyed by what authorities have deducted to be rigged explosives. No survivors have been found in the rubble, and the death toll, currently standing at 146, is expected to climb as more people are admitted to other hospitals for injuries.

This attack comes in light of recent intensified turmoil in Piedmont. Weeks ago, the German government declared the North Italian nation to be its protectorate. This proclamation was met with furious outcry by the general population, with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets. These demonstrators would protest fiercely against the action, deeming it to be part of a German plan to annex Piedmont. With many analysts keeping these recent developments in mind, it has been speculated that the terrorists behind this bombing, who still have not been caught, could be operatives of the Carsonist Army of Piedmont, the Carsonist terror cell that rocked the nation to its core from 1914 to 1919.

While the identities of the bombers remains a mystery, the people of Piedmont mourn this terrible tragedy. Alberto Scoticenzi, the President of the Piedmontese Republic, spoke before Milan, vowing to bring the perpetrators to justice. However, with virtually no clues in sight, it remains highly questionable as to whether the police, who will likely be assisted by the German GPO, will be able to catch the culprits. It also remains no secret that under Scoticenzi's administration, more and more Piedmontese have been driven into anti-German resentment, and Anti-Aplotskiist underground movements.

Field Report, Operation Fried Fox

Number of Phases: Indefinite, to be determined at unspecified point by the Client

Phases Engaged: 1

Date of Phase Contact: 19/12/1926

Phase 1 Status: Success

Operation Location(s): Milan, Piedmont

Operation Summary from Log:

    Strike Force Paris successfully rigged the Milan General Hospital with explosive barrels. No operatives were detected at the scene. No witnesses to rigging of explosives. Milan General Hospital was successfully demolished. Successful death toll of 146. No evidence left on scene, as per usual. Authorities will be none the wiser.


Empiriluftwaffe Airfield 1, Undisclosed location, Corsicinot
The Emperor steps out of his car after the drive from his place of temporary lodging nearby. The Lord of Defense has arranged a meeting between him and the head of the Empiriluftwaffe to talk about the military’s state. “God save the Emperor.” Says the general as he does the salute of the military. “I do believe our aircraft research and development could use a massive lift. And we have the idea. I know it may be radical, but one of our head engineers has designed blueprints for... for an all metal airplane sir, and not a biplane either. Single wing.” He says showing the designs. “I’ll see what I can do. I agree.” Says the Emperor. They chat some more before having a nice dinner at the Generals home.

The next morning, the Emperor meets with the head of the Panzekkerkorp, talking about much the same thing. “Sir, I do believe that we do require less of these extremely complex designs. We need rugged, fast, simple designs that aren’t too weak. Perfect for the blitzkrieg tactics.” He says confidently. The Emperor agrees and there is the same festivities as the night before. More development is soon to follow, hopefully followed by production of such designs.

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