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Founder: The Ruling Council Dignitary of Ferdinand Schafer

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-Ministry of Truth for the Fifth Empire and consenting A X I S parties.

> Administrated by Ferdinand Schafer from the government of Atsuria with additional contribution from each sectional Ministry-Director.

⚠️Our primary goal is to educate and enlighten the Fifth Empire, consenting A X I S parties, and the world of NationStates on the deep and powerful doctrinal-philosophical basis & nature of Fascism and on all the things related; as well as to restore and maintain the prestige of Fascism through active protection and reparation/remediation of the damage caused by the anti-fascist snake tongue.

Fascism deserves to be recognized in its true form and spirit; ingrained to the hearts of the new and old generation.

Embassies: Fifth Empire.

Tags: Fascist, Independent, Minuscule, Password, and Serious.

The Imperial Ministry of Truth is home to a single nation.

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As a region, The Imperial Ministry of Truth is ranked 5,070th in the world for Most Cheerful Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Ruling Council Dignitary of Ferdinand SchaferPsychotic Dictatorship“✠ VOLUNTAS EST POTENTAS ✠”

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The Imperial Ministry of Truth Regional Message Board

Onesimo redondo

Ferdinand Schafer wrote:Ave~! and welcome to the Ministry of Truth new staff-member Onesimo redondo! You have joined the oldest and proudest of all Imperial Government Departments, please conduct your work with the appropriate level of seriousness and effort.

I look forward to your future career and the fruits of your work!

~Minister of Truth

Thank you for your warm welcome.


Ferdinand Schafer and Maryhaven

Post self-deleted by Ferdinand Schafer.

In order to maintain important consistency within the Empire, the regional flag of the Ministry (as well as the flag of other Ministries) has been replaced with the Imperial Ruling Council's own aesthetically and thematically strong and appealing banner/official symbol, to properly represent and drive forward home the point of the Ministry's role and position within the Imperial structure.

Additional Improvements to the Ministry's public image and personal identity are also upcoming via means of public dispatch alterations.

Maryhaven and Onesimo redondo

I wanted to thank Minister Ferdinand Schafer for promoting me to Section VIII Director. It is my duty to sheath and bathe the Fascist TRUTH in a coat of security and serenity, away from the malevolent apparitions which are so intent on smothering the world with their perverse UNTRUTHS.


Ferdinand Schafer wrote:In order to maintain important consistency within the Empire, the regional flag of the Ministry (as well as the flag of other Ministries) has been replaced with the Imperial Ruling Council's own aesthetically and thematically strong and appealing banner/official symbol, to properly represent and drive forward home the point of the Ministry's role and position within the Imperial structure.

Additional Improvements to the Ministry's public image and personal identity are also upcoming via means of public dispatch alterations.

The flag now updated with the new version.

Major updates have been made to the Ministry of Truth. These include:

1) The addition of a Magisterial Assembly.
2) Fine-tuning of the presentation of information on the Ministry; more and better details.
3) An introduction text / summary of the Ministry, its work, and the practical execution of that work.
4) Miscellenaeous sentence-improvements and typo fixes.

- Fascist Temple of The Soul, Fortress of the Fascist Will.

We are a first and foremost a state organ of The Fifth Empire; a union of likeminded states under a strong and noble common cause. Your work within should always be directed to region's benefit above all else of considerations existing. Remember also, we are beyond corruption. Any attempt to subvert or undermine our power will be met with extreme prejudice and condemnation.

In the sphere of metalevel meaning and underlying thematic message The Fifth Empire: The Fifth Empire is a direct representation and reflection of the persistent and undying desire for a positive change....that primordial calling imbued deep into the very fabric and composition of any and all individuals good and great in the conflict between good-evil; closely related of which order (Fascism) VS chaos (Un-Fascism) affects across and beyond the border of human categorization.

Institutions erected by Fascism's need and sacred obligation are totems of the sun, totems that through their adulation power the rotation of life under light -ensure radiant clearness- and bring new dawn each dawn, looking to the past for inspiration to conquer and tackle the obstacles of future's mists. Thus a dual-role is served..for one this is an entity with strong spiritual nature, a mirroring of those behind and under it, but at the same time, a practical tool as the totem-institution to drive forward actions to realize the dreams and aspirations forthcoming from its spiritual being. Force of organized force (Military) is but one example of that in a group of many.

The Best Fascist is both actions and thought.

What of us then? What does that have to do with us and our work? We within this noble department and our department in itself, exist to enhance, to protect, and to respect & honor the said promise of better tomorrow and its gradual rise, focusing especially on the spiritual feeling of it all. It is our primary duty and responsibility to ensure that the sky is not darkened by the black vapor of decadence, or hope of the coming sol-ascension destroyed and repressed internally by the anti-fascist snake-tongue and other sociopolitically affecting phenomena, not thus able to hinder the sun's ascension; to mitigate the promise of the future's potential and the people's commitment and empowerment. To that end, we will without shame or remorse use the necessary power and authority -and the measures they allow- to fulfill our sacred duties and to drive forward the future of the Empire to its best outcome from what we can do from within our own sphere of focus.

These duties include but are not be limited to:

A) Regulation of public-discourse & supervision of mass-media.

B) Official ideological pronouncements (which are to be respected and heeded). Cultural projects and culture-awareness.

C) Propagation of illumination on various spiritually or culturally relevant topics, and supervision and active work in maintaining morality, integrity, cohesion, and loyalty.

In the Fifth Empire, we are sanctioned to punish and/or correct accordingly those individuals or groups who would threaten, compromise, corrupt, or otherwise endanger the successful fulfillment of our duties and the cultural-spiritual solidarity and strength of the population's deep and wide masses. This may take the form of rebukes or warnings, post suppression (censorship), posting restrictions/public discussion bans, or should all else fail or if the situation's severity and other factors necessitate it, expulsion from the region. The Duration and scale of these punishments is decided by the department's leadership, ultimately by Minister and Magister Magistratum Atsuria/Ferdinand Schafer.

Organizational authority within the Imperial Ministry of Truth is vested in the hands of the Minister of Truth (Atsuria/Ferdinand Schafer), the Magisterial Assembly, and Ministry-Directors.

The Imperial Minister of Truth:

1) The Supreme authority of the ministry. On the basis of his status is free to override decisions made in lower levels, to take initiative/leadership in any ministry-related matters, to make temporary or lasting alterations to the structure and processes of the ministry, and to intervene directly in the work and processes of the aforementioned ministry structure(s) if necessary and/or needed/desirable etc. However, proper respect is applied to the work of those committed to their designated responsibilities and to the effort behind the current system etc. and excessive use of these rights is avoided in order to achieve a more consistent, stable, and enjoyable experience for everyone.

2) Can produce his own content as wishes in accordance with the foundation pillars and principles of the ministry.

3) Chairman of the Magisterial Assembly with the title Magister Magistratum; leads & oversees work.

> Appoints or dismisses the three members of the Magisterial Assembly.

* Dismissal when any of the following is met: Lack of activity, incompetence, significant or continued deviation from region guidelines, Anti-Fascist or Anti-Social behavior.

The Magisterial Assembly:

1) Not all Ministry-Directors are equals. The Most meritorious, competent, active, and well-worked within the hierarchy may be promoted to the rank of Magister and made members of the Magisterial Assembly, which can hold a maximum of three Magisters from a total of eight Ministry-Directors.

2) The Magisterial Assembly A) nominates staff-applicants to the Minister Ferdinand Schafer and B) convenes whenever a general matter of interest and relevancy beyond sectional borders presents itself to officially decide the course of chosen action and approach at a ministry-wide level. Thus, the assembly makes important decisions concerning the general direction of the Ministry, its structure, and the work of its staff.

> Upon ratification of a nomination by the Magister Magistratum and the addition of the nominated individual into the staff-cataloq, the Magister responsible for the section to which a member was recruited is free to grant access to the region to this individual. (The password will be changed afterwards).

*If the Ministry-Director of that particular section is not a member of the Magisterial Assembly, any Magister may give access.

>>> Unless appointed directly by the Minister, ALL appointments to positions must go through the Magisterial Assembly.

>>> Most cases of examination are decided through a discussion-based consensus. If no agreement seems to be reached, the Magister Magistratum will enact a decision. The Magister Magistratum can partake in sessions if he wishes, to observe & discuss but always remains the Chairman and if is absent, a report must be filed to him by one of the magisters. Unless the Magister Magistratum denies course of action, proposes a change or redraft of the decision, the Magisterial Assembly is free to enact the change and enforce it.

3) The Magisterial Assembly reviews content produced by the sections of the ministry and supervises the work and conduct of staff and section-leadership.

> The Magisterial Assembly may raise a note of no-confidence on individuals beyond the membership of the assembly to the Minister/Magister Magistratum, who shall decide further course of action, if any.


1) The Imperial Ministry of Truth is divided into 7 sections, with each one being locally administrated on a grass-root level by a sectional Ministry-Director under the direct oversight of Minister Ferdinand Schafer/Atsuria and the Magisterial Assembly. Everyone within a section are answerable to their own local Ministry-Director, who is the primary 1st level authority, immediately next in the hierarchy for Ministry-staff. Only if the Ministry-Directors fails to respond in relevant matters within reasonable constraints, or is otherwise unavailable, should sectional staff and functionaries/officials etc. contact the highest authority of the Minister himself.

2) Each section Ministry-Director has local level control and authority over his section and approves or disapproves of the content produced by staff. If approved, it is forwarded up in the hierarchical ladder for the review of the Magisterial Assembly.

3) In addition, Ministry-Directors are authorized to direct their staff and their efforts to various particular routes, give critique and/or feedback, as well as demand and set certain standards and expectations of quality from work carried out by staff-members. All content produced by section staff or section directors will be published in the Empire by the Minister of Truth: Atsuria ( clear credit will be given) or by the section's director if he has the necessary powers in the Empire, such powers are granted to the director of section II (Editor rights in the newspaper)

Each section director can produce all the same content as his section staff, but this is not required nor expected.

4) Section Directors wishing to recruit individuals of their choosing into their own section, or if an individual applies for this section, must consult with the Magisterial Assembly.

The Ministry currently houses around 2900 employees. All staff members are appointed by the absolute will of the Minister, following an official assessment of ability to carry the torch of Fascism under service of the Empire's Ministry of Truth in a satisfactory and competent manner. If the applicant has shown his skill in the Fascist creed beforehand in other ways, for example, through active participation in public ideological discussion, he may be appointed without the preliminary examination.

NOTE: Section Directors are added to the below list of staff only after their appointment.


Section I: Administration and legal

Magister Magistratum: Imperial Minister of Truth for the Fifth Empire Ferdinand Schafer

Magisterial Assembly

-Magister I: Maryhaven/The Cumbrian State
-*II: Vacant*
-*III: Vacant*

Section II: Newspaper and Mass-Telegrams

Section Summary

Section General Writing Guideline (Written by Ferdinand Schafer & Ministry-Director Maryhaven)

Section Ministry-Director: Magister Maryhaven/The Cumbrian State

-Ministry Producer:
-Ministry Producer:
-Ministry Producer: *open*
-Ministry Producer *open*
-Ministry Distributor *open*
-Ministry Distributor *open*
-Ministry Revisor: *open*

Section III: Dispatches

-Ministry Producer *open*
-Ministry Producer: *open*

Section IV: Presentations and Infographics

-Ministry Producer: *open*
-Ministry Producer: *open*
-Ministry Distributor: *open*

Section V: Art & Imagery

-Ministry Producer: *open*
-Ministry Producer: *open*
-Ministry Producer: *open*
-Ministry Distributor: *open*
-Ministry Distributor: *open*

Section VI: Music

-Ministry Producer: *open*
-Ministry Distributor: *open*

Section VII: Public Events and Polls

-Ministry Analyst: *open*
-Ministry Analyst *open*
-Ministry Producer *open*
-Ministry Producer: open*

Section VIII: Protection against untruths and counter-propaganda

-Ministry Superintendent (Section Ministry-Director): Magister Maryhaven/The Cumbrian State

-Ministry Inspector: *open*
-Ministry Censor: Fashmaster
-Ministry Censor: *open*
-Ministry Censor *open*

Read factbook

More will be added in future updates.


New content production has begun in the form of the "Timeline of Fascist History" a co-production between myself and Maryhaven/The Cumbrian State.

Sir cyriacus

Sir cyriacus reporting for duty from the Realm of the Great Fashmaster!

Ferdinand Schafer and Maryhaven

Sir cyriacus wrote:Sir cyriacus reporting for duty from the Realm of the Great Fashmaster!

Pleased to receive you. Certainly.

Let's get things moving forwards to the next step. An appointment to the WFE officer list and the detailed instructions that will follow.

Once your orientation is fully complete you may begin the good work with our blessings.

Maryhaven and Sir cyriacus

Ministry of Truth Section II is proud to announce new content in the official newspaper!

"The Seven Stages of the New Fascist Revolution(s)" written by yours truly, following a period of pause from writing articles.

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