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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Commonwealth of San Carlos Islands (elected )

Founder: The Conservative States of Adawn

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 54th Most Nations: 122nd Most Influential: 947th+11
Highest Disposable Incomes: 1,309th Most Devout: 1,366th Largest Retail Industry: 1,485th Largest Black Market: 1,704th Highest Wealthy Incomes: 1,710th Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,823rd Rudest Citizens: 1,952nd Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 2,207th Most Armed: 2,219th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 2,305th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 2,318th
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Embassies: Right to Life, The Western Isles, Sunalaya, The Union of Democratic States, Libertatem, United Empire of Islam, The Bar on the corner of every region, Exodus, The Arab League Congress, The Order of the Grey Wardens, The Free Nations Region, Union of Free Nations, Imperial Fatherland, The Peaceful Coffee Shop In Chicago, Commonwealth of Liberty, The Embassy, and 12 others.Southfield, Enadia, Red Wolf Alliance, Union of Allied States, The Democratic Republic, Thaecia, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, New Western Empire, United Christian Empires of the West, The East Pacific, The Great Conservative Alliance, and Greater Middle East.

The embassy with The Union of Democratic States is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

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Regional Power: High

The League of Conservative Nations contains 135 nations, the 122nd most in the world.

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The Lowest Crime Rates in The League of Conservative Nations

World Census agents attempted to lure citizens into committing various crimes in order to test the reluctance of citizens to break the law.

As a region, The League of Conservative Nations is ranked 6,404th in the world for Lowest Crime Rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Aurebeshic State of MalgaxDemocratic Socialists“United in liberty”
2.The Greater Empire of Koryo of Oculis OmniumFather Knows Best State“광명천지 홍익인간”
3.The Confederation of WilldavieAuthoritarian Democracy“D'un arme à l'autre (From a Weapon to another)”
4.The Theonomic of State of TurelisaMoralistic Democracy“FIDES SPES ET CARITAS”
5.The Holy Traditionalist Empire of CreeperopolisCorporate Police State“Devajo Dios yel Emperador”
6.The Ancient Tribe of Amaan landInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Insert random Latin motto here”
7.The Armed Republic of PaleocacherInoffensive Centrist Democracy“A wise man in times of peace, prepares for war.”
8.The Grand Empire of XusmaCorporate Police State“Справедливость-наш щит”
9.The Holy Empire of Rome and AnconaAuthoritarian Democracy“Fides est regni tutela”
10.The Islamic Republic of Greater SacramentoLiberal Democratic Socialists“May Allah bless Sacramento and the Order”
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The League of Conservative Nations Regional Message Board

The Traditional States wrote:I can't see the LCN becoming the FCN, It's much more stable. You've guys already built a pretty stable republic with active members and overall a supportive populace, chief.

Wasn't talking about here but it's done with

Greater Sacramento wrote:Wasn't talking about here but it's done with

Oh alright, Ill respect that

Sad to know that the UDS has closed embassies with the LCN, as the Ambassador of the League of Conservative Nations to the Union of Democratic States since May 5th 2020 until June 30th 2020, it's shocking to know that they went on to take this drastic measure.


Elections of the Chancellor are getting closer. Currently these are the issues in Greater Sacramento.

Corruption in the School System
Many, especially the youngest voting block of 16-20, have called for inefficiencies to be dealt with in the school system and that School Administration should be dealt with as censorship of corruption and political arguments between teachers and students have taken a damage on the education system.

The Northern Border
As the Paleocahrian reporter exposed the concentration camps in Terranihil many have called for a variety of thing to do.

While Aurebeshia is not hated in the country that much many have voiced how powerful they should be but others say that this doesnt concern the Elections

Rapid Urbanization
Urbanization has exploded in the past years with over 50% of the population living the in the 10 largest cities alone. While city living is more efficient the density and possible health concerns could become an issue.

Climate Change and Oil Reliance
The reliance on oil and fossil fuels is something many want to see go away as prices of fuel go up and alternatives such as Hydrogen are becoming cheaper and more available.

Rachel Khadijahdottor (M) (36%)

As a centrist Candidate she has been able to gain the big moderate support typically found in the Middle Class. She stated that she will peruse and continue the goals of the current chancellor which are foreign relations to be increased but not so much that Greater Sacramento is in the loosing position and to continue to make agencies more efficient.

Corruption in the School System: She has said she wants to tackle this issue by issuing resources to allow students to complain and investigate but has herself stated it may be abused by students.

The Northern Border: Generally she supports trying to do what they can without shifting the balance between the TEU and Aurebeshia and "to do everything we can without harming Greater Sacramento"

Aurebeshia: She has stated she will continue Hazlakhi's current motives with it in being cooperative and helping it establish itself

Rapid Urbanization: She stated she wants to fund more public transportation in cities as to allow more spread out cities where people can move from place to place

Climate Change and Oil Reliance: She stated she would want to decrease oil usage but to do it in a way that it doesn't hurt the economy immediately.

Adrian Alqindres (AMZ) (29%)

Alqindres is a moderate right wing candidate which allows him to get support from the middle class and smaller cities such as Chaqaz, Dimashaq, Mecca, and Zahrbad. He said he would like more economic growth and to spend less money on social programs.

Corruption in the School System: He said that balance should be maintained between students and teachers and that the situation should be dealt with on a school district level, not national.

The Northern Border: He said that helping people cross the border, while should be done, is not a priority and that the nation should avoid hostilities with the TEU and that Malgax should be doing more about it's own people.

Aurebeshia: He has called for, since it's creation, for it to stay as an economic council and nothing less and should not involve itself in direct civil affairs with legislation

Rapid Urbanization: He has stated that Urbanization should be slowed down and make the rural areas more livable especially with the labor shortage seen in Andaluzia and Zahr.

Climate Change and Oil Reliance: He said economic priorities are more important and that the Islamic Republic has done enough and blames other nations for not doing enough.

Zinat Bint Mus'ab (AS) (28%)

Mus'ab is a center left candidate and may gain the younger support as well as the larger city support from places such as Ankarabad, Cordoba, Ibrahamshah, and Hejazabad.

Corruption in the School System: She has said student's wills are a priority and that investigations into schools should be made and that its unacceptable that schools, which she said make up the back bone of the Islamic Republic, are behaving like this.

The Northern Border: She said the helping people come to this nation is something we should do as Greater Sacramento has done since it's founding. She said that we must show them the "beauty of Islam" and to accept and help them here.

Aurebeshia: She is a supporter of the organization and hopes it will benefit the world.

Rapid Urbanization: She stated that cities are more efficient than living in rural areas and hopes to see this more in the nation and that they should be growing and wants to direct funding to them

Climate Change and Oil Reliance: She has said "we can only control what we do" and that Greater Sacramento should go without fossil fuel by 2030 at the very most. She has always applauded the legislation passed by the Elected Council to eliminate fossil fuels.

Why are we losing an embassy?

5 July 2020

After the Lyoan Intelligence publicly announced that there's a possibility that the military-led faction of the former Creeperian Government In-Exile is attempting to relocate to the nation, the Karimunese reactions were quite diverse and mostly centered on one-two issues.

Karimunese views themselves as very politically independent and not wanting any foreign intervention to the Government and its people. Since its Federal Proclamation on 17 of August 1945, the Karimunese foreign relations have adhered to a "Free and Active" foreign policy, seeking to play a role in regional affairs commensurate with its size and location but avoiding involvement in conflicts among major powers. According to Muh. Hasan Yudha from Karimun's Center of Strategic and International Studies. "Karimun isn't in a position to have enemies, especially a major power like the Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis so I suggest that the Karimunese Ministry of Foreign Affairs have to be smart regarding this, this could help or destroy us."

Maria Tan from the Karimunese National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) comments. "They are human, human has rights, basic rights. NRCH is willing to protect them at any cost and I suggest the Govt to be stern in their position to protect human rights. Hold your promises that you made on your election Mr. President."

A netizen from Kaskus, the Karimunese most popular social media with a username, BachelorNight tweets, "I really don't care about what other people think especially outsiders. We must protect our nation and its people. I suggest that Karimunese government sent them back to their homeland."

A video was viral overnight showing that Tristan Makeerah Satrya, the Chairman of the Patravan Solidarity Foundation (PSF), one of the largest charitable foundation in the country saying, "I wish we could help them [Creeperian], we must welcome them, the Free Creeperian Movement is welcomed here in Patravan." It was controversial since Patravan, one of the largest cities in Karimun is facing its own problem which is drought, the Mayor himself said that Patravan is drier than ever and PSF hasn't helped the drought much.

But from all of the reactions, only one stood up from the rest, a comment from the former Vice Minister of Internal Affairs, Tegar Wibowo. "My biggest concern is the ability of the incumbent government dealing with this, it's not about who support or not support the relocation of the Free Creeperian Movement, it's how the Govt manage it, I mean as an example if they are condemned and denied their entrances to the nation, some people will view the government as a puppet of Creeperopolis and not stern with their position to protect human rights, to protect them from abuse in their homeland while if they are commended and welcomed to the nation, some people will view that the government risking the international relations of Karimun and the safety of its people in foreign nations."

Until now, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hasn't commented yet neither do the Minister of Defence and the President's office.


Lyoa wrote:As the Borg say, “Diplomacy is irrelevant”.

And as the Tholians say, “If you don’t leave in 1.847269 seconds I will blow you up”.

As the Cylons say,
“This has all happened before and this will all happen again”
And then nuke 50 billion people

ZanZlan wrote:Why are we losing an embassy?

You see young one, on very rare occasions, our long time diplomatic partners like to randomly pull a clown move. Couldn't understand how clearly the moderation on our discord was kept in order and still retain it's freedoms, and while we're at it you should join the Discord.

The Rivata Corals have signed Olivar Cardozo, a 23 year old Santanoan cornerguard. He is only the 2nd player to join the Corals and his signing confirms that every team has at least 2 names on the roster

Terraconservan Cup Week 12

New Gandor @ Creeperopolis

Creeperopolis wins 8-6

Eminople @ Karimun Jawa

Eminople wins 3-2

Gagium @ Xusma

Gagium wins 2-1

Greater Sacramento @ Lyoa

Greater Sacramento wins 5-0

Protocol rendezvous (Reia) @ The New Fandom Republic (Groffenord)

Groffenord wins 7-3

Oculis Omnium (Koryo) @ Quebecshire

Koryo wins 9-2

Terranihil @ Malgax

Terranihil wins 10-4

Willdavie @ El Salvador

El Salvador wins 5-4

Paleocacher @ San Carlos Islands

San Carlos Islands wins 9-8

Statistics from this week

Highest scorer: Terranihil (10)
Lowest scorer: Lyoa (0)
Lowest scoring winner: Gagium (2)
Highest scoring loser: Paleocacher (8)
Biggest upset: San Carlos Islands 9-8 Paleocacher
Highest scoring game: San Carlos Islands 9-8 Paleocacher (17)
Lowest scoring game: Gagium 2-1 Xusma (3)

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