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The Largest Mining Sector in The Maritimes

1. Hrstrovokia 110 in NationStates
2. Blue Narcissus 529
3. Economic Invincibility 994

Middle: Vatgen 228,769 - bottom 6%

Last: Kalix 244,890 of 245,132 nations

World first: King Carl Hattrick
Eladen: Klesh 66
Nudist Dreamland: The Choir Boy 356
Philosophy 115: Postapocalyptic Terror 580
Gay Equality: The Red Nation Military 6,214

Spotlight: Centre Street, pop. 30.4 billion. Capital: Bedford. Top World Rankings: Nudity, Integrity, Youth Rebelliousness.

Reultan wrote:Wow!

Absolutely.. wow.. beautiful environment. Anything I’m good at gets a yech.

News - Nouvelles

Hockeyville 2021

« La Première Nation d’Elsipogtog, au Nouveau-Brunswick, a été élue gagnante du concours Kraft Hockeyville 2021.

« La victoire a été annoncée samedi soir par le commissaire de la LNHLigue nationale de hockey, Gary Bettman, lors de l’émission Hockey Night in Canada.

« C’est la première fois qu’une communauté autochtone remporte ce concours national. La communauté Elsipogtog était en compétition avec Saint-Adolphe (Manitoba), Lumsden (Saskatchewan) et Bobcaygeon (Ontario).

« Une somme d’argent de 250 000 $ sera remise à Elsipogtog et permettra de rénover son aréna, endommagé par un incendie en septembre dernier. » Radio-Canada

No French language high school for Halifax

« French-speaking families in Halifax have long pushed for a new French high school on the Halifax peninsula. They have now sent a letter to Premier Iain Rankin and Education Minister Derek Mombourquette saying they've had enough and want some action.

« "We've been fighting for and have been promised schools here in Halifax for about a decade now," said Jean-Phillippe Bourgeois, the spokesperson for a group of about 100 families seeking a new French high school in Halifax. » CBC

Il semble qu'il y ait une école secondaire de langue française à Dartmouth.

Hello to the region of The Maritimes it’s my honor to congratulate you on being the Featured Region of the day!
Congratulations - Region Traveler

*hop hop hop*

Congrats on being featured! Anyone want a carrot?

We are featured !!! How exciting is that ???

Hey Hey! You're Featured Today! Congratulations My Friends!
\_O_/ Yay! :D

The Best Weather in The Maritimes

1. Bedetopia 954 in NationStates
2. Northopia 2,160
3. Reultan 2,416

Middle: Charlottetown Islanders 215,621 - bottom 12%

Last: Economic Invincibility 245,208 of 245,400 nations

World first: Kindjal Groland
Nudist Dreamland: Nelvana III 190
Eladen: TrueChristianity 242
Philosophy 115: Red Star of the West 1,094
Gay Equality: Real truth 1,449

Spotlight: Featured Hopper, pop. 350 million. Top World Rankings: Mining, Social Conservatism, Agriculture.

We welcome visiting nations. It is good to have you with us.

Congratulations.. félicitations..

Happy featured day! - Bonne journée en vedette !

just joined this cool region

Hooray for the Maritimes! Still going strong!

Velem wrote:just joined this cool region

Welcome. Great to have you here.

It 's fun to have visitors. I'll break out the champagne. *pops cork*

A Giant Meteor blazes through the sky overhead; leaving a trail of sparks in the sky above your region; those sparks seem to fall in a particular pattern, spelling out the words:


before the meteor vanishes over the horizon; leaving the sky dark and empty as it passes through.

Soon time for bed in my time zone, but one more bottle of champagne, why not?

Congratulations on being featured my friends!

Beep beep! Congrats on being the featured region of the day! Anyone for some cake?

You have been raided!

Birthday Cake Herby wrote:Beep beep! Congrats on being the featured region of the day! Anyone for some cake?

Cake and champagne. Why not?

Raiderpuppetstan wrote:You have been raided!

As it’s a charmingly innocent moniker, a raid is quite all right.

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