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The UOTAP, founded June 3rd 2017
Re-founded February 17th 2020

The Red Menace shall fail like they have at raiding this region!

The UOTAP is a region based on the principles of Fascism. A community of bright minds that are full of promise for a better NS.

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✠ We promote Militarism, Nationalism, Tradition and Pride In Our Folk.

We fight against the growing Communist parasite.

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Communism Is Evil: Beware of The Red Menace

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1.The Fascist Confederation of Irish socialist soviet republicsPsychotic Dictatorship“Aontaithe go dtí deireadh”
2.The Republic of The FlitionPsychotic Dictatorship“We Will Endure”
3.The Republic of Duce FascismoPsychotic Dictatorship“The Debacle of Individualism”
4.The Holy Reich of BelgijaFather Knows Best State“Blood and Soil, Mind and Soul!”
5.The Dictatorship of Irish Confederation URF AmbassadorPsychotic Dictatorship“Aontaithe go dtí deireadh”
6.The Empire of West BavariaPsychotic Dictatorship“Am Ende vereint”
7.The Empire of AitheriaCorrupt Dictatorship“Close ranks”
8.The Christian Republic of WalterslandiaPsychotic Dictatorship“Oderint Dum Metuant Deum”
9.The Stormfront of StormfolkIron Fist Consumerists“A Storm arises”
10.The Dictatorship of DruvayandIron Fist Consumerists“In fide populi”

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Post self-deleted by Atsuria.

Belgija wrote:Yes, a symbol of hate.... My hate against the death of the world, my hate against the feelings of hopelessness that millions of young men and women feel today, my hate for the worldwide pessimism that plagues the world. Humans used to be happy, we were looking forwards to waking up every morning, but what do I see today? A pandemic of gloom.

I won't try to convert you to our side, being rejected is to be expected as a fascist, but I hope that anyone reading this who opposes us will soon realise that our "side" is the fundamentally human one.
"The Fascist conception of the State is all-embracing; outside of it no human or spiritual values can exist, much less have value"

Amen to that brother.

Our hate is right and just hate, hate of humane proportions. The hate of all things despicable and wicked from the downwards spiral of general decadence spreadings its cancer to all the cells of sociopolitical life to the criminal actions of egoistic individuals, anti-social behavior.

And in our hate? We are of pure love. Let us be proud of our emotions as Fascists, they are a testament to the ills and faults of our modern world, fuel to feed our struggle. Hate is natural, negative feelings are natural. A society without hate is eerily artificial, cold, metallic. It is like something is missing, something feels off. People without lives, existing but not living. To deny hate is to deny yourself, and we most certainly do not deny ourselves as Fascists, for we are proud of our sacred awakenings, proud of our creed, to which many are yet to be drawn.

And so, we have no reason to feel threatened by the hypocrisy of others.

Imperial hydra wrote:How can one be democratic and fascist at the same time? You claim to be against democracy but this contradicts your region’s tags and your description.

One must account for the definitions and perceptions of concepts. If, with Democracy, you think of that of the mob rule; the cacophony of the masses, then Fascism certainly is not democratic, for we entrust the counsellorship of the nation & State to a selected worthy elite rising above their own private interests and with a strong character included in which is no least talent in statesmanship and in leadership, ability in judgment and in reasoning, a mind capable of clear insight and of seeing a bigger picture, able to make compromises and protecting stability among groups of interest. Et cetera et cetera.

Yet, if with Democracy you go beyond the surface and instead consider Democracy in a deeper sense of "shared responsibility", more akin to a state of things where the people have a more active and direct relationship with the State by actively participating the development and life of the State as a res publica (public matter) and mutually contributing to the future of the nation under the guidance of their revered and respected leaders, then Fascism, as paradoxical as that may sound to someone not so well educated in the subject, is a closer representation of Democracy than anything we have today where the people desire and hope, placing their hopes in career politicians who bicker for bread..rather than in real leaders, and who then "represent" the people's wishes.

From the Guide to Fascism (older version still up for display, updated newer version in-works) which I co-wrote with @Fascist Sparta:

"From the Fascist perspective, the State and the individual are inseparable - they are one and the same. The individual inherits the State at birth and evolves mentally, physically, and emotionally within the many institutions and programs it provides. In order for the nation to thrive the individual must be encouraged to pursue his/her passions for a job best befitting him/her and ultimately the State. The Fascist State is not to be disregarded as merely a watchman policing the streets and keeping order - it is a synthesis between the nationstate, its culture, its history, its spirituality, and its people. The State is not a material force promising to solve all of Man’s woes and sorrows - no! It is an entity within the metaphysical realm that binds generations to generations and makes itself felt through every soul within its sphere.

By committing and investing the individuals of the people collective into the State deeply, the life of the State becomes, in turn, affected actively by the actions and efforts of the individuals part of this all-encompassing entity.

(From one of my older articles: Fascist Reflections - Riflessione Fascista, section 3: Fascism in regards to liberty & freedom)

I quote Signor Minister Alfredo Rocco, Minister of Justice of Italy in the 20's.

"Democracy vests sovereignty in the people, that is to say, in the mass of human beings.[....]Fascism insists that the government be entrusted to men capable of rising above their own private interests and of realizing the aspirations of the social collectivity, considered in its unity and in its relation to the past and future. [....]it also proclaims that the great mass of citizens is not a suitable advocate of social interests for the reason that the capacity to ignore individual private interests in favor of the higher demands of society and of history is a very rare gift and the privilege of the chosen few. Natural intelligence and cultural preparation are of great service in such tasks. Still more valuable perhaps is the intuitiveness of rare great minds, their traditionalism, and their inherited qualities. This must not, however, be construed to mean that the masses are not to be allowed to exercise any influence on the life of the state. On the contrary, among peoples with a great history and with noble traditions, even the lowest elements of society possess an instinctive discernment of what is necessary for the welfare of the race, which in moments of great historical crises reveals itself to be almost infallible. It is therefore as wise to afford to this instinct the means of declaring itself as it is judicious to entrust the normal control of the commonwealth to a selected élite."

Which is to point out also, that Fascism is not beyond giving a platform for the people to voice concern & opinions. To hear what the people have to say, and to consider things said. It is important and vital however, that such things are done through official channels and routes. Backdoor slander and insult serves no purpose other than the negative one.

Imperial hydra wrote:How can one be democratic and fascist at the same time? You claim to be against democracy but this contradicts your region’s tags and your description.

Then there is what some less radical fascists (or proto/semi fascists) call "Reformed Democracy" in where the ability to vote and run for office is restricted with Fascist based/derived criteria meant to prevent cases of populist demagoguery and ill-informed decision making in the voting process, voting for people who "seem nice" or voting based out of some kind of a tradition or family habit. To vote and run for office, for example, it could be decreed so that you need a certain level of education as a pre-requisite. Better than the current system, in my opinion. Certainly better.

Alternatively, give more votes to those with more stars in their record. You get the basic idea. More control on the election procedure; safeguards to promote merit and educated reasoning in thinking.

Personally, however, I'd choose a different approach. More total and revolutionary in line with the total change to the New Order, which can not be founded on any old and outdated beliefs. Revolutionary change, radical change, not simply reform on an existing framework. An entirely new and different framework. Re-write the constitution(s) and so and so forth.

But we can leave the exposition on that for a later time.

Post self-deleted by Atsuria.

Imperial hydra

Obviously, I was biased in that post and should’ve thought more about what I had said. Personally, I believe that the political system should still be outlawed for efficiency and to not endanger the fascist cause.

Imperial hydra wrote:Obviously, I was biased in that post and should’ve thought more about what I had said.

Nothing to worry about brother. Nothing to worry about.

In my view, you asked a perfectly valid question in general. A valid question to which I was only happy to answer and hopefully, clear up confusion around the subject. So I hope I managed to be at least a bit helpful.

Imperial hydra wrote:I believe that the political system should still be outlawed for efficiency and to not endanger the fascist cause.

Before I continue, just to clarify; you mean to say the political system of Democracy (in relation to what we discussed), or (the) political system in general?

Imperial hydra

Atsuria wrote:Before I continue, just to clarify; you mean to say the political system of Democracy (in relation to what we discussed), or (the) political system in general?

The political system of democracy. Although what is Democracy if not a political system?

Democracy is a lie, a sham, the great illusion.

The only people to buck this trend in recent times are Trump and Bolsanaro, because they are so popular that their victories could not be denied without revolt.

Ladies and Gentlemen. I write to you today in an effort to keep alive the memory of a regime, an ideology and a man who was integral to the national story of the Hellenic motherland. Through this regime and it’s leadership, the nation was reborn as it was reintroduced to the institutions and factors that had empowered it in the first place whilst resisting and opposing threats (both foreign and internal). The regime I am talking about is non other than the “4th of August Regime” of Greece. The man I am talking about is Ioannis Metaxas.

The 4th of August Regime is named a such as it was formed following a “self coup” by Ioannis Metaxas (who was appointed as Prime Minister at the time by King George II) on the 4th of August, 1936. To understand why this was done or why I and many think this was an acceptable route, one must turn to Greek history preluding it’s conception. Greece during this time was an unstable hot mess due to the political instability and radical (sometimes militant) partisanship amongst the various factions in Greece. Following Greece’s defeat during the Greco-Turkish War, the monarchy was ousted in a military coup, creating the Second Hellenic Republic. This republic, however, was very unstable, seeing a total of 23 changes in government along with 13 coups. This, combined with a hung parliament and an increase in popularity for the Communist Party of Greece, would see the Republic in a dire position. That is why, with the King’s blessing, Ioannis Metaxas had launched a self coup creating the dictatorship known as the 4th of August regime.

From this regime would come a miriad of reforms and changes to the governmental doctrine and the national ethos/perception Greece would take. Greece would firmly be defined by “faith, family and nation”. Metaxas aimed to create a new “Third Hellenic Civillisation”, one that took the disciplinary, militaristic virtues of Ancient Macedonia and Sparta (The First Hellenic Civillisation) and the devout faith in religion of the Byzantine Empire (The Second Hellenic Civillisation) to mold this new one. One that would oppose the old, corrupt nature of the previous regime and the degenerate, unholy rhetorics of Communism, Anarchism and Nazism.

His achievements would see him introduce economic reforms such as unemployment insurance, maternity leave, guaranteed 2 week vacation with pay, stricter work safety standards and a 5 day, 40 hour work week. He would normalise relations with the old enemy of Turkey (seeing them ally against the mutual threat of Bulgaria) and see Greece take a more “Allied friendly path”. He would also promote assimilation, integrating groups (such as the Arvanites, Aromanians and Slavophone Greeks) into the larger Greek society whilst deporting those who seeked to harm it by advocating for the independence or partition of regions within the country (namely, the Cham Albanians and Slavo-Macedonians). Most notably, he would lead Greece in World War II against Fascist Italy, delivering the Allies their first military victory against an Axis power.

The conclusion one can take from the legacy of the 4th of August Regime should not be that of a “tyrranical dictatorship only saved by its participation in World War II” as that would be naive. The Metaxas Regime serves as a reminder to all that Greece and any country for that matter can achieve greatness lest it empowers the factors that make said country great. One should not take for granted the religion, culture and history native to a given country, for lest it was to forget these things, it’s identity, sovereignty and roots would become under threat by ideological and foreign movements. We must celebrate this day as a symbol of the importance of the triple factors that arguably make up any given nation: “Family, Faith and Country”. Ζητω ο Μεταχας! Ζητω η 4 Αυγουστου!

Everyone, i write to you all today about the birthday of the former Iron Confederacy, and how it should be remembered as: one of the greatest fascist Regions to ever live, along with the UFN and many others, those who resided here in TIC are ones of pure icon and significance, because we have gotten to be so damn famous, and so much of a damn threat to the WA Elite and their minions that they had to get rid of me(because i was founder and leader of the former region).

Today is the day we shall remember such a great region, with determination, focus, and sheer will to go forwards as well.

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