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The West Pacific RMB

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Sail the Ocean Blue!

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  1. Join the WA, endorse Pirate King Bran Astor and the Guardian Seadogs

  2. All hands hoy! Pirates needed in Foreign Affairs, Cultural Trust, and the Pirate TWPAF

Endo Cap: 250 if endorsing the Chief Pirate, 10 if not

Today on the Western Seas:
  • Enjoy Pancakes and Dumplings before N-Day.

  • Enroll in LinkUTWP

  • Seven Hundred in September: endorse Bran Astor, then endorse all ye mateys

🍫 All your chocolate booty belong to Darkesia 🍫

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Regional Power: Extremely High

The West Pacific contains 5,960 nations, the 10th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Soda Pop Sector in the West Pacific

The World Census recorded sales of fizzy syrup water in order to determine which nations have the largest beverage industries.

As a region, the West Pacific is ranked 9,151st in the world for Largest Soda Pop Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Combined Corporations of Win MintsAnarchy“Noli me tangere”
2.The Grumpy Old Santa of MediobogdumInoffensive Centrist Democracy“She Stoops to Conquer”
3.The Free Land of Kitten-eatersAnarchy“Fried kittens are tasty”
4.The Rogue Nation of CavaotinaAnarchy“Don't give us that look.”
5.The Trade Federation of United Corporate UnionsCapitalizt“Wealth funds Wealth”
6.The United Federal Empire of MonamburgInoffensive Centrist Democracy“If you want peace, prepare for war.”
7.The Public Limited Company of The Graemania IslandsCapitalist Paradise“It is the consumers who make poor people rich”
8.The Dysphoric Tendencies of AdaiaCorporate Police State“Pick it up!”
9.The SB Vassal of Free Radio StatesCorporate Police State“For the King”
10.The Buccaneer Haven of The Pirate KingdomCapitalist Paradise“Avast ye landlubbers!”
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Regional Happenings


The West Pacific Regional Message Board

Good Morning TWP. In 6 hours the "Great Fun" is about to commence. Might get late a bit but good luck TWP and spread the [i]joy[/b].

If you're on a pirated submarine:

this is not a drill

Post by Kiahj suppressed by Bran Astor.

Eslab lothreign wrote:Bonjour

Bonjour comment ca va? Vous parlez beaucoup de Français?

Fuentana wrote:this is not a drill

I always liked The Bedford Incident.

Kiahj wrote:Bonjour comment ca va? Vous parlez beaucoup de Français?

Je peux parler, mais il faut utiliser anglais ici ou mettre une traduction à anglais si on poste quelque chose en autre langue.

Because we have players from around the globe and English is the common language on this site, we ask players to provide translation whenever they communicate in different languages.

*leans back in his rocking chair*

Westwind grew up living at Ground Zero for nuclear attack during the Cold War. He moved from place to place, with the Minuteman Missile ICBM program. Being prepared for imminent nuclear war was a daily fact of life. Always 20 minutes away from instant death. School drills to get under your desk in case of nuclear attack were rather silly considering those locations. Our home phone was monitored/tapped/bugged by multiple agencies, of multiple countries. FBI/CIA/DIA/KGB/China/France and whoever else.

And once upon a time in college, a friend and I explored the dorm's Fallout Shelter's supplies. There were rectangular sealed cans - about five gallon in size - in stacks, some of which were labeled 'Water', and some as 'Food'. The 'Water' cans were empty, apparently they had evaporated away over the years. The 'Food' was some kind of flavorless Hardtack cracker that was hard on your teeth.

Yay I'm back. I left for adventure and got bored. So I'm back!






    The Ultimate Survival Guide
    CRAB Guide to Surviving N-Day

    CRAB Rules

    1) Follow the Commanders' Orders

    • The most important rule is to follow the orders posted in the Discord server and on the CRAB WFE. Disobeying orders—including firing on factions not listed, allies, etc.—may result in your ejection. Orders will come from those with the Commander role on our Discord server. If you are unsure of what to do, or need clarification on a command, please don't hesitate to ask in the Discord server or on the CRAB RMB.

    2) Join the CRAB N-Day Discord server

    • Most of our coordinating will be conducted via Discord. Orders will be disseminated to the CRAB RMB and the RMBs of our faction members, but it's best to get your orders from the source.

    3) Read the rest of this guide

    • This guide outlines some of the basic information about our faction and our strategy. It contains many links that will be useful throughout N-Day.

    4) Have fun!

    Back to Top

    Survival Guide

    The Basics

    N-Day is an annual event in NationStates during which factions fight against each other in a simulated nuclear war. This year four regions have teamed up to form CRAB (Crustaceans Repelling Atomic Bombardment). Whether you're new or veteran in thermonuclear warfare, reading and understanding what to do will prepare you for the event and help you both survive and work effectively with your allies.

    N-Day will not affect your nation's statistics. There is no downside to participating except becoming hopelessly addicted to using shields and firing missiles.

    Faction Members

    How to Prepare

    • Familiarize yourself with the contents of this guide, and Testlandia's guide N-Day: What You Need to Know. This guide will focus primarily on how our alliance works, and how to fight effectively, while Testlandia's focuses on the basics of how the simulation works and how to navigate the controls. Understanding both is crucial to achieving success.

    • Join LinkCRAB, our N-Day Discord server. It will serve as our operational command centre. Coordination is of the essence in order to be successful in this event. Consequently, the importance of Discord (even if only for the event) is paramount.

    • On Puppets: Puppets nations are extremely helpful during N-Day and many players have lots of them. If you have any puppets, use them. The more nations generating production for our faction, the better. There is no need to move puppets between regions to join our faction—you can join a faction from any region. Consider using an add-on like NS++ if you're using puppets, which makes it much easier to manage many nations. If you have it already, make sure it has all your puppets' information correct so you don't have any delays once the action starts.

    Action Stations

    • Join our faction: Click here to join (link incoming once N-Day has started). Once you have joined, you will be able to access it from your nukes page.

    • Keep track: Our faction page will include vital information, including our current targets, our allies and current do-not-targets, and any special instructions from the alliance commanders. This information will be duplicated in the Discord server, the RMBs, and the CRAB WFE. Make sure to check those regularly as they will be subject to change.

    • Coordination and more coordination: Coordination is the determining factor in how successful a faction is and how effective you are at contributing to your faction’s success. Sharing information with our allies is the best way for us all to know what we should be doing, what others are doing and what we need to be prepared for. While you are online and actively launching or shielding, make sure you are on Discord, telling others what you are doing. It is extremely important that you do this.

      The only reason you should not join Discord is if there is a technical issue with you connecting to the service. If so, you can still follow along on the CRAB RMB. However, you may find yourself excluded from much of the action because response times over the RMB simply aren't quick enough.

    Specialist Directions

    • Military Specialists: Focus on producing nukes, except if a special order is given to do otherwise. Fire on active targets listed on Discord and the RMBs. Be sure not to nuke a nation with over 100 nukes being fired at it (but keep an eye if some get destroyed).

    • Strategic Specialists: Focus on producing shields, except if a special order is given to do otherwise. Concentrate your shields on faction members with low radiation and keep your eyes peeled for surprise assaults.

    • Economic Specialists: Focus on producing shields, unless told otherwise, and follow directions given to Strategic Specialists.

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Lets get Crabby y'all

Fuentana wrote:AUTHENTICATION: 867-5309

Random Westwind Fact: There is a machine that uses this number as it's Service Code to access all the extra functions and adjustments. It's sometimes found in printshops and architect offices.

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