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A look in Gurklandese Punishment system.

The punishments of Gurkland can be classified as follows:
Brainwashing and manipulation of personality: Using advanced technology of Gurkland, the law is able to manipulate the mind of an individual, to change the thoughts, erase memories, and inhibit every primal instinct of aggression.
Humans learn behaviors by imitation through mirror neurons and a criminal, proportionate to the crime product, is locked up in an institute of research, make it go into hibernation and undergo for that long period of time the mind in dreams, thoughts designated psychologically to foster empathy and respect for the rules, Creating a complex virtual world and well organized in a deeply subconscious that will change the mind of that individual, making experience strong emotions that will always remain a prisoner even after the release, refusing to commit criminal acts again. A kind of mental torture with incredible comprehension of neuroscience and exploit the mind of a individual like that of a puppet. The possibility that this human being can commit crimes is a very remote chance. A criminal will no longer have bad contacts and will reject the previous life to a new one without any type of crime worshiping the law.
We remind the inmates that the brainwashing is Unbiased politically, socially, culturally and focuses mainly on the issue of the crime committed.
The petty crimes which do not require the heavy punishment of a brainwashing are punished with a fine in Freigeld progressive proportionate to the various income and social class. For the same crime, the population of Gurkland is classified into social classes and there is an addition or a decrease in the percentage of income to be paid, with the standard of the middle class. For example, if a crime it's planned to be fined with 15% of the income, a wealthy will pay + 10% (25%), while a member of the lower class -5% (10%).

Top 1% of the population: + 10%
Upper Middle Class: + 3%
Middle Class: STANDARD.
Lower Middle Class: -3%
Low Class: -5%
The minimum of a fine is obviously of 6%, otherwise the low class would be exempt.

Unemployment does not exist because faithful clones works, and if there was ever a chance of an unemployed person, the law has prepared public works labor for him/her until he/she can pay 5% of the median income of Gurkland (GDP Per Capita).
If someone refuse to pay or to cooperate, is locked up in detention in a prison run by a private company which forces him(her to work (caps are slightly lower than the common citizen, but the criminal is always protected against any abuse of power and bullying even when in prison).