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Nations of The Eternal Nuke-Ridden Order

  1. The Holy Empire of UltimaWeaponS
  2. The Dominion of Elephant freshI
  3. The Great Eternal Republic of SpoenervielE
  4. The Archbishopric of Nephican CityE
  5. The Monarchy of Reborn Kingdom of Two NationsE
  6. The Honourable Principality of NovanukiM
  7. The Coalition of United villages of eisbutchM
  8. The ⚜️ Constitutional Monarchy ⚜ of Koninkrijk der BatavenM
  9. The ABM System Area of MPCE A 22I
  10. The ABM System Area of MPCE A 24M
  11. The ABM System Area of MPCE A 25M
  12. The ABM System Area of MPCE A 26M
  13. The ABM System Area of MPCE A 28M
  14. The ABM System Area of MPCE A 29M
  15. The Ship's Company of MPCE ArabE
  16. The Ship's Company of MPCE AntikomE
  17. The Ship's Company of MPCE IslamistanS
  18. The Ship's Company of MPCE JeddahE
  19. The Colony of Atlantis-AnastasiaE
  20. The People's republic of Femboy hevanM
  21. The ✠ Grand ✠ Antarctic ✠ Empire of ArazionI
  22. The Ship's Company of MPCE IslamicE
  23. The 7th Naval Squadron of Interimian VIIM
  24. The 12th Naval Squadron of Interimian XIII
  25. The Republic of Great OctaviaM
  26. The Dominion of The United States of NaruS
  27. The United Kingdom of WallowinE
  28. The Empire of Greater EuropiaE
  29. The Democratic Republic of Caro1iniaM
  30. The United City-States of MaktariaM
  31. The Country of DecralS
  32. The Kingdom of DelitaiS
  33. The Democratic Republic of NiquinE
  34. The Imperial State of NoorlandiaS
  35. The Republic of Cuba ProsperaE
  36. The Armed Republic of LIBIRERAM
  37. The Merchant People of The DotiriaE
  38. The One Direction of AraznanS
  39. The American Champions of American ChampionsE
  40. The Community of The AFOE 32nd regimentS
  41. The Colony of LansteinI
  42. The Armed Republic of NukoniaS
  43. The Sultanate of Zalaxion EmpireE
  44. The Republic of LizalM
  45. The The Great Jewish Reich of Saint JewsE
  46. The Kingdom of Mountain RogueS
  47. The Éternel Principauté of XathrimS
  48. The Reino Unido of Sociedade de NisyalesM
  49. The Democratic Republic of TorturaniaE
  50. The Empiric Council of MoooncraftE